10+ Best Free Elementor WordPress Themes

If you select the best free Elementor WordPress themes, you are at an advantage. You may not be knowing but Elementor is a very important page builder plugin. With this plugin, you can easily create custom layouts with the drag and drop interface.

Free Elementor WordPress Themes

Why choose the right free Elementor WordPress themes?

Selecting the best Elementor WordPress themes for elementor works in your favour. You can easily make custom layouts for the WordPress pages. It is the very popularity of Elementor, you have many free Elementor WordPress themes of a free category having Elementor. So it becomes necessary to select the right one that suits your business website. 

Download free Elementor WordPress themes with demo content 

If you want to download free Elementor WordPress themes with demo content, you need to visit the WordPress dashboard. After this, you must trace and click on the Highend tab. Next, you need to choose the import demos. After this, tap on the import demo on which you want to import. Import and install the necessary plugins as suggested by the theme. Finally, import the demo content as suggested. 

The best Elementor landing page templates are ideal for designing websites for bloggers, small business owners, freelancers, web designers, digital marketers, e-commerce store owners, portfolio creators, photographers, startups, and nonprofit organizations. Download free Elementor WordPress themes with demo content and check them out!

Top list of free and paid Elementor WordPress themes

Find the best Elementor WordPress themes available, both free and paid, to build simple website. Whether you’re a blogger, business owner, or freelancer, these themes offer the flexibility and design options you need to create a professional online presence. From minimalist designs to feature-rich templates, find the perfect theme to match your style and requirements. With Elementor’s intuitive drag-and-drop page builder, customizing your site has never been easier.


SKT SPa WordPress Theme
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SKT spa is a high yielding WordPress theme and falls in the category of best Elementor themes. It is a WooCommerce oriented theme with the option of booking plugin. Also responsive to the core and with Elementor page builder, you form a suitable professional spa website.

Spirited lite

Spirited Lite WordPress Theme
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If you want to select the free Elementor templates for WordPress, you can choose Spirited lite. Suitable for business and commerce, it is a WordPress theme for multipurpose use. With its Elementor page builder plugin playing a major role, it is also a WooCommerce  oriented WordPress theme that defines online business purpose.

Wedding lite

free wedding WordPress theme
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SKT wedding lite is an exemplary WordPress free Elementor theme with high application for wedding or event websites. It is a photography and blog oriented WordPress theme embedded with Elementor. It also carries relevant features and plugins including WooCommerce and SEO features. You can make a good wedding website with this one.

SKT activism lite

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Categorised among the free Elementor templates for WordPress, you can use this one for the ecommerce and personal blog websites. It is also a nice one for the non-profit websites. It also carries the effective documentation, donation, SEO and WooCommerce plugins. 

SKT Full Width

Free Photography WordPress Theme
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SKT full width is a best WordPress theme for Elementor and this is a free one fitting multiple screens. It is also known for its SEO friendly coding. Coded as per the codex standards, the blog section carries good space to add photos and videos. Also in the category of visually attractive themes, it also has gallery plugins and an elementary page builder.

SKT software

SKT Software WordPress Theme
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SKT software is a free category WordPress theme and is among the free Elementor templates for WordPress. It carries all credible features for a praiseworthy professional website. Comprising the retina ready icons, it makes an attractive website of high quality. You do not have to invest money and such a business website is SEO ready.

Interior Lite

Interior Lite WordPress Theme
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SKT Towing

free towing WordPress theme
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SKT Physiotherapy

SKT Physiotherapy
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SKT Magazine

SKT Magazine
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SKT Sushi

SKT Sushi
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Key features for the free WordPress Elementor themes

Key features for the free WordPress elementor themes


When you select the elementor templates free for download, it is very important for you to check the factor of responsiveness. If the theme is responsive, the business website will work without resistance on the small screens. These are the screens of tablets and mobile phones. 

Customization options

With the elementor templates for free download, you should have the customization options. With the customization options, you have the choice to personalise the web experience. 

Compatibility with plugins

Free elementor themes need to be compatible with various plugins otherwise your very business website will not be output oriented. If the theme does not have the WooCommerce and the SEO plugins, the business website will not give the desired output as required. 

SEO friendliness

When you plan to opt for the elementor themes for free download, it is important to consider the SEO friendly nature of the theme. If the theme is not SEO oriented, then you are at a loss because the website will not provide the desired rankings on the search engines. When the search engine ranking is down, the chances of online business boost-up become less.

Speed and performance

The best elementor themes you select will have the due speed and performance. It is quite important for the business website. In the fast digital sword, the speedy website stays in the online business competition. Ultimately, only the business that performs well dominates the market. Digital marketing plays a key role in various businesses as of now. 

Support and updates

Free elementor based themes need to have the necessary support and updates from time to time. Although it is not available with all but it is better if you choose those having such features. 

How to choose the right elementor WordPress themes for business?

Identify your needs

Before you choose the elementor WordPress template for download, you need to have a specific goal related to your business website. It is very important. You should know where you are heading towards in this vast market. 

Evaluate theme demos

Evaluation of theme demos is quite important. It is better if you select the ones with demo options. It will provide you an beforehand preview as far as the website is concerned. 

Check reviews and ratings

Don’t think that the free elementor theme will always serve the purpose because you are not paying. If you do not check reviews and ratings before opting for the one, it may not profit you in the long run. 

Test the compatibility 

Testing compatibility is a crucial part. The template needs to be compatible for the business website you want to make. It should be compatible with all crucial plugins that are business oriented.


Selecting the free elementor theme for download is not as easy as you may think. It is important if you have a prior search about your requirements. Ultimately the business website needs to solve the purpose of your business. It is important to check the key parameters beforehand. 

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