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The modern world has given people the opportunity to work in different fields. While this has mostly had positive effects it is also a curse in disguise. Now a lot of people are confused about what their professional path should look like. This is where career coaching or mentorship comes in and the demand for this has increased tremendously.

There are different coaches, some provide guidance in business while others provide career guidance. If you think that you have a lot of experience in your industry then you can become a coach too.

Your expertise has the potential to help hundreds or thousands of other aspirants. If you have decided to launch a mentorship or coaching program then you need a website. Other than a website you should also utilize social media channels to promote your coaching sessions.

The website should be designed in a manner to provide all the information about you and your course. If you are thinking about developing a site then there is no better platform for it than WordPress. You just have to choose a free motivational speaker WordPress theme and then customize it.

The SKT Coach is the perfect theme for motivational speakers, mentors, and coaches.

You can try out the free version of this theme without paying a penny from your pocket. Although, the paid version is 10X more powerful.

Utilize the site’s UI to highlight the different services that you provide. If someone wants online coaching then they can click on that option and move forward. This makes it easy to distribute your services and educate your audience.

The truth is that almost anyone with good expertise in a field can become a coach.

However, you should know that it takes a lot of dedication. You need to spend years educating yourself.

Even then you are not good enough! You have to create content online and convince others of your mastery. It takes a lot of effort for coaches to be consistent online. The reason that it is so hard is because every day is different.

One day you may get a good response from your audience and the other day you may get a poor response. You also have to be featured in different online and offline publications. If no one else recognizes your talent then you are not a good enough speaker.

It is important to build authority and fame as a coach but most importantly you need to provide value to your customers. That’s why you need time to research content for the course. Take your time to assemble the course material too. If you provide value to the course buyer then word about you will spread like wildfire!

The website you make will help you display the testimonials of those happy customers.

There are a lot of coaches in the business world and in such a scenario it is natural to have doubts. If any prospect is having doubts then they can resolve them by reading the testimonials.

When they read that your mentorship helped others then they will be more confident in making a purchase. The free motivational speaker WordPress theme also allows you to display the publishings where you have been featured.

You may excel in your field but may not have the skills to develop a website or the funds to get it developed. That is when a no-code platform like WordPress can be useful for a coach.

You don’t need any knowledge of programming. All you have to do is learn your way around the WordPress dashboard. Now you can take your time and focus on crucial aspects of your course.

The time that you saved from developing a website can now be invested in upskilling or creating new courses. You can also start promoting your program to get more enrollments. Recognize your strengths and get rid of your weaknesses.

Graphic design is another area where most coaches don’t have expertise. However, it is useful when it comes to developing a website. That is why now online teachers seek themes like SKT Coach which can be easily used after installation.

The white spaces of this free motivational speaker WordPress theme make it more appealing. Visitors can easily scan the information that they need before joining a workshop. You can add HD images of your courses, yourself, and your classes. It is important that your prospects think that they know you well before they purchase your course.

The UI makes it possible for your prospects to get to know you as you can also add video content. Now you can speak directly with those who wish to join your course. You can speak freely about the course as this will give your visitors a better idea. Soon they will know if the course is for them or not.

Human beings feel their best selves when they feel that they are part of a community.

If you want to start a successful coaching or mentorship business, then you need to focus on creating a community.

Having a community means that you will get a lot of referrals and you will also have multiple opportunities to upsell or cross-sell your services. It is the only way that you can maintain a steady cash flow as a mentor. Everyone knows that enrolling new customers is way more expensive than keeping old customers.

Being a mentor to others doesn’t just mean cashing in their cheques and providing them with a course. You have to stay connected with them through their journey and guide them through thick and thin. Most instructors do this and that is why they have a loyal fan following.

Choose a social media platform of your choice and start nurturing your online community today! You should ensure that the people who are in your community are supportive of your vision.

You can then connect your social media channels with your website.

Now any site visitor will be able to follow you on different social media platforms.

They will be connected with your community and will know about your thoughts.

It is important to be active on your site and on different social media platforms.

You can also highlight a few Instagram posts to pique the user’s interest. This free motivational speaker WordPress theme will be highly useful in crafting a community of supporters from scratch.

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