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Free Theme
  • Less homepage sections
  • No inner pages
  • No Support
  • No Typography Options
  • No Icon Options
  • No Header Layouts
  • No footer Layouts
  • Less plugins compatible
  • Less updates
  • Less flexibility
  • More Time for Website Build

Features of Free eBook WordPress Theme

  • Simple to maintain and manage this template using Customizer
  • Translation ready as it has the POT file and can be used by loco translate plugins
  • Multilingual ready as it is customizer based and hence one can use any type of multilingual plugins
  • Color scheme simple hover and single color scheme change is given and more color options available in paid version
  • Customizer based and hence one can easily change and while changing keep a track on the updates live real time
  • Font sizes and more font options are available in the paid version
  • Default 3 slides are given and more slides and more slider options are given in paid version of the template
  • About the author and eBook selling icons and latest news etc features given in this free version
  • EBook authors as well as other product launch websites and app websites can use this template for app or product launch
  • Book features or product features section is also given
  • Sidebar is fully widget friendly and can hold as many widgets as needed
  • Footer social icons are given and more social icons are available in paid version
  • Single page template given and more templates in paid version
  • CSS3 animations included
  • Various other plugins like contact form as well as events plugin and gallery plugins are compatible
  • Compatible with WooCommerce for eCommerce solutions can be used
  • Compatible with various browser resolutions of various devices
  • Free eBook WordPress theme is totally and completely free as it is GPL based and can be used for commercial and personal projects
  • Retina ready and HD resolution readiness is also done
  • Tested with several devices including mobile phones, tablets and desktops
  • Compatible with various OS versions in desktop, mobile and tablet

Free Ebook WordPress Theme and its explanation

We all have either a habit or a hobby of reading and this has been quoted beautifully by Dr. Seuss. He says “The more you read, the more things you know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go”.

This sentence carries a very deep thought and boundless meanings when it is all about reading. There are many people in this world who are fond of reading and always find some of the mediums and some great written and well renowned books to read.

It is however not necessary to search for only the novels or the bestsellers to prove your reading habit; there are many other mediums that relate to the same process such as newspapers, books, magazines etc.

Anything that is in written form and equally interesting makes us to go through it at-least once and we read all about that particular stuff presented before us.

Reading has evolved as a hobby more in the generation of today as there are many exciting things of this developed world that carries its own stories.

Undoubtedly, the world we live in today is highly advanced and modernized. Each and every thing of our need has been transformed into a technological and time reducing stuff.

The humans being an adaptive kind of species have coped up well with the advancements that have taken place in the recent times.

Most of the traditional and old fashioned methods have now adopted the new environment and are heading towards being digital. This medium has helped us to grow more with the facilitation of performing the tasks at ease and comfort.

Since everything is going digital, it has taken along with it all the other sources out of which books are the one. The hard books have now been changed into something digital coming with a new concept of e-book.

This process is nothing but the conversion of all the content of books into digital form and publishing it online. As mentioned earlier that we are dwelling and breathing in a digital oriented society, we are always with our hand held devices to look for anything that we need or desire.

Being with one of the most successful inventions of the time that is mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc we find it more easy and time saving to do any of the activities.

If it comes to reading then digital mediums have proved themselves the master in this field as well and based on today’s need, many of the novels and books from the famous writers have got published online making everyone to read it just by a simple touch or a click.

Many of the writers and book publishers are now finding it a very useful medium to bring their words crafted creations online and publish it through this platform so as to make it reach more and more people across the globe.

This will thereby develop the ways of good business and earning opportunities as well as provide them respect and recognition.

The ways have been sorted out to make their literature an online publication possibility and one of the best suited option is to make a website.

Websites can help to a remarkable extent to place in all the content online that has been written and an author can put as many of the publications as required.

To develop such an arranged and sorted out website that will consist of all the sections to place all the content as per one’s need requires a perfect free eBook WordPress theme as well.

This article illustrates about Free eBook WordPress theme that can be the right step towards building an e-book publication website.

There might be many of the themes that would be providing the features to make a website but is there any theme which can serve the purpose of making not just a website but an all terms complete website with liberty to the developer of making all the desired changes and that too free of cost? Well if the answers are in search then the Free ebook WordPress theme is the solution for all queries.

This free ebook WordPress theme not only provides all the features that can be observed in every other and common theme but also brings along a pack of many exciting and new options to make your website development experience never fading one.

This free ebook WordPress theme has the color combination packets to choose the color of your desire that is based on the type of publication you are going to make. You can also change the background of your website based on the mood or what it should actually be accordingly with your publications.

Shortcodes and widgets are the dear ones of this theme as it makes a very strong and compatible bond with them allowing to develop a full user engaging and alluring website with more than ever expected results.

It consists of the sidebars that are again friendly to widgets and the headers and footer sections are so well placed that it can take you to a blissful tour of all the contents that have been published and the things you need to visit within the website.

A book writer has an attraction towards the words and if they can be represented in more than 580 types of Google fonts, then what else is needed for a website developer who is willing to launch or publish the book online.

This free ebook WordPress theme becomes versatile and robust and equally playful when it gives you the chance of making the changes not only in colors and backgrounds but also in the text, sections and the placement of all the things from top to bottom.

It is said that literature or an art has either no language or it speaks many languages and the same thing is fulfilled by this theme which is multilingual in nature hence you can now develop your website in any of the language you speak or the visitors would like to prefer or read.

This theme has been armed with loads of features when you go for its Pro or Premium version making this theme a Freemium theme.

Inclusion of items with every free ebook WordPress theme

  • Theme zip file is given to the user when clicked on download button
  • Sample data can be easily downloaded using the XML of theme unit test given by WordPress

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