Top 7 Free WordPress Themes for Writers and Authors

If you want to make writing a passion for your career, you have the option to select free WordPress themes for writers. It will be a great choice if you are just starting and want to make it big in the area of writing business. It could also be for any type of creativity like fictional writing, online book store and much more. 

SKT themes has some of the best free themes in store for you if you want to exhibit your talent to the core in all forms of writing. It could be storytelling, fictional writing or script writing.

Our free themes unleash distinct and unique writing skills for you. They give you a different mark in the world of book business. You can set up a global mark with eBooks that are distinct. Such themes will take the business to an altogether different level. 

Free WordPress Themes for Writers and Authors

Best Free WordPress Themes for Writers and Authors – A Complete List (2024)

Some of the free WordPress themes for writers we provide are mentioned as under. These are non-chargeable WordPress themes and generally come in the category of free WordPress themes for authors & writers with free download. 

SKT Launch | Best Free WordPress Themes for Freelance Writers & Authors

free launch WordPress theme
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SKT launch, a much sought after theme from SKT Themes, carries a proud place among the free WordPress themes for writers. It is a theme with multiple benefits that has made the digitization of writing more effective. 

In the present world, it is not necessary that you have to buy the books from the shelves of the bookstores. Such a theme carries the capability to do the tasks in the writing world with utmost ease. The newcomer in this field does not have to toil much. 

SKT Launch carries a full transformational potential to convert any type of content in the books to a digital format. This happens through an excellent website that is business oriented. You do need to spend money initially. 

Some of the excellent features of this free WP theme are:

  • Simple maintenance
  • Translation ready with POT files
  • It is a customizer oriented free theme with multilingual options. 
  • The free theme has e-book selling icons. 
  • It has contact form and events plugin. 
  • It is compatible with woocommerce and browser resolutions. 
  • It is a free ebook WP theme. 
  • This free wp theme passes Google mobile friendly test.
  • Google page speed
  • It follows the codex standards.

Ele ebook lite | Free WordPress Themes For Book Authors

ele ebook lite
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Do you have an extreme passion for books? Do  you want to do the book business or expand your creative skills to different parts of the world digitally? If you do this by means of an exclusive website, Ele eBook lite is for you. You may want a nice book store online by analyzing the techniques of digital marketing. 

In such a case, free WordPress themes for writers are a suitable choice. Ele eBook lite from SKT themes fits the purpose. 

You neither have budget nor time to make applications. So what is the ultimate option left for you? You are making your dream of an eBook career and business come true without any investment. Ele eBook lite is also a good free author WordPress theme. 

Some of the features of this free theme are:

  • Availability of the social media plugin facility.
  • Because of the lightweight of this theme, there is a fast loading of website pages. 
  • It has options for hundreds of Google fonts. 
  • This is a responsive and effective template.
  • The template has compatibility with WooCommerce plugins. 
  • You have a typography option and background image option with this WP theme. 
  • This free template is useful for online libraries.

SKT Magazine | Author Portfolio Free WordPress Theme For Writers

SKT Magazine
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A website of dynamism reflects your efforts. If you want to digitize your magazine business, SKT magazine is a suitable option. Your website needs to have the accessibility and the attention grabbing capability. SKT Magazine comes in the category of free WordPress themes for writers to download. This is a free template with vision and a perfect fit for a digital magazine company. 

Some  of the features of this exclusive book WordPress free theme are:

  • It has the suitability for ad or portfolio showcasing. 
  • Such free WordPress themes are compatible with author profile plugins. 
  • You have the option of colour scheme change. 
  • It works well with the shortcodes plugins. 
  • This free theme has passed the test of exploit scanner. 
  • It is a translation ready theme with full documentation. 
  • It is compatible with commuting plugins. 
  • You can add banners and sliders.
  • This free theme of wordpress fits with various screen sizes.

SKT Meditation

Meditation WordPress theme
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SKT meditation is a well known free theme famous for its flexible nature. A very good theme, it is an amazing choice because it represents the static content of the site. 

You have multi layout options for such free WordPress themes for writers in its pro version. A good preferable theme for the physiotherapist or the fitness trainer, it is a perfect free theme from SKT to maintain your online presence. 

Some of the essential features linked to this WP free theme are:

  • It is a well-optimized theme. 
  • Because of the clean coding, this free WP theme  has a faster loading capability. 
  • The design of this author WordPress theme is based on the update options. 
  • It is also a mobile friendly template. 
  • This free WP theme has the option of social media plugins. 
  • It carries multiple templates that are ready to import.
  • It is Gutenberg compatible.
  • It could be a good free theme for aerobic related websites.

Posterity Dark

Posterity Dark
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For excelling in business, you may implement multiple techniques for website conversion. One of these is the colour. You are aware of the dark design and it looks immensely popular. It also puts a positive psychological impact on the visitors. 

Colour is an effective tool and Posterity Dark, among free WordPress themes for writers, is a suitable option in this category. With such a free WP theme, the visitor may not jump to the site of your competitor. 

Some of the features of such a Amazing Free WordPress Themes For Writers And Authors are:

  • Such best free WordPress themes for writing blogs carry a catchy dark layout.
  • It has a dark design on the interface. 
  • It has effective functional plugins. 
  • Website looks simpler to demo and functionality. 
  • You can use headers and other text elements. 
  • Such free WordPress themes for writers to download carry attractive demo content. 
  • It is easily navigable.

SKT Wildlife | Free WordPress Themes for Writers and Authors

Wildlife WordPress themes
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Known for its incredible professionalism and style, SKT wildlife is among free WordPress themes for writers and videographers. These may be the people who want to write or make videos related to wildlife and the environment. 

This free wildlife theme works incredibly well for the businesses related to the wildlife safaris or the environmental photography. Another important part of this free theme is that it works well for ecology services. It also carries update options in pro format. 

It is a sought after author WordPress theme and is well structured in design. Despite multiple options on the web available for you, such an incredible template is a valuable choice for you.

Some of the SKT Wildlife WordPress Theme features are :

  • This free WP theme offers multiple protection programs. 
  • It offers the blog feature for the zoo website. 
  • With the blog feature mentioned on the website, you get direct user engagement that is important for SEO ranking. A good traffic generation is the key to success.
  • Two column layout
  • Sticky options and theme features
  • Featured images

IT Solution

IT Solutions
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If you are interested in opening an IT company, you need to patch up with the latest things and do the amendments. An incredible website is the key to business excellence in the IT sector. For this the IT solution free WordPress theme will be of great benefit because you do not pay initially. 

Such free WordPress themes for writers helps you to create a modern website with professional looks. You can use the IT solution free WP theme not just for the software companies. But such best free WordPress themes for writers are also suitable for the digital online medium. 

Some of the IT Solution free WP theme features are:

  • This free WP theme has the potential to display multiple page elements. 
  • You can design this template with multiple sections. 
  • Such free WordPress themes for writers have security plugins. 
  • The template is compatible with the SMO plugin. 
  • You can design various pages of the sidebar.
  • Such free WordPress themes for free writers download have a customer based design. 
  • Because of the professional get up of this theme, you can use it for the advertisement purposes as well. 
  • The theme is coded with HTML and CSS3. 
  • Apart from CTA buttons, footer, header and sidebar are widget friendly. 
  • This free WP theme offers you connectivity with multiple exchanges. 
  • The theme carries coding in accordance with the SEO standards.


If you have the passion for writing and if you want to establish your digital presence, you can opt from the best free WordPress themes for writers. Today, writing and book design has taken a shift from the old traditional ways to the digitization techniques. 

The truth is that knowledge is power. To take this knowledge to different parts of the world through ebooks  and other digital versions of manuscripts, SKT themes have a solution for you.

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