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How to Bring Targeted Traffic to Your WordPress Website? SEO Tips for The Beginners!

SEO Tips for The Beginners

WordPress is one the best content management systems in the world today. It is user-friendly and very simple for you to understand.

At the same time WordPress is loved by search engines, and so if you are looking for better web visibility and targeted traffic, it is crucial for you to bank on WordPress for your needs.

WordPress and its positive impact on search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a complicated process that needs the intervention of professionals. When it comes to business websites, opting for WordPress is a smart and prudent choice as this content management system is SEO friendly and can help your business or blog reach the search engine ranks faster.

WordPress uses SEO friendly codes, and this makes it simple for search engines to crawl your website or blog to list it in its top results.

WordPress and SEO for your business

When it comes to the use of WordPress and SEO, you will find that the needs of two companies are never the same. It is here that you need skilled and experienced experts that will ensure that you get the customized strategies for your website or blog.

The competition in the industry is vast, and so it is prudent for you always to consult professionals that have years of valuable experience and skill when it comes to strategies and campaigns that promote your WordPress site.

An SEO Tips can help you build your business faster

An SEO Tips mainly helps you to understand the right search engine strategies that are customized for your business.

It is essential for you as a business owner to work on an SEO blueprint as this will mostly help you to get the best for the development of your business with success.

When it comes to an SEO Tips, it is crucial for you to always hire professionals from reliable and credible companies to do the work for you.

They will evaluate your WordPress site and create a checklist for you to maintain. This checklist will center around content, link building, testing, etc.

The website or the blog will constantly be analyzed so that progress is monitored. Of course, the blueprint will not be a stringent plan that you need to abide by.

There should be room for modification as and when required by the business. The blueprint SEO strategy is now being embraced by both small to large companies as it helps them to progress and develops in the market competition faster.

Fine tuning

WordPress is known for its range of easy to install best free WordPress themes and plugins. Its SEO plugin Yoast is very popular and helps webmasters to get the best for their needs when it comes to search engine ranks and better web visibility.

When it comes to SEO Tips and campaigns, you will get targeted traffic and not just any kind of traffic. The best part of SEO and WordPress is that there are several developers out there in the market that are always releasing plugins and this helps you to get refined and updated plugins to make your site or blog SEO friendly.

Low cost and ideal for any business in any niche

WordPress is a very simple and affordable online publishing platform and many webmasters and business owners have derived a lot of benefits from it. Moreover, the best part of WordPress is that it is an open sourced platform and this helps you to get the development that you need for your online business in the modern times.

When you opt for the user-friendly SEO plugins for WordPress, you no longer have to be concerned about the smaller details like creating URLs that are SEO friendly, meta-tags and the like. You may focus your attention on publishing content that is new and fresh.

WordPress is a flexible platform, and it primarily helps you to get the best when it comes to extensive and low-cost architecture for your business set-up. It is ideal for both small and large-scale businesses.

It helps you to get the targeted audience that you are looking for your business. If you are a small business owner, you do not have to go in for large-scale marketing drives at all.

Opt for WordPress and derive the benefits of a professional looking site or blog for your customers and the targeted audience who are looking for you!

Therefore, when you are looking for an efficient business website that will give you targeted and consistent traffic from search engines, opt for WordPress.

This content management system is the best when it comes to search engine ranks and web visibility. Moreover, it is user-friendly with a wide range of SEO oriented plugins that will help you to focus on your core business tasks better.

Author Bio: Derek Iwasiuk is an SEO specialist and WordPress developer in the USA. He emphasizes on the need of WordPress and an effective blueprint SEO strategy for the success of your business.

Marketing Technique for Your WordPress Website

How to Use a Marketing Technique for Your WordPress Website

Marketing Technique for Your WordPress Website

The primary goal of every website is to attract maximum traffic. This is achieved ideally by increasing the visibility of the site that they are promoting.

The marketers also focus on facilitation an optimal conversion rate for the website in the most effective way. There are a lot of options and support available to these marketers to involve in effective marketing technique for WordPress website.

Think about the use of an open source content management system which is WordPress to simplify the creation of the site and also to streamline the process.

The support that WordPress provides is also in the form search engine optimization and content publishing on an ongoing basis.

Started as a blogging platform which was originally used as a corporate blog platform WordPress has increased its functionalities and have been providing quality control since long.

You may be new to the platform or hardcore WordPress users who have been involved with the platform since long there is always something great WordPress can help you with.

The followers and users for years have the same tale of added functionalities and the new Bandwagon additions have so much more to be done, which in the haste one must have overlooked.

There are principles, tricks, and tips that will be beneficial in the fast-paced online marketing word. Have a look at what marketing technique for WordPress website you can use.

Use the Fully-Responsive Multipurpose Theme:- WordPress has a huge database of customizable WordPress themes.

There are more than ten thousand such themes that a user can choose from, picking the right template and then set up the site can be a challenging job if you are not sure about what you want.

If you are indecisive about what you are looking for then it will not be a beneficial process. For helping you in the process and avoid some confusion one can choose the themes which are fully responsive which means they are designed in a way that they look good on various devices.

This is an required functionality for all website especially because most of the users are using various different devices.

It is shown that mobile devices are common devices used to access the websites which is way more than the desktop.

This makes it clear that the use of responsive devices are imperative, Along with choosing something that is fully responsive go for something that is ideal for a marketing idea, a theme that is designed with a purpose to be achieved and which has a niche in mind.

For better understanding, we all know that there are sites that are created with the intent of serving as a landing page while there are many others that are designed to serve as portfolios or blogs.

They have created with the idea that particular form of a website has some specific requirements related to functionalities.

These niche designs have background images, icons, graphics that are relevant to the specific niche they belong to.

The most effective way, however is to find a design that is highly versatile and suitable for various different niches.

This is effective for those who are not sure about the outcome and are looking for something which is self-sufficient.

They will cater to different requirements as they will have several page layouts capable of being used for landing pages, portfolios, forms, blog posts, squeeze paper, testimonial page and what not.

Once you get acquainted with the working of these websites and are familiar with the administrative panel then you will be strongly positioned to create optimized sites in a scalable manner.

Since multi-purpose website come niche flexible themes which include libraries and content that is suitable to various different industries. Thus once there is grasp of the backend interfaces the rest is all easy.

Know the Features of a Theme Which Will be Beneficial for the Marketing:- We have been talking about aesthetic abilities and the fact that the multi-purpose themes are great, but it is true that despite the above mentioned advise the users will make a choice post due diligence which is commendable.

Now to help you in this quest here are some features that one can look out for in the theme they are planning to finalize for their work.

These features are essential for marketing tools and make the whole process effective and efficient

  • Have an analytics panel or plugin panel
  • They are SEO Friendly
  • Have e-commerce functionalities i.e they are compatible with WooCommerce and other such plugins.
  • Have mega menus that are required for advance site navigation.
  • Support for Parallax section which is animation, videos etc.
  • Comes with a variety of preset layouts one can choose from( blog post, portfolio, testimonial, landing page, about us page, squeeze page, meet the team page and so on)
  • Comes with clean HTML and CSS codes which must be upgraded from time to time to keep at par.
  • Have a contact form or opt-in form feature

Choose the Right Plugin:- It is a known that complete power of CMS cannot be reached unless the plugins and extensions are used. Now the question arises how to choose these plugin which will be suited to your requirements and needs.

The fact is that there are so many plugins out that which has become obsolete which makes updating the library and optimizing the same can take a lot of time.

For the ones who are determined to upgrade the site with the correct use of the plugin should focus on should go through the latest plugin list provided by WordPress and find their reviews.

Know what the users have to say about them and then only make that choice of including them on your website.

Since the list of long know what your requirements are and then you will be able to narrow down your search to the ones that will maximize the WordPress site’s marketing potential.

Use Other Means Which are Compatible with WordPress to Collaborate:- Collaboration with suitable platform provides a synergy in the marketing world. The expertise and the benefits of both the world are enjoyed by the creator.

Now the problem that they face while doing this is that there is a risk of duplicacy of content if the user is not taking the correct steps towards them.

For better understanding think that you use a reputable news site that syndicate content from blogs and then add relevant meta information to the page which is to avoid the penalties risked by the search engine for the original site, this won’t lead to any problem.

Explaining it with just this small example will not do justice to the whole topic. It is advised that the users take initiative and research about the topic as much as they can.

There are ‘syndicate techniques’ and ‘how to syndicate the content’ information available on the internet by various experts.

Make Use of Analytics to Revise the Strategy and Determine the Best Time to Post the Content Online:- It may sound like a lot of work but finding out and analyzing the information has many benefits that go beyond the imagination.

To know the site traffic on a per page basis is a great indicator to identify what kind of content the search engines and the visitors are looking for.

Also making a comparison of the initial traffic and the change when the content was posted on different time will help you determine when you have received the highest number of visitors.

You will be able to determine the week, day and the times when any new content is received with maximum visits. This is a great strategy used for improving the conversion rate by appealing to the target audience.

This is even more effective when the visitors are geographically concentrated in one area. There is no reasonable doubt that it is prudent to become acquainted with the major analytic solution used in WordPress.

Importance and Power of Social Media and the Relevance of the Same with Social Networks:- You must be already aware of the fact that word of mouth publicity is everything in marketing.

When you say one thing it is OK, but when users say the same thing it has a huge impact. Thus a marketing campaign without a social presence is unlikely to reach it’s true potential.

This is the opportunity of exponentially boosting the traffic using this platform will be missing. And the fact that the process is easy also doesn’t leave any doubt that the users should make use of it.

There are simple plugins that can help the website optimize the sharing along with that there are practices that can take the whole process to another level.

Use Diversification:- Everyone of us have a specific view on the social media, we only think about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram when the word is being discussed.

They are popular no doubt but let’s not forget the fact that are dozen others that could be more beneficial to the website given the content it provides.

You must be active on as many of these platforms as your time permits. Ensure that you are selling your campaign short and since WordPress is with you in this there is no need to be worried.

There are simple integrated buttons which can easily be used for sharing along with the comment section on each page which is an advantageous opportunity which much not be missed at any cost.

Share Social Media:- Now that you are aware and present on various social platform start working on it. Sharing links to the posts are great and if there are some added efforts made then it will bring the load down which can be done by well-syndicated info-graphics or videos.

Using YouTube or Instagram is a great source here which must be a prerequisite for all campaigns and again make it available on as many platform as possible.

Follow a Trend:- Well attracting crowd and interacting with them is all about knowing and following the trend. Know what is hot and create similar content tailored to your needs and demands. This will ensure flow of genuine traffic and continuity.

WordPress has widgets compatible with Twitter trends and Google trends. Use these for every campaign. Along with this tie the trending terms and use hashtag wisely to show up on top with each such search.

Follow Others so that they Follow You:- Well, there is not a lot of difference in the online interaction and real-life interaction.

It is give and take and thus you must make the first step so that the others are motivated or tricked into taking the counter step.

Start following and interacting with other sites and accounts that have similar content as yours. With similar niche they will be inclined to follow you back.

This does not mean that you have one more follower but this means that your content is now available to their followers.

Since these followers are already interesting in the content that you have they are more likely to follow you. This is a mutual benefit that both of you enjoy and it works wonders.

Know the Power of Minimalism:- Of course there are so many option you have to create a website, there is no dearth to the amount of functionalities you can add to your page but that in no way means that you must use them.

The most popular and widely acclaimed pages have very limited content and even limited plugins to be used.

This is because users love the ease of operation and they want the website maneuvering to be as simple as possible. This is achieved by following a minimalistic approach.

The following principles have been successful in reaching the desired goals but you must also remember that the online world is changing so fast.

A few years back there was no hashtag and now it is an important part of the marketing strategy.

It is advised that the marketers stay up to date with the trends. The more knowledge you have of what is new the better your planning will be.

Features of WordPress for Building an Efficient Business Website

Exploring The Various Features of WordPress for Building an Efficient Business Website

Features of WordPress for Building an Efficient Business Website

At present, if you have any business, you have to ensure the online presence of your business. This is because about 3.58 billion people across the globe use Internet and out of the millions of people indulge in shopping online through E-commerce websites.

In today’s digital age, it is essential for every business to have their website. Read various features of WordPress for building an efficient business website.

So if you have your business website, then that will help you to obtain a worldwide reach and thereby increase your customer base into a huge number.

So how does WordPress help you for the above purpose? WordPress helps you to design your Business website and efficiently manage the content of your website.

It provides you with various themes and page styles to help you design your site in a customized way, and it also provides many significant add-on features to help your business in various ways.

Various Best Features of WordPress with their Benefits for your business website:

  • Plugins:

WordPress provides you with about 44000 different Plugins. A Plugin is an additional software which you can add to a computer program (aka application) to enable the addition of various new features of WordPress to it.

A plugin can also provide you with many other advantages related to the management of your website content. However, if such plugins are licensed and their source is closed, their utility becomes limited.

But WordPress also provides you with Open Source Plugins along with licensed plugins. Open Source Plugins are third party software which you can alter or modify as per your requirement and thereby use the same plugin in multiple ways.

  • Blogging Feature:

Originally, WordPress was introduced solely with the aim of facilitating the creation and posting of Blogs for various Journalists and Editors.

Therefore, WordPress was primarily perceived as only a writer’s destination because even its name suggested the same. But later on, other facilities like Content Management and SEO were introduced, making businesses aware of WordPress.

  • Creation of Your Company’s Website in the Desired form:

As stated above, after starting with blogging services, WordPress also provided another facility of creating a website for all the businesses which were new to the online world.

With the help of WordPress, you can create any desired form of Website with Customized themes and page styles.

  • Posting a New Project and Updating the work through Content Management System:

Once you have created your company’s website, WordPress now allows you to create custom content for your site. This means you can add new information or modify the existing content simply with the help of Content Management System.

Also, gone are the days where you need to install particular software in the PCs of all your employees just to be able to update the work on your website.

All you need to do now is, give username and passwords to your employees to access your website content management and then whenever there will be an update of any project or work; an authorized employee can simply log on and update it instantly.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

SEO is increasing your website’s visibility in the search results of a Search engine. This can be done in many ways. WordPress makes your website’s content easy to read and index for search engines, thereby taking your Search Result Rankings higher. This is one of the best features of WordPress.

  • Themes, Page Styles, and Auto Upgrades:

As mentioned above, WordPress provides you with many different pre-designed themes to design your website in the best possible way which also comes with many different Widgets and Templates.

You can use these free Templates to publicize your business more to potential customers. If you don’t want pre-designed themes, you can also opt for customized themes, and the “Live Customization” feature helps you to enhance your website’s looks in real time.

Apart from themes, you can also create unique page styles for the multiple pages which your site offers to the users for More Info About Us, Reviews, Contact, Support, etc.

Also, all these themes and Page Styles are automatically upgraded by WordPress for you, and you aren’t required to install anything else separately.

Don’t Borrow Beyond Your capacity – If you already have then here’s a Solution:

With the inception of a large number of Banks and their attractive credit facilities, people are interested in trying various credit offers like EMI, Different kinds of Loans, Incentive Credit Schemes, etc.

As a result, many people end up borrowing a lot of money under such schemes and later on realize that they have borrowed beyond their capacity. So you need to be alert regarding your Money Management and limit your borrowings.


Thus, in today’s Digital Age, it is essential for every Business to have their Website. For this, the best website which can help you in creating the best quality website for your business is WordPress.

The best features of WordPress is not only help you in creating your Business Website, but it will also help you in managing the website content, SEO, Customizing your Business Website’s design, etc.


WordPress SEO Strategies to Improve Rankings

Essential WordPress SEO Strategies to Improve Rankings

WordPress SEO

Any website that has entered the online world knows that in order to survive they require regular traffic. The simplest way to ensure that people find out about you and click on the website is by improving the ranking.

This ranking directly depends on the WordPress SEO strategies which should be used on the website to allow Google to declare you as the high priority search results.

Any WordPress user be it a blogger, online store or just an informative business website they all focus on the WordPress SEO.

The attractive theme, mind-blowing images, and videos everything will be left hidden in the background if the ranking is not improved.

The search engine bots should be able to crawl to the website and find it without efforts. There are a lot of essential WordPress SEO strategies that make a website friendly.

They all might be relevant to your website or you have the option of choosing the ones that you deem fit.

Content is Irreplaceable:- There is no argument here that content is the king. The leaders in this field experience higher traffic than non-leaders.

In order to improve the ranking, the content should not be compromised. The content should always be targeted at the visitors.

Whoever is coming to your site need relevant information, if that is not provided it increases the bounce rate that negatively affects the image of the website.

With informative and quality content the visitors are likely to become loyal and return to the website giving you regular visitors. The content can stand apart from the crowd when there are images and visual contents.

Keyword density is optimized and keywords are used strategically. Have a niche and be authoritative with the information.

Update the content on a regular basis and change the stats and information when requires so that it does not become obsolete.

Have guests writers add a new perspective to your thoughts and ideas. Take all necessary steps so that the visitors know that this site will have relevant information they require.

Play with Keywords: – Of course, your site is using the popular keywords that are being used, but now is the time to give a look at how effectively one is doing so? While creating the content use the keyword in a mindful way.

It is a word that is searched by the visitors on the search engine. One cannot be just sure himself what these words are it is best to use some tips and research what people are searching these days.

These researched keywords should be the ones which should be included in the content. It is the best way to connect the content with what the users are looking for and inform the search engine about what the website is all about.

This becomes an automated process when the keywords match the search. The higher the relevance the keywords have the search made higher are the chances to attract the visitor to the page. Keep the Keyword density in mind.

Use long tail keywords as they seem to have a higher conversion rate. A lot of tools are available for the users to check for keyword density and what the audience is looking for these days use these tools to your advantage.

Social Media Presence: It is not possible that a website can survive with the use of the social media platforms. The wide reach of social media cannot be ignored.

The likes and comments or share on these platforms automatically fetch higher visitors to the site. It improves the Google ranking and allows wider reach in terms of readers and customers.

There are many social media platforms available and the website owners are free to choose the ones that best suit their content and need.

The popular platforms here are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with millions and billions of followers.

The website can tweak the social media setting and customize each different post in a different manner. This will ensure that relevant audience with age; interest, and gender get the right kind of content.

The social media marketing can help the visitors collect feedback and conduct surveys to find relevant ideas. The key to social media is higher responsiveness and timely replies.

Social media is a platform that is active 24X7 and the ones who are looking for using it should ensure that they are also available for quick replies.

One needs to have a proper strategy which is targeted at the right kind of audience so that they know when these are available and to find the right time reach to maximum audience.

Mobile Optimization:- This is one such strategy that is now not a choice but a survival plan. The research shows that there are maximum searches that are initiated by mobile devices.

There is also higher conversion rate for the customers using these devices. Any website that is looking to tap larger audience should make use of the platform.

The WordPress SEO strategies has moved from making a website friendly to creating the website specific to mobile. The themes are also designed in a way that they allow the users to create a website that is mobile friendly and provides minimum loading time.

There would be a lot of care required to create a website that functions properly on mobile. The size, color, and text everything needs to be changed. Creating an app is an accelerated way of getting higher visitors to the website.

It may sound like tedious job thinking about so many different aspects but the honest thing to be considered is that this is the most effective ways of ensuring that the website becomes popular.

When you know that you have something worth sharing then the onus of ensuring that it reaches the larger audience also falls on you.

If you have a need for attracting a local audience then use location-specific WordPress SEO. The idea is to reach the target audience by all means possible.

It is not easy to attract the audience to your website unless you make efforts as there are so many websites floating on the internet.

Reduce bounce rate in Google Analytics

Reduce Bounce Rate of your Website in Google Analytics

No matter you are an owner of any type of website your main aim is to inflate the traffic of your website. You want impeccable audiences for your website and grasp their attention. But, it is also vital to know that your website visitors are valuable for you or not.

You can conveniently know that your audience is interested in your website or not. And, that is possible by knowing the bounce rate of your website.

In this post, we are going to discuss some crucial facts to reduce bounce rate of your website. You have to keep stable, bounce rate of your website.

  1. Identify goals:

You have designed your website with keeping in mind some objectives to attain. Might you want more leads or for online selling of your products or services? You can easily check the traffic of your website with the help of Google Analytics.

So, you have to set up goals in Google Analytics, you can easily measure conversions on your website. Consider, if your goal is to generate more leads, you can set up a goal for form submission.

  1. Exert Analytics:

With the use of analytics tool, you can easily measure website traffic and keep an eye on bounce rate. This way, if your website has a higher bounce rate then you can adopt some measures to reduce bounce rate of your website.

But, one most vital aspects is that you have to configure your analytics account. It is necessary to make sure that the data you capture is accurate or not. You can set event tracking to keep an eye on user actions. This work well if you have a single landing page or your website bounce rate is high.

  1. Enhance website speed:  

It is one of the most crucial facts on any of the website which plays a vital role in traffic. The bounce rate of your website will inflate if your website will take more then 3 seconds to load. You can check overall website speed as well as individual pages speed in Google Analytics.

It will also give you suggestion to enhance the speed of each individual page. You can also make use of cache plugins in order to augment loading speed of your website.

  1. Target optimum marketing channels:

If you carefully see, you can use a plethora of social channels to do marketing with your website. One of the topnotch strategies is to find out the most popular social platforms. And, after that, you can promote your content.

By exerting Google Analytics, you can easily find where the traffic coming on your website from. You can keenly observe each and every channel and other aspects of that. Some of them like average session duration, bounce rate, and conversion rate.   

 Ensure responsive layout:

As you all know that the number of people using mobile for browsing the web is inflating day by day. So, you have to consider this fact as your first priority. You have to ensure that your website can be seen on all devices with ease.

It is possible to check from which device your website is accessed more. With the use of Google analytics device report, you can see it. By making your website responsive you can tremendously reduce bounce rate of your website.

  1. Target pertinent keyword:

It is the key to get more organic traffic on your website. No matter traffic on your website coming from the paid ads or organic search but, you have to ensure that you are targeting right keyword. You have to select the keywords after determining its click-through rates.

If you are not targeting right keyword then it is just next to impossible to attract more website visitors. And, along with that, you have to focus on content as well. As you all know that content is the king.

  1. User-friendly navigation:

Try to provide your visitors a fantastic experience while they are navigating through your website. As if they do not find your website easy to navigate they will not stay on your website for a long. Visitors also expect that they find things on your website easily and without wasting much time.

Like, contact us section should be designed with a user-friendly form design. You have to check each and every element sharply in order to provide your visitors with optimum experience, this will help you a lot to reduce bounce rate.

  1. Eye-catching content:

As most of you have heard that content is the king. Yes, it is a true fact. You have to organize your content nicely on your website. Users will only find it readable when it is represented in a clear and concise format.

You have to generate your content cling to your user’s interest and requirements. You can check high-performing content on your website with the help of Google Analytics.

After this analyzation, you can use the same content pattern in more places on your website. You have to include such topics on your content after reading which issues of your visitors will be solved.

  1. Exert A/B testing for landing pages:

If you have developed new landing pages then you must have to test it. A/B testing helps you to create high converting landing pages for your business or company. What do you exactly mean by A/B testing?

It means to create multiple versions of your landing page and divide the traffic on both. By this, you can see actually which one will perform better.

Then after monitoring its result, you can finalize one between the two landing pages. You can also test multiple CTA’s or headlines on the same page with the use of some other types of tests.

  1. Internal Search:

Allow internal search on your website so that users will find the content of their choice with much ease. By this, you can also gain an idea of your user’s interest clearly. It also makes easy for your visitors to navigate your website.  


I have listed here some of the ways to reduce bounce rate of your website. By exerting all these practices you can reduce bounce rate to a larger extent. Hope you enjoy reading this post.

Increase Google Ranking With Website Load Speed

Increase Google Ranking with Website Load Speed

Increase Google Ranking with Website Load Speed (Based on Page Loading Speed)


What do you think, what your website load speed should be, in order to attract more traffic? It should be 2 seconds as these days users do not stay on any website which is taking too much time to load. And, one of the most vital facets is the speed of your website also effects ranking to an extent. According to surveys done by Akamai and Gomez.com, nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and they tend to abandon a site that isn’t loaded within 3 seconds. The result of the slow loading speed of your website will adversely affect your sales. It also reduces traffic of your website and inflates bounce rate.


That is why website load speed must be faster. You can also check your website load speed. This is plausible with the use of some tools. Google Analytics plugin is now made available with site speed feature. Now with this, you came to know how fast or slow your website page loads. You can also use Page speed online. This tool is introduced by Google itself. With this tool, you can inflate your page speed and also get an overview of high, medium and low priority pages.


So, here in this post, we are going to discuss how you can enhance the loading speed of your website. Some of the techniques to abate page load time are listed below.

Website Load Speed
Website Load Speed



Do not use more redirects:

Redirects are good for making your visitors available with changed structure of your website. And, this way you do not lose search engine rankings as well. But, you have to keep in mind that you do not provide your website with a number of redirects. It will trouble browser and slow it down. As each time it came through a redirect it first has to go to the old destination then the new destination. Hence, be prudent while creating redirects.


Exert GZIP compression:

At first, before choosing your web host you have to be assured of one fact. That is you have to ask them that they are using GZIP compression and contraction on their server. You can use these techniques which considerably reduce your website load time by abating page load time. Without compromising the quality of images and videos, you can reduce file size maximum to 70%. You can do it effectively if you are using PHP code. As you can simply put the code for GZIP compression at the top of the page.


Maintain your JavaScript and Stylesheets:

Instead of clasping up each and every web pages, have your scripts and CSS loads in external files. It is recommended to put your external JavaScript files close to the tags and external CSS in the portion of your site. As a result, the browser has to load the files only a time rather than visiting each page of your site again and again. And, hence browsers does not hamper in parsing all those requests for external files from the start. In case, if you want to show a name or load an image carousel. Then, JavaScript needs to load on the top of the page.


Not Depend on HTML to resize images:

If you have a website with the HTML coding then it is much convenient to spawn compress image. But are you aware of the fact or not? Loading that compressed image does not mean that your website load time will abate. As the browser has to load the entire image, then it will monitor the height and width as you want then resize it accordingly. Hence, you need not think that if you are compressing image then it gets optimized.


Image optimization:

You can terrifically reduce image size by exerting Photoshop or fireworks. And, you need not do any strenuous task, just while editing you have to click the option “save for web”. It is just as simple as clicks of buttons. With the use of image quality slider, you can see the visual trade-offs between graphics file size and brevity. If you do not have on your desktop or PC a graphics program, then you can use these two. TinyPNG it is web-based and ImageOptin it works in only Mac. By using this technique you can augment website load speed to a great extent.


Content delivery network:

By making use of a Content delivery network, you can reduce page load time. One of the popular and effective content delivery networks is Amazon CloudFront. Depends on the user location of the user, these system serves the pages of your website. Your website will loads faster if there is faster access to a server near your geographical area.


If you are using WordPress website then you will be made available with a variety of caching plugins. Here, I am suggesting two of the best caching plugins, to upsurge your website load speed. They are listed below.


W3 Total Cache:

This plugin enhances the on-page speed of any WordPress website approximately by 20%. So, the average loading speed of website will reduce to 0.60 seconds. It offers various features so, it is worth to use this plugin on your website. Provides mobile support with AMP(Accelerated mobile pages). Caching is made available for search results pages. Caching statistics for measuring performance insights are also made available.


WP Super Cache:

It does not matter your website is having how much traffic and load it will not let down your website. After installing this plugin on your website you will notice a reduction of 0.85 seconds in loading time. But, the speed will be inflated by 28.07%. After doing so many tests it came to know that it is one of the best cache plugins and is a most downloaded plugin. It has been rated 4.2 stars out of 5. As it is available for free so it provides limited support. It is highly useful and it also simplifies the user interface. Works at its optimum with the Content Delivery Network(CDN).


Wrap Up:

Although, speed is not the most vital aspect in ranking, yes its effects rankings to some extent. But, speed affects other factors like traffic, bounce rate, brand recognition, and many others. Hence, you have to monitor your website load speed in regular intervals to keep it up to date.