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Best WordPress Theme for Your Business

Why You Should Choose Best WordPress Theme for Your Business

Best WordPress Theme for Your Business

It goes without saying that today’s business is largely operated, controlled and managed on the digital landscape apart from having a corporate office, hiring the working staff, dealing with clients and customers.

A business owner is benefited enormously from a well-designed and professional business website. There was a time where entrepreneurs have no choice but to keep using static websites to promote their business on the web and get more business opportunities.

With the changing time, different content management systems have made an entry on the digital landscape. So, static websites have now become old-fashioned and outdated due to their limitations & shortcomings.

Startup companies, business informs and individual business persons now handle their business actives through websites. For this, they need to have a professionally designed website.

If you are a businessman and want to take your business to the new level using a WordPress website, you need to choose the best WordPress business theme. Here are some exact reasons as to why you need to do so:

To Easily Promote Your Business on the Web

When a visitor lands on your business website, the first thing he/she pays attention to is the visual design of the site. Always keep in mind that your website must impress the targeted audience, look professional and correspond to what you represent or sell.

The overall look and feel of the site must be supported by competent, informative content about your products/services/clients. Your website must let visitors know why it is better than its rival and must promote your brand, ideas, products and services.

All these are possible provided that you choose a best WordPress theme for your WordPress website.

For Business Development and Speedy Acquisition of New Customers

In today’s modern world, entrepreneurs can’t register tremendous growth in their business operations if they don’t have an online presence. A business website not only represents your business to the targeted audience but also acts as a means of communication.

If you choose a good theme for the business website built with WordPress, your website stands out from the crowd. It helps you to acquire new clients/customers easily and expand your business legs in all directions within a short span of time.

Note: Although best WordPress theme offers several themes for business websites. If default business themes don’t match your specific requirements, don’t get worried even a little bit. Just get custom best WordPress theme from a reputed WordPress Development Company in exchange for a few bucks.

Flexibility in Making Business Experiments

All internet marketers have to perform experiments, analysis and measurement of results while running a business website. It is important to measure the competition level, know the shortcomings of ongoing digital marketing activities, and explore new areas of further development.

If you choose a good business theme and create an awesome business website, you can easily conduct many experiments with analytics capabilities.

This helps you to make the required changes to your website in an easy way and increase its clout in the SERP of all leading search engines, which gives you business benefits sooner or later.

Frequent Communications with The Targeted Audience

One must know that the Internet itself is an excellent channel for interaction between people. A business website built with the help of a good theme has the potential to fascinate the existing and potential customers and fetch excellent opportunities for business owners.

A question and answer page, integration with social networks, an online consultant, Forms of polls and surveys can be used as a channel for communication with potential clients and grab more business opportunities.

To Easily Renovate Your Business Brand

When you operate a business website for a long period of time, regular visitors want new things on it. They don’t want to visit a business site which contains the same old look, outdated content, layout, etc.

There is where WordPress customization comes into play. If you ignore the website renovation need for a long period of time, it is possible that you may not get ample business opportunities despite applying your best efforts.

A best WordPress theme for business, WordPress comes with several options for customization. Depending on your specific needs, you can use them to give a new look to your website.

It will help you to keep the existing visitors interested in your business brand and attract new customers easily and effortlessly. You can also use WordPress Theme Customization Services, offered by professional WordPress development companies to make vital changes to your website’s overall look and feel and easily catch the attention of the targeted audience.

To Expand Your Website’s Features and Functionalities in the Future

Business websites build with the WordPress CMS have a great potential to bring about great business opportunities if they are managed well. During the course of business development and expansion to new geographical locations and targeting potential customers, you desperately feel the need to expand the features and functionalities of your existing website.

If you choose a good business theme and create a WordPress website with it. It will help you a lot when you have to expand your business website. Almost all good business themes are compatible with new updates of the WordPress CMS, plugins, widgets, languages, etc.

It helps you to easily expand the features and functionalities of your website, meet the growing needs of customers and cultivate ample business opportunities without any fuss.

If you are unable to implement the necessary changes to your website, don’t hesitate to take help from expert WordPress programmers. They have an intense knowledge of the WordPress CMS and can help you to easily implement the changes you want to see on your business website.

Final Words

When you tend to create a feature-rich and professional business website with the WordPress CMS, the selection of the best business theme matters a lot.

A business website built with the WordPress CMS using a high-quality theme helps you in many ways (as outlined above) and enables you to grow the business by leaps and bounds in all directions.

Author Bio :

Marie Thomas is a WordPress developer by profession and Writer by hobby. She works for WordSuccor Ltd., that is one of the Best custom WordPress theme development based company in USA. If you need to hire a WordPress developer you can contact her on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

Free WordPress themes for small businesses helps in cutting cost for struggling firm

Free WordPress Themes for Small Businesses Help in Cutting Cost for Struggling Firm

Primary SEO Factors in WordPress Theme Development

Where and when to cut costs when your business is struggling

No matter how hard the situation is, there are always solutions to solve the problem. So, every problem has its own exclusive solution. And, you have to quest for that one persuasive solution which will solve your problem. So, here in this post, we are going to discuss some of the strategies for small businesses.

Designing a website with the use of free WordPress themes for small businesses is one of the effective medium. By designing your own website you can showcase your services and products in an organized manner to a wide number of people.

Free WordPress themes for small businesses helps in cutting cost for struggling firm
Free WordPress themes for small businesses help in cutting cost for struggling firm

So, here is a list of some ways which one can adopt when the business is on the struggling phase.

  1. Made a strategy:

It is a prerequisite before you start investing on any of your business plans. You have to make a strategy of your estimated budget, how to do advertising and related facets. As without adopting any strategy, all your backbreaking efforts will squander. Always we need an effective plan so that all our team will unify their efforts in a specified direction.

It is the only way to get optimum results. Plans narrate the good and best results of the past and help to draw out future vision evidently. You are also aware of the fact that companies which adopt a plan and a strategy will never get into a predicament.

  1. Go for a partnership:

You can opt to do a partnership with well-known companies. Also, you can go for non-competing companies as it does not require much expense. In turn, you can do marketing in an effective manner. This also reduces your marketing expenses. You might have also seen such type of advertisements on television.

But, one most vital factor to keep in mind is that partnership will be collectively conducive for both of you. Designing your website with free WordPress themes for small businesses will help you to do marketing.

  1. Meet with the directors:

You have to arrange a meeting with the key people of the companies like a board of directors and others heads. By doing this, you can discuss the future prospects and how to resolve the present issues. And, in such a situation if you have in your mind any brilliant ideas then do not hesitate to discuss it with others.

For example, if you are come up with the idea of redesigning your outmoded website with the free WordPress themes for small businesses. Then, you can put forward your opinion.

  1. Keep an eye on gratuitous expenses:   

Where and when to cut costs when your business is struggling

This is one of the best ways to cut cost. You have to go through the list of unnecessary expenses. It might be the plausibility that you have checked your budget a long time ago, so you have to recheck it. And, have to remove superfluous expenses if any.

Consider, you have hired an advertising agency a long time ago but you no longer need it. So, you can stop paying them in case not needed. It is a possibility that there are many expenses like this in your budget.

  1. Can opt for virtual meetings:

If you have expanded your business in more than one country or state then you have to play wisely. It is obvious that you have to attend meetings with your clients. If in case, you have to do any meeting with your client then you can ask them to do on Skype.

This way, you can save your expenses of traveling. As we are a part of the digital era, so we can use new features in our free WordPress themes for small businesses. As a result, you have done with your work and you not even needed to pay any travel expenses.

  1. Build your online presence:

If you have not built your website yet then it is must to build your online presence. By this, you can save a lot of money. In the earlier time, it is much difficult to go online. But now, it is much easy to build your online presence. And, also you need not pay anything for this.

By designing your website, you can sell products online, you do not need any large infrastructure. All you need is a warehouse only to store inventories. And, if we talk about websites, then you can design it by yourself with the use of free WordPress themes for small businesses.

  1. Hire interns and inexperienced:               

Yes, we all know that experience plays a crucial role if you have to solve critical scenarios. But, think from the other side, hire inexperienced, fresher’s or interns and then train them for a month or two. They are eager to learn new things, enthusiastic and you can hire them by offering an elementary salary.

And, if you hire experienced professionals then you have to pay a large. So, a better option is to hire fresher’s and train them. Also, you can hire a few experienced professional to accomplish your strenuous projects or work.

  1. Be prudent while giving credit:

It is much possible that you take wrong decision while giving credits. In a hurry anyone can take a wrong decision but, in any business, you have to take decision wisely. Sometimes, people take decisions emotionally but even you have done a small mistake and have to pay a large.

Before giving credit to any company or anyone it is recommended to check the client’s credit background. And, have to take all the obligatory documents. So, if they are not able to pay you can claim for your credits.

  1. Use Open-source software:   

Instead of buying paid software you can go for open-source software. By adopting this, you can save a hefty amount which you paid for paid software.

For example, if you are buying laptops or PC’s for your staff, you can buy the one without windows Operating system. You can install any other OS which is available for free or cost a bit cheaper like Ubuntu.

Wrap Up:

I have listed here some of the prominent ways for cost-cutting which you can adopt when your business is in the struggling stage.

You can pursue these ways while redesigning your free WordPress themes for small businesses and thereby can cut costs to a great extent. As a result, you can manage your business in a better manner. Hope, you enjoy reading this post.


WordPress Theme and Plugin Code Secure

Let’s Talk Safety: Keeping WordPress Theme and Plugin Code Secure in 2022

Theme and Plugin Code Secure

WordPress is one of the most popular and innovative website publishing platforms available out there with 409 million people viewing more than 15.5 billion pages per month.

The application is intuitive and user-friendly which allows users without any technical background to easily set up a website according to their style preference within minutes. While there are many challenges when it comes to creating a WordPress website, coding shouldn’t be one of them.

Some of the best websites nowadays are run by WordPress and it powers approximately 28% of the internet. WordPress is used all over the world and is trusted by major entities such as the U.S Government, NASA, CNN, Tedx, Samsung, Coca-Cola, Harvard University and more. The WordPress community is huge with users making 41.7 million new posts and 60.5 million new comments each month.

Even giant corporations such as Yahoo, eBay, Equifax, Target and more all suffered data breaches in our recent memory. Depending on the size of your business, these security risks could be damaging towards the reputation of your company.

As a result, it’s important to keep your data safe through encryption and by enhanced security measures. If you have a WordPress websites, you will most likely need to keep your WordPress theme and plugin up to date to eliminate the latest digital threats towards your company.

Some Quick Facts About WordPress

WordPress is open source and free for anyone to use. WordPress was created back in 2001 and is older than Twitter and Facebook. Understand that there is a difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

The open source platform includes WordPress.org which allows you to build your website for free; however, it is recommended that you choose the top hosting services in order to benefit from maximum security. Hosting services through HostGator or Bluehost are quite popular for WordPress websites.

WordPress.com which is the hosted version of the open source software can be easily set up without requirements of external hosting services. You can pick either options to get your website started; however, WordPress.com could be less challenging and time consuming for a small business or solo entrepreneur.

There are countless available themes and over 50,000 free plugins to choose from. No matter what version of WordPress you choose, the backend functionality is quite similar; therefore, if you decide to switch between different versions of WordPress you can do so at any time without losing your content.

Choosing the Right Theme

Since there are so many themes out there to choose from, it’s often difficult to choose the right design let alone consider security features.

One of the most painstaking and crucial steps in creating a WordPress website is choosing the right theme because it’s the embodiment of your brand identity and give people impressions about your company. It could take forever to choose the right colors, fonts, templates, navigations, plugins and more.

While it’s important to think about colorful options, styles, user experience and even SEO strategy for your website, security is also imperative and something that most businesses don’t think about.

Since WordPress is an open source platform, many themes while beautifully designed might not be safe to use.

By choosing a secure WordPress theme and plugin, you can spend less time worrying about security breaches and malfunctions within your website. With a little more free time, you can focus on improving your marketing strategy and content creation.

Stay Secure

According to statistics, 73.2% of WordPress installations are vulnerable to hacker attacks and can be detected through free automated tools or simply by updating to the latest versions. Since your website is an extension of your brand and houses all of your company’s crucial information, it’s important to take time and protect it.

As a company, you should maintain high standards and follow strict protocols to protect your data. In the digital era, not only your company’s details are at risk but your customers’ private information as well.

Doing business online can be risky and stressful; therefore, it’s crucial to ensure the security of your site, themes, and plugins.

Making It A Habit To Update Regularly

In the open source WordPress community, anyone can design themes and develop plugins. Some of these products are free and some of these themes could cost you a hefty price.

While some web developers update their themes and plugins on a regular basis, others don’t for months, years or even at all. Running an older version of WordPress can put your websites at risk.

A research which surveyed 42,106 WordPress websites found in Alexa’s top 1 million found that 30.95% of them are still running an older version of WordPress which is version 3.6.

While updating your themes and plugins frequently could be a pain, it shouldn’t take much time at all. The ways that themes and plugins are integrated WordPress allow you to quickly install updates without disturbing your workflow.

You can complete other tasks without having to wait for your downloads. In addition, most hosting services have auto updates to continuously protect your website against the latest threats.

Whether it’s manual or automatic, make sure that you update your website often to ensure that you are protected against bugs and malware.

Follow these simple steps to ensure that your WordPress site is protected so you can focus more on creating engaging content and worry less about security risks.

By updating regularly, you can have a faster loading speed, be protected against the threat of hackers, have a new innovative design, access to the latest competitive tools and allow your website to work at full capacity.

With WordPress built-in update system, you can have access towards minor updates as well as major updates if there is a common severe vulnerability amongst other websites on the internet. So there is really no excuse not to update and make your website security your number one priority.