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Free Photography WordPress Theme
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Free Theme
  • Less homepage sections
  • No inner pages
  • No Support
  • No Typography Options
  • No Icon Options
  • No Header Layouts
  • No footer Layouts
  • Less plugins compatible
  • Less updates
  • Less flexibility
  • More Time for Website Build

Features of Free Photography WordPress Theme

  1. Great visual treat as the homepage is a full wide slider which expresses everything what needs to be expressed not just in words but with big visual sliders
  2. Can be used for any type of industry
  3. Is responsive but better mobile responsive feature is given in the paid version of the theme
  4. Is based on black color with the menu toggle one. But the paid version can be used to change opacity as well as black color to any other color as well
  5. Free Photography WordPress theme can be used to showcase various galleries and sliders and is compatible with a lot of slider plugins as well as gallery plugins
  6. All video and image sliders also can be used
  7. Look and feel is great and is based on a theme options panel which a novice can also handle
  8. Comes ready with standard pages like 404, search, archives as well as categories
  9. Comes ready to use with right sidebar template and more templates available in paid version of the template
  10. Free Photography WordPress theme images are used by stock images which are GPL and CC0 compliant
  11. And the code is also GPL compliant and hence can be used for any type of commercial and personal use
  12. Tables as well as other plugins are compatible like WooCommerce for opening an online shop as well as contact forms for appointment bookings
  13. Works well with shortcodes but 100+ shortcodes are included in the paid version
  14. Uses top 4 social networking sites in the footer but more than 50+ social icons are given in the paid version
  15. Sidebar is fully widget friendly but footer and side menu are also widget friendly in the pro version of the free Photography WordPress theme
  16. HTML5 and CSS3 based and based on modern design approach of less gradient and more flat and material design
  17. Also retina ready and HD ready for higher resolution monitors
  18. Tested with several devices for cross browser testing and compatibility
  19. Useful for any type of industry as images can be used for any industry including weddings
  20. Any personal portfolio and profile site can also be showcased using this template
  21. Great for use with complete manual and documentation given along with limited support as well

Consider this free Photography WordPress theme for your next project

Building a strong and eye – catchy exposure of any individual undertaking or business is one of the crucial blocks in every modern strategy directed at gaining more client or follower – base, as well as converting your efforts into tangible deliverables.

WordPress content management ecosystem, in its turn, has gone a profound revolution from being merely a blogging platform and now suggests a host of benefits for anyone with a clear-cut intention to have a respectable website up and running with tiny efforts.

The digital arena is a great place for all photographers and freelancers, artists and other portfolio owners to get their photos and pieces of works seen through various online channels and in different platforms.

Advantages of this platform are endless for any image – centric individual or agency to showcase your unique talents in photography world as well as pull in new customers.

This free photography WordPress theme is great theme for any creative agency, with clean design and minimal layout.

Free photography WordPress theme of SKT production that is launched as Full Width Pro is the culmination of long months worth of unbounded attention to details and 100% dedication and professionalism of our specialists to put every photographer or designer ahead of the game when it comes to planning and realizing the online exposure of high – resolution images and photos.

With this template you will be totally in control of your website look and feel, as well as in the way you are perceived by your potential clients and customers, which, other mediums, like social ones, will not let you do.

Even if you feel limited because of possible financial means that you might think necessary for a dependable platform, take a breath and enjoy this exclusive web building and managing solution at your leisure ready to be your helping hand without shelling out your hard – earned money.

Make your content attractive and easy to view with nicely – arranged structural parts and peculiarities of this free photography WordPress theme and get ready for a stunning online experience with 0 coding knowledge.

The rock – solid foundation is guaranteed with this wonderfully robust and accomplished template and hence it is capable of hosting as many quality photos as you may find expedient to showcase your fans or followers, clients or partners.

SKT Full Width can be used to enhance other websites as well, however, the main stress of this template is made on visual appearance and all the penetrated influence it can have on the website visitors.

Therefore it is more reasonable to use this design – related website mainly for communicating your messages in visual format.

Dozens of handy elements and controllable features are included in this smart and straightforward, thoroughly and minutely worked – out, nicely stylized and abraded free photography WordPress theme to get your image – based party started even while you are adding your final touches from the theme backend.

Hence you are powered to use the given rotating background of the homepage and inner pages, as well as choose something other to turn thousands of heads with elegance and originality.

Homepage background can also perform the function of a full- width slider, which is a great technique to be fully exercised when it comes to capturing the website viewer’s attention and converting the latter into the one coming back to your profile over and over.

Add the best and the most successful pieces of your photography arsenal or portfolio and make them apparent to anyone who will land on your homepage with an obvious interest to reveal your talents.

It will take only seconds for the viewer to notice the whole charm of your captivating images that will speak thousands of words with unique solidarity.

This creative and modern, technologically cutting – edge and avant – guard, user and developer – optimized template launched as SKT Full Width comes with overall easy to use framework and demo version to review or test if needed.

With smooth and sleek navigation and error – free scrolling layers are enough to provide the website user with unbeatable user experience. Menu bar is located on the left side of the homepage, however, one is able to make certain arrangements and have it on the right.

Blog section is also available for you to constantly update your online face and keep it fresh with new images and videos.

The theme has also been tested for its compatibility to the stipulated standards of WordPress Theme Unit Test and has been coded with universally accepted and valid HTML 5 and CSS 3 for your website feel obstinate and uncompromising in any given situation and across different platforms.

The developers and other specialists working on this free photography WordPress theme have done everything to trim the available errors and omissions of the theme to the absolute minimum, so that the admin of any background will be able to stream up and down the admin panel and master it fully.

The compact nature and easy to follow guidance of the theme’s admin dashboard will guarantee the latter against straying from the path or the point.

The most valuable art of increasing the web visibility have been inserted into this template to generate more qualified results.

That is to say, all the requirements of search engine optimization have been scrupulously followed while coding this template to produce quantifiable results and make it easy for the major search engines to read and understand your website and its content.

It will considerably boost your traffic and lead the right people to your web content. All in all, this organic search technique will cost you no financial means at all for client and customer acquisition.

Responsiveness and mobile – friendliness have not been ignored while processing SKT Full Width. Hence this free photography WordPress theme shares the most enviable responsive web design and offers cross mobile and platform compatibility to meet all the needs of your mobile user clients and web viewers.

Those qualities are great to make your website and images look and feel good on all the devices with small, medium or large screens bringing about the mobile user’s satisfaction.

Included with every photography WordPress theme

  1. Theme file is included
  2. Theme unit test file which is the default WordPress XML is included for demo content

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