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Features of Free Beautiful Dark WordPress Theme

Most of the new companies are trying to implement different techniques and methods to improve the conversion of their website. And one of the major factor that they consider most seriously is a color.

Dark design mode is emerging everywhere. You will find that large platforms and websites like Instagram, Google, as well as Facebook have also launched dark mode style that improves the overall user experience.

Thus, everyone is aware that how dark design is popular nowadays as it not only looks professorial and premium but also it benefits the health of eyes and works best for any sort of business niche.

The owners of black websites should not ignore the strong psychological impact that the color options will have on their website’s visitors.

The most effective marketing tool is the color of your website. This will leave a positive impact on your customers and it will help you to encourage your website visitors to purchase a specific item or a product.

Whenever a person lands on your website, he/she will sense the picture of your whole website automatically, and then just within 1-2 seconds, they will decide whether to study more resources of your website or to close the tab and jump on your competitor’s website.

In this modern web design industry, the use of black color is more trending. So below you will find a top-rated and free beautiful dark WordPress theme that is designed to add a sense of sophistication and style to your website.

The color black is considered an official and strict color as it summons a sense of power, respect, and leaves an elegant impression.

Moreover, the below-mentioned Posterity Dark theme features numerous customization tools, fully responsive design, and of course intuitive navigation.

So, go and check out its demo to add a new personality to your business’s online presence in a short time and with no hassle.

If you are looking to provide a classy look to your website so that it stands out among your competitors then Posterity Dark is a perfect choice. In addition to eye-catching dark layout it does offers tons of features including stunning demo content, Woocommerce plugin support, sliders, easy navigation, and many more.

The world-class brands have already implemented dark website design in their interfaces. So, it’s high time for you to join the team and get this free beautiful dark WordPress theme to create a trendy and attractive website design.

Its mobile-first philosophy will make sure that your online business is perfect for larger screens as well as smaller ones. Also, you can empower your website with the help of highly functional plugins.

At first, such type of design might look basic and simple, but it can refine the appearance of your website when it is done right.

Suppose, you are not a designer by profession then you can simply use our free beautiful dark WordPress theme to create a website that looks the same as its demo and functions properly.

Some tips to create a powerful dark design: The website visitors reading the text on a dark background will result in more eye strain as compared to the users reading text on a light background.

So, it is very important that whenever you are implementing the dark design on your website it is clutter-free and readable to every user.

Make use of more free space: It is better to not add too much text to the layout of your website if you want to improve the readability. We suggest you use more white spaces, fewer text areas, larger paragraph spacing, and larger images instead.

You will feel lucky to know that while creating Posterity Dark – A free beautiful dark theme we have taken care of these aspects.

Select readable fonts: It is important that the fonts used in your dark website are visible clearly. Fonts like Serif do support the dark design concept so you can use it.

In navigation bars, headers, and other text elements you can use them. Also, make sure the font size has been increased.

Drive your attention to the colors of the fonts: Most of the designers will prefer white font color against the black background color. This make will your website’s text look more stylish and in high contrast. This works better in calls to action and headlines.

However, this works better in a call to action and headlines. However, light shades like gray color look more readable for longer chunks of text.

Very carefully select the color scheme of your website: Make sure that you keep the color scheme to three or two colors to avoid visual clutter. Against the black, this will create nice highlights.

On a black background, some bright colors might look tough to read. However, if you end up adding a bold color to your dark website, it will add a touch of liveliness.

Give a style switcher: Suppose you have passed in creating a dark design super readable then also do not forget to access freedom of choice.

Rather than choosing this free beautiful dark WordPress theme, you can even choose Posterity free theme that has a light background for viewing a dark text.

The Posterity dark suits are better for a photography website as it has an elegant and sleek design for exhibiting your photography and creativity in the best possible way.

Although this theme also suits well another website. However, this posterity dark theme does support a pre-designed page including services, about, home, contact, and a blog. A call to action is also provided as a default one.

The best thing is that this free beautiful dark WordPress theme is cross-browser compatible, has SEO friendliness, and supports for WooCommerce plugin.

Having an attractive website is important. However, your visitors will stop using your website if the layout and its content looks unattractive. More than 70% of users will evaluate the credibility of your company on the basis of the visual design of your company.

Installing a free beautiful dark WordPress theme by Themes21 will give you a great starting point.

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