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How to Bring Targeted Traffic to Your WordPress Website? SEO Tips for The Beginners!

SEO Tips for The Beginners

WordPress is one the best content management systems in the world today. It is user-friendly and very simple for you to understand.

At the same time WordPress is loved by search engines, and so if you are looking for better web visibility and targeted traffic, it is crucial for you to bank on WordPress for your needs.

WordPress and its positive impact on search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a complicated process that needs the intervention of professionals. When it comes to business websites, opting for WordPress is a smart and prudent choice as this content management system is SEO friendly and can help your business or blog reach the search engine ranks faster.

WordPress uses SEO friendly codes, and this makes it simple for search engines to crawl your website or blog to list it in its top results.

WordPress and SEO for your business

When it comes to the use of WordPress and SEO, you will find that the needs of two companies are never the same. It is here that you need skilled and experienced experts that will ensure that you get the customized strategies for your website or blog.

The competition in the industry is vast, and so it is prudent for you always to consult professionals that have years of valuable experience and skill when it comes to strategies and campaigns that promote your WordPress site.

An SEO Tips can help you build your business faster

An SEO Tips mainly helps you to understand the right search engine strategies that are customized for your business.

It is essential for you as a business owner to work on an SEO blueprint as this will mostly help you to get the best for the development of your business with success.

When it comes to an SEO Tips, it is crucial for you to always hire professionals from reliable and credible companies to do the work for you.

They will evaluate your WordPress site and create a checklist for you to maintain. This checklist will center around content, link building, testing, etc.

The website or the blog will constantly be analyzed so that progress is monitored. Of course, the blueprint will not be a stringent plan that you need to abide by.

There should be room for modification as and when required by the business. The blueprint SEO strategy is now being embraced by both small to large companies as it helps them to progress and develops in the market competition faster.

Fine tuning

WordPress is known for its range of easy to install best free WordPress themes and plugins. Its SEO plugin Yoast is very popular and helps webmasters to get the best for their needs when it comes to search engine ranks and better web visibility.

When it comes to SEO Tips and campaigns, you will get targeted traffic and not just any kind of traffic. The best part of SEO and WordPress is that there are several developers out there in the market that are always releasing plugins and this helps you to get refined and updated plugins to make your site or blog SEO friendly.

Low cost and ideal for any business in any niche

WordPress is a very simple and affordable online publishing platform and many webmasters and business owners have derived a lot of benefits from it. Moreover, the best part of WordPress is that it is an open sourced platform and this helps you to get the development that you need for your online business in the modern times.

When you opt for the user-friendly SEO plugins for WordPress, you no longer have to be concerned about the smaller details like creating URLs that are SEO friendly, meta-tags and the like. You may focus your attention on publishing content that is new and fresh.

WordPress is a flexible platform, and it primarily helps you to get the best when it comes to extensive and low-cost architecture for your business set-up. It is ideal for both small and large-scale businesses.

It helps you to get the targeted audience that you are looking for your business. If you are a small business owner, you do not have to go in for large-scale marketing drives at all.

Opt for WordPress and derive the benefits of a professional looking site or blog for your customers and the targeted audience who are looking for you!

Therefore, when you are looking for an efficient business website that will give you targeted and consistent traffic from search engines, opt for WordPress.

This content management system is the best when it comes to search engine ranks and web visibility. Moreover, it is user-friendly with a wide range of SEO oriented plugins that will help you to focus on your core business tasks better.

Author Bio: Derek Iwasiuk is an SEO specialist and WordPress developer in the USA. He emphasizes on the need of WordPress and an effective blueprint SEO strategy for the success of your business.


Search Engine Optimization Techniques to Double Your Search Traffic


It is crucial to understand search engine optimization techniques. As by applying these techniques on your website you can upsurge traffic rate tremendously.

If you want to stay in the top search rankings then you have to do a lot of research and experimentation. But once you are clear with the notion of SEO techniques then no one can stop you.

According to HubSpot, 80% of a website’s traffic starts with a search query. That is the reason why SEO is much vital these days. You can just double the traffic of your website by exerting SEO techniques.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the topnotch, competent and advanced SEO techniques.

Advanced Search Engine Optimization Techniques
Advanced Search Engine Optimization Techniques

Be aware of your user’s needs:

It is one of the most vital facets of advanced SEO techniques. You first have to understand what your customers expect from you or what is the topic of their interest.

By doing this you can engross more audience towards your website or blogs. You also have to keep an eye on the feedback of your customers. By this, you can know more about your audience and can spawn your content accordingly.

There are many ways by which you can know about your audience interest. Some of them are using social media platforms, visitors comments on your blogs and many etc.

Assure the responsive layout of your website:

You all are aware of the fact that nowadays ratio of people using mobile for browsing the web is more. Hence, it is one of the crucial facets of any of the websites.

If you will not design your website to be responsive then directly you are losing your customers. It is one of the best search engine optimization techniques.

Google also gives higher rank to those websites which are responsive. Designing your website to look good on mobile devices is not unique it is a standard now.

More than 60% of daily searches are now performed on mobile devices. Hence, you cannot take a risk to have a non-responsive website.

Spawn SEO optimized landing pages:

These days there is a trend of designing elegant landing pages. The more the landing page the more the traffic on your website. Just consider if you design your landing pages with SEO optimized coding then it will just boost the traffic.

While you are designing your landing page then you have to keep some key points in mind. They are; you have to use pertinent content, include a call to action, and try to use no navigation.

It is a fact that most of the companies do not understand the sheer importance of landing pages. But, it is one of the most crucial advanced SEO techniques among all listed here.

Update website content at regular intervals:

It is good to keep your blogs and website content up to date as per the contemporary trends. As if you do not update your content on a regular basis then you might lose website traffic.

Suppose you are a blogger and you have updated many blogs till now. Then, there will be some old blogs which are giving you traffic till now as well.

So, you can update the content of that blogs also and take advantage of them. A headline is something much vital so you have to use an eye-catching headline in your blogs.

Legitimate Keyword Research:

You have to do a pertinent keyword research and have to target those keywords. It is vital as per the advanced SEO techniques. Can also keep an eye on your competitor’s keyword if they are doing well than you.

By doing this you can also reach the same level as your competitor or even better than them. You can also use the same keyword as that of them and can spawn better content.

In order to know the email marketing strategy of your competitor you just have to sign in for your competitor’s newsletter. Then you are done that is you will aware of their technique.

Keep an eye on Google search console:  

Keep an eye on Google search console
Keep an eye on Google search console

It is one of the vital tools which track the issues in your site which are affecting search rankings. If you are not using this currently then here I am telling you to step by step procedure to do this.

In the search console, there are three main things which you have to check on regular intervals.

  1. Check if there is any crawl error like 404.
  2. Submission of new sitemaps
  3. Research the keyword people are using to find you.

After signing into Google search console, the page appears is dashboard page. If there are some issues you have to solve urgently they all will appear at the top “new and important. You can check out your error history and report by clicking on crawl errors.

Do SEO audit:

Search Engine Optimization Audit
Search Engine Optimization Audit

You all are aware of the term audit. So, you have to do a complete SEO audit of your website. This is one of the potent search engine optimization techniques. By doing an audit you came to know that why you are not getting sufficient traffic and sales.

Auditing is done in order to find out where you are at present and how you can be more effective in the future. Many of the companies also provide auditing facilities but it is good to do it manually. As by this, you can save a lot of your money.

Use of Infographics:

Graphics will let people understand more than only text. So, you can design infographics in order to represent your product or services. It will let convoluted information delivered in an easily understandable format.

Representing information in the form of infographics is considered to be one of the best-advanced SEO techniques. A high-quality and pertinent infographic will upsurge traffic of your website by approx 192%.

Although, most of the people do not pay attention to the text part rather give sheer importance to graphics. Human brain grasps visual information faster as compare to the plain text.


Here I have listed some of the best search engine optimization techniques. By applying all of them you can upsurge the traffic of your website to a greater extent.       



Ways to use Local-SEO-For Business

Ways to Use Local SEO for Business and Get the Right Traffic

Use Local SEO for Business
Use Local SEO for Business

Search engine optimization is one of the top ways a website can gain traffic and relevant viewers, based on their target audiences.

Another thing to look after (under SEO), is local SEO, which is essential for small businesses which operate in their own areas, compared to companies which cater globally. Use of Local SEO for business can make a lot of difference.

The difference between both national and local SEO is that local SEO would prioritize appearing on search engine results pages in specific locations rather than worldwide.

Through optimizing your local SEO, you have better and more relevant traffic, conversions, and leads because the results are more relevant to your audience.

But where can you start improving your local SEO? Read on as I show you the effective ways to use local SEO for business and get the right traffic! Also, you must know prices for local SEO while moving forward. 

Wondering where to start when utilizing local SEO? Check out these top six ways to help improve it:

1. Utilize Your Google My Business Account

The way to begin local SEO is through claiming your business from Google My Business. This will establish your presence on Google for free, also being able to show on Google Maps. Not only will your business show on search engines (regardless of what device used), but once your business is legitimate (according to Google), it will start surfacing in sidebar spaces when people search.

BUT, you need to optimize your account on Google My Business. Follow these steps:

  •    Verify your listing
  •    Provide the updated and accurate information on your business
  •    Add your logo, opening hours, payment methods, images, and the service or product your business has to offer
  •    Encourage your clients to post reviews and respond well to them
  •    Create content on your website and your account (using Google Posts)

2. Get Regular (and Positive!) Reviews

Like mentioned, you should optimize your Google My Business by receiving and responding to customer reviews. However, you shouldn’t stop there!

By having your customers write positive reviews for your business, it will encourage more people to purchase and avail of your service! Take note that up to 85% of consumers believe online reviews, just as much as personal suggestions.

To encourage your clients to leave reviews, try these suggestions:

  •    Ask for a review after closing a sale (online or in person)
  •    Send a post-purchase message (email or text) asking your clients to write a review. Just make sure you contact customers who are satisfied with your products or services
  •    Respond to other reviews professionally, thanking customers and addressing some complaints, if any

3. Optimize Voice Search

While it isn’t booming yet, voice search will start to grow rapidly in just a few years. To get ahead of your competitors, you must learn the way people ask questions when they speak into their devices, compared to how they type out what they’re searching for.

Usually, customers will use long-tail keywords compared to shorter ones when typing. As a result, you’ll need to adjust your content’s SEO to fit the conversational tone of someone talking.

Furthermore, you need to consider the user intent when optimizing voice search. Searches like these are done when someone wants a specific piece of info, wanting a quick and relevant answer. So make sure all information is readily available without having to take long.

4. Improve Your Website for Mobile Gadgets

Many studies are now showing that there is a huge shift to mobile, may it be phones or tablets. The mobile visits on websites and search engines are now growing rapidly, with people wanting to read something quick and on a webpage that’s mobile-friendly.

Because of this, it’s time to look into your page’s theme, ensuring that it works well on mobile gadgets for better user experience. This doesn’t only work for local SEO, but SEO in general. After all, no one wants to scroll through a difficult-to-load website!

Start optimizing mobile searches by:

Improve Your Website for Mobile Gadgets
Improve Your Website for Mobile Gadgets
  •    Making sure your site loads fast (it shouldn’t take over three seconds)
  •    Use bigger fonts that are readable on mobile
  •    Avoid using an overload on images, only showing ones that convey information
  •    Make sure that you use intuitive UI for excellent UX

5. Base Your Content on Local News and Keywords

To have better content for your target audience to enjoy (and even sift through what you have to offer on the website), you must create articles based on what they can relate to. And what do local customers relate to the most? Local news, issues, and events at hand!

To start authoring content catered to your local audience, try these tips:

  •    Write local news stories, events, and activities, basing your posts on them
  •    Create videos on causes and local charities that your business supports
  •    Set up location-specific web pages on your site that offers high-quality LOCAL content, which is important if you serve various areas in a region

6. Using Online Business Directories

Last but not least, start taking advantages of business directories online. YellowPages, FourSquare, Yelp, and MapQuest are just some of the websites to look into. By putting your business name and information out there, it can help boost your local SEO.

Make sure that when adding your business, it should contain the following:

  •    Description of your business
  •    Backlink to your website
  •    The accurate basic information: business name, contact information, and address

Wrapping It Up

Up to 35% of search traffic is local, which is why it’s crucial to start improving your local SEO to get the right customers and viewers you need, according to the area you cater. Without the local SEO for business might be losing significant amounts of traffic.

Hopefully, this article on the effective ways to use local SEO for business and get the right traffic gave you an idea of what you should do. So don’t wait any longer and look into testing these strategies now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on improving local SEO (or sharing prices for local SEO for business), then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.