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WordPress Need File And Folder Permissions

How to Fix File and Folder Permission Errors in WordPress

WordPress is by far one of the most user-friendly content management systems for creating websites and blogs. The reasons why WordPress is popular are many, however, this isn’t to say that it doesn’t come with its own share of problems. For example, sometimes you may run into an error message regarding file and folder permissions.

Why Does WordPress Need File And Folder Permissions?

You see, all the files in your WordPress website are actually on a computer run by your WordPress hosting company known as the server. This server, through the use of some special software, manages all your files and serves them to the browser.

For WordPress to manage all the files and folders on the server, it needs specific permissions. Without proper permissions, the CMS won’t be able to read, run or modify any of the files hosted on your server.

Now sometimes, due to whatever reason, these file permissions might get changed. This will prevent you from creating folders, uploading images or even running scripts on your website. It could even compromise your WordPress site’s security.

Even though issues with file permissions can cause many problems, luckily all of them can also be quickly resolved. For the purpose of this read, we will be providing you with a step-by-step guide on how to fix files and folders permissions errors in WordPress.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

How To Fix File and Folder Permission Errors?

Do remember to backup your WordPress website before going through any of these steps. In case, something goes wrong, the backup will make sure that your site doesn’t get jeopardized.

Step 1: Access Your WordPress Directory

You can do this either through a cPanel or an FTP Client.

  • By Using cPanel

If your hosting provider offers a Control Panel (cPanel), then accessing the root folder will be a piece of cake. All you have to do is log in to your WordPress cPanel – the login credentials should have been provided by your hosting provider. Next, search for the ‘File Manager.’ Once inside look for three specific folders – wp-admin, wp-content, and wp-includes.

Access Your WordPress Directory

  • By Using FTP Client

Since some users might not have the privileges of a cPanel, the same can also be done by using an FTP Client. Access your site’s server using the FTP client and search for the same three folders we did before – wp-admin, wp-content, and wp-includes. These folders can generally be found inside ‘public_html.’

Step 2: Fix The Directory’s Permission Settings

Regardless of which method you use, once you locate the three files, select all three of them and right-click. You should be able to spot ‘File permissions’ or ‘Change permissions’ option in the list of choices that pops up.

Fix The Directory’s Permission Settings

Click on that, and a new pop-up box will open up. Here you should see three attributes – Read, Write, and Execute, each of which is present for three different owner permissions – User, Group, and Public. You can tweak around with this options if you like, but if you don’t know what you are doing it is best to leave them with their default setting.

Fix The Directory’s Permission Settings

What we are actually interested in is the numeric value field down below. This is where we need to insert the number ‘755’ as a measure to solve the problem. These number basically identify the permission levels for the owners we discussed above.

Now once you have inserted the number, down below, you should notice another option. Tick on the ‘Recurse into subdirectories’ options and follow it up by selecting ‘Apply to directories only.’ Next up just click on ‘OK’ and you are done.

Following these steps will now give you full access, and WordPress will be able to read and open folders. However, it will not be able to delete any folders.

Now let’s solve the issue with your files.

Step 3: Fix WordPress File Permission Settings

Previously, you simply selected the three wp folders. Now it’s time to select all the folders and files in the ‘root’ directory. Just press CTRL+A to select all the files and folders, do a right-click, and again click on ‘File permissions’ in the pop-up list.

Fix WordPress File Permission Settings

The same box should appear again. However this time, we won’t be putting in the same numeric values. Instead of ‘755’ type in ‘644’ in the numeric value field.

Fix WordPress File Permission Settings

Once done, this little step will grant you – the owner, the power to read and modify every file. But the visitors and your other group members will only have reading access. Security wise, this is the perfect setting which will reduce security threats and potential hacking attacks.

However, there is one last thing to do before you hit the ‘OK’ button. Like before tick the ‘Recurse into subdirectories’ option, but this time, select ‘Apply to files only.’ Thus, the new setting will only affect your files, and your folders will retain the same options we assigned to them earlier.

Following the above steps should have solved all the file and folder permissions errors you were having. So now it’s time to head on over to your site and check if it worked. Everything should work as it used to and the error you were facing should have disappeared.

However, in case the issue persists, there might be other underlying problems on your website. It is time you get in touch with your hosting provider asap.

What To Do To Avoid Such Issues?

Problems such as these are usually a result of tampering with the core settings of your WordPress website. While WordPress has a user-friendly dashboard, the rule of thumb here is to avoid messing with settings you are not familiar with. And if you need to satisfy your curiosity, avoid experimenting on your main website.

Also, it is advised that you restrict regular users and even collaborators on your website from accessing your WordPress core files. In fact, no one but the administrator should hold the necessary file and folder permissions to modify the site.

Just follow these precautionary steps, and your website should not face this annoying file and folder permissions errors. But if it does, you now know how to fix it!


Tips to Choose Best WordPress Theme

7 Tips for Finding a New WordPress Theme for Redesigning

finding a new WordPress theme

Thank heavens for WordPress! This millennium’s most celebrated content management platform and plugin supplier has been making the lives of bloggers, content marketers and web developers easier for quite some time now.

The WP interface is not only easy to navigate but it also lets you install SEO plugins to help you track your site’s rankings and search results performance as well as assess whether your website complies with or falls short of SEO standards.

WordPress powers nearly 30 per cent of the World Wide Web as per recent data. The WP content management software is so convenient that it currently registers close to 200 million downloads across the globe.

A number of big name brands like IBM, Samsung, Sony, CNN, Walt Disney and MTV use a WP interface to develop and manage their websites.

There are hundreds and thousands of WP themes, downloaded more than 100 million times, with 2 million theme switches occurring each month.

3,000 of these themes are under a GNU General Public License and can be downloaded for free on the WP Theme Directory, while premium themes for blogs and websites of any niche are available for download on various theme shops or marketplaces.

Businesses often change their website’s appearance to better reach out to target customers. With so many themes populating the web, choosing the best one to redesign your website is sometimes a tall order.

Everyone hails content as king but the truth is how your website looks and feels is just as important. Visual appeal gives content some extra oomph so that your target consumers and readers get a holistic experience of what it’s like to do business with you.

If you are having trouble finding the right WordPress theme for redesigning your website, these tips might come in handy:

Best Tips for Finding a New WordPress Theme

1. Identify What Doesn’t Work


Think about the reasons why your website theme must be changed. Is your current theme not working? Are you getting negative customer feedback regarding your website’s appearance or functionality?

Whatever your reasons for changing your WP theme, list them down one by one especially issues raised by customers and people navigating your site.

After completing your list, provide a corresponding solution for each item. Use these solutions to help you find the best WP theme. Your new theme must not repeat the pitfalls of the old one.

2. Get a Theme That Addresses Your Business Needs

wordpress themes

As a business owner, you know your business better than anyone else. Does your website allow you to communicate the right message to your target markets? For instance, you have an online store that sells dresses online.

In your line of business, the ideal theme should have an e-commerce interface to better showcase your products and facilitate online shopping. Your chosen theme must provide your website utmost functionality .

3. Priorities SEO


72 per cent of marketers say that SEO is effective for marketing their products and services online. If your business is looking to earn consistent traffic and rank well on search engine results, choosing a SEO friendly theme is crucial.

Themes designed for SEO allow you to control your content, optimise targeted keywords, add quality images, install SEO plugins and tweak on-page elements to increase SEO performance.

4. Pick a Responsive WordPress Theme

responsive wordpress themes

Remember that your individuals, regardless of demographics, will use different browsers and any type of device to search or access a website.

To make your site thoroughly accessible to as many target users as possible, install a responsive theme. Despite a few layout versions, a responsive theme loads well on desktop, mobile and tablet without altering the original content or important markups.

This type of theme retains the appearance of your site when accessed through major browsers like Chrome, Opera and Mozilla.

5. Use the Right Colours

seo company-digital-muscle

Colour selection and arrangement give your website that extra edge. Having the right colours in place helps you present your website in the most appropriate way to target markets and solicit reactions from them. They create the kind of vibe your business needs to attract customers.

Some colours are more effective in specific industries. University and corporate websites, for instance, use minimal colours – mostly neutral or darker tones.

This is because colours can represent anything from your company values to your brand image. So put a lot of thought into choosing theme colours and build your brand from there.

6. Choose Your Plugins

WordPress Plugins

When redesigning your website, create a checklist of WP plugins you want to use. Be discerning when it comes to choosing plugins.

Some plugins like Yoast SEO and Jetpack are useful particularly for digital marketers and SEO specialists. Others only take up space and increase your site’s load time.

Please also note that if you install a free theme, some plugins may not be available for download. You might want to upgrade to premium WP membership or buy a premium theme from legitimate theme stores.

7. Check Your Web Design Budget

seo specialists Digital-muscle

You’re redesigning your website because you want to attract more customers. But how much are you willing to spend for your new design? Web redesigning costs anywhere between $1,500 and $15,000 or more depending on how much redesigning is needed.

WordPress and a number of theme shops and directories offer both free and paid themes. Free themes are good if you’re operating your campaign on a small budget but website functionality and access to plugins will be limited, which might slow down your marketing efforts.

Premium WordPress themes are highly recommended for better results but make sure you have the budget for them.

The Best Theme for Your Online Marketing

Unless you are willing to invest time and resources in web redesigning, not all themes will give your online marketing that much needed boost.

If there is a need to install a new WordPress theme, however, choose one that can best represent your business as well as support various aspects of your online marketing. If in doubt, you certainly have the option to tap the expertise of companies specialising in web designing services.

About Author

Lauren Mclaren is a technical writer with SEO experience. She works with Digital Muscle, a premier provider of Affordable web design packages and Best SEO services in Sydney. If you are looking for the best SEO company in Sydney, Digital Muscle can provide you with the right strategies to help your business grow.