15+ Best Elementor Landing Page Templates Free Download

Creativity is something that is inherent in all of us but sometimes it needs a little push to bring it out. With the rise of digital marketing and online businesses, creating a visually stunning website has become an essential part of any successful business.

However, not everyone has the time or resources to create a landing page that is both functional and beautiful. This is where Elementor can help. Elementor is a powerful website builder that allows you to create beautiful and responsive landing pages with ease.

Best Elementor Landing Page Templates Free Download

Even better, there are free landing page templates available that you can use to jumpstart your creativity. In this blog post, we will be exploring some of the best Elementor landing page templates free download that will help you unlock your creativity and create a stunning website that will attract visitors and keep them engaged.

1. SKT Pizzeria

SKT Pizzeria
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One of the top free WordPress themes for pizza shops, SKT Pizzeria, is dependable. It has a ton of helpful features and may encourage visitors to your website on a regular basis.

You may alter it to your specifications with just a little amount of code. Each element, from the typefaces to the background graphics, can be easily customized by modifying a few scripts.

SKT Pizzeria is a library that contains themes for Elementor and Gutenberg, and it gives you the option to pick from more than one hundred different layouts. You just need to look at the demonstration, then choose import and installation from the menu.

It handles the importation for you and gives you the ability to make changes to the template without leaving your dashboard. It is compatible with any well-known theme, and you also have the option of using a free theme from our collection of SKT Themes.

2. SKT Coach

SKT Coach
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The SKT Coach is the ideal theme for coaches, mentors, and motivating speakers. Without spending any money, you may test out the theme’s free version. The premium edition, however, has 10X greater power.

Make use of the UI of the website to draw attention to the many services you provide. Anyone may choose that option and continue if they desire online tutoring. This makes marketing your services and educating your customers simple.

You can use its Elementor and its visual drag-and-drop design interface easily. This elementor lets you build your landing pages using a blank canvas that hides your header and footer, which the block editor doesn’t offer by default

3. SKT Glass

SKT Glass
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WordPress is used by the majority of companies since it is great for SEO. You don’t need to worry about the website’s visual appeal any more since you can always utilize a free stained glass WordPress theme.

By checking the demo, you can see how the SKT Glass template will function. You will get all the graphics, animation components, menu items, etc. in this example.

You will get a complete gallery where you may upload pictures of various projects. You have room in this template to include business-related statistics that will impress potential customers. You may include details such as the number of clients serviced, the number of items generated, and the number of years in company.

4. Coffee Block

Coffee Block
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Coffee Block is a theme that was made specifically for coffee shops, coffee companies, tea stores, tea shops, and other similar businesses. You don’t need any prior experience or knowledge of technology to use this theme to develop an online store.

This coffee-themed page builder was produced by the developers using the Gutenberg page builder. Due to the presence of the CTA, it has been determined that this particular free Elementor landing page templates download is action-oriented.

You may include functionality into the website via the use of shortcodes, and the theme is compatible with the most recent release of WordPress.

5. SKT Golf

SKT Golf
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If you run a golf club, a gold court, or even if you only sell golf-related things such as golf balls, golf kits, or any other kind of sporting good, then the SKT Golf Club free WordPress theme is the perfect option for your company website to use for a golf tournament.

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can easily add and arrange elements, change colors and fonts, and even add animations to make your landing page stand out.

This theme provides you with sidebars that are widget-friendly, hence increasing ease for you. It can be customized with the help of Elementor.

It is easy to translate as well as being compatible with other languages. This elementor template comes with a color picker, and it allows users to change the color of almost every element on their website. This theme gives you plenty of room to work with, and you may modify it in any manner that suits your needs.

6. SKT Trekking

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Sites that focus on trekking, hiking, tourism, or any other kind of adventurous activity will find the SKT Trekking theme to be an excellent choice. This theme is built on top of the Elementor page builder.

This free WordPress theme focuses on climbing, and it has a responsive design. It is a theme that loads really quickly. This WordPress theme offers an impressively high level of functionality. With just a few clicks, you can have a beautifully designed landing page that is ready to capture the attention and interest of your target audience.

The SKT Trekking theme offers a wide variety of resolution options. This theme includes a variety of helpful widgets, such as a calendar, a clock, and other time- and date-related tools.


The SKT FSE free block WordPress theme is currently the most popular option for your website. Its handling is easy due to Elementor page builder.

This complete site editing theme has clean and understated typography, allowing you more flexibility and customization options. It has enticing graphics for the header as well as the footer. There is the option to use full-height styles for a group block.

It offers you a variety of different Query patterns to choose from. You will be able to operate effectively with this WordPress theme with the assistance of the dependable documentation. The most recent iterations of WordPress are compatible with the SKT FSE. This theme is extremely lightweight, and thus it can load superfast, reducing the drop rates.

8. SKT Salon

This free WordPress theme is perfect for use on websites belonging to hair salons, beauty parlors, and other similar types of businesses. The WordPress theme designed specifically for use on websites belonging to hair salons is very simple to modify.

This WordPress theme’s design is completely customizable, down to the tiniest detail. Users would get material that was succinct and specific in conjunction with this theme. HTML5 was used in the coding of this WordPress theme. Modifications to the code of this theme are simple to implement.

9. SKT Ayurveda

SKT Ayurveda is a popular WordPress theme that was developed to meet the needs of online companies who sell herbal items, provide ayurveda services, or provide therapies that are based on nature.

This theme is optimized for use on mobile devices and looks fantastic on smartphones of all sizes thanks to its responsive design. This theme has been updated with SEO enhancements that will assist you in climbing to the top of search results.

This free ayurveda WordPress theme comes with a typical slider option already installed for your convenience. It gives you access to a variant number of elements which also includes tabs, columns, text with or without button, logo/image carousel/slider, and so on.

10. SKT Insurance

The greatest free insurance services are provided by SKT Insurance. Insurance policy providers, insurance brokers, consultancy firms, auto insurance agencies, financing corporations, and medical insurance organizations may all benefit from using this WordPress theme.

It makes using the website that displays the 404 error easier. A new search page may be quickly crafted in order to provide users a more satisfying experience overall. This theme for WordPress has been built with PHP, CSS, and JSS files included.

This theme offers compatibility for the vast majority of well-known web browsers, making it compatible with a wide range of platforms. The use of Gutenberg is not incompatible with SKT Insurance. It is compatible with sliders like accordion sliders and cyclone sliders. A single button click is all that is required to bring the whole theme up to date.


Check out the features of the SKT UI UX template if you are searching for a UX portfolio WordPress theme that is made with a combination of strong UX design and UI design. If this sounds like what you are looking for, you should check out the SKT UI UX template.

It provides a way for importing demo content with only one click, which can be used to build a personal or professional website in a matter of hours. SKT UI UX is the greatest free UX WordPress theme available, and it is appropriate for use by website designers, programmers, website developers, creative agencies, SEO firms, startup companies, marketing agency, and other types of businesses.

Although without writing any technical code without struggling anymore, one can create a fully functional website for free and will be able to manage its content very effectively. You can use plenty of elements feature to make your web pages more thrilling. This theme provides customers with an exceptional layout and prioritizes the comfort of the user experience.

12. SKT Skin Care

The SKT Skin Care WordPress theme is an excellent option for use on websites pertaining to cosmetology centers, skincare, and other topics associated with skincare. This free WordPress theme for cosmetology centers comes with thorough documentation that is organized in a way that makes it simple to access.

This WordPress theme offers a great level of personalization options; any component of this theme may be modified. This theme makes extensive use of a variety of Google fonts, background images, and photographs, among other things.

The SKT designers build these landing pages according to the strictest Elementor best practices while utilizing the latest features. This one-of-a-kind theme is compatible with more than 1300 different Google fonts. This WordPress theme comes with several exceptional and fascinating CSS animation effects already built in.

13. SKT Sandwich

Businesses who deal with food delivery services, fast-food restaurants, bistros, cafeterias, pizza shops, and other similar establishments will find that GB Sandwich Lite is the finest free sandwich delivery WordPress theme available. This WordPress theme comes with an inner banner that may be customized to your liking.

This WordPress theme has been validated as meeting all of the requirements outlined in the Themes Check Codex. Users of the GB Sandwich Lite WordPress theme have the ability to customize the theme’s pictures. This WordPress theme can accommodate the Facebook commenting plugin without any problems.

Its This theme has had the Gutenberg page builder plugin used to construct and test it, and it has been determined to be compatible with the plugin.

14. SKT Plants

GB Plants is the ideal free nursery garden WordPress theme for you to use whether you sell plant seeds or baby plants, run a nursery business, or any combination of these three things.

This WordPress theme includes a page to display 404 errors. It is simple to create an alternative search page in order to enhance the overall user experience. To ensure that this website continues to function as efficiently as possible, JSS, CSS, and PHP files have been combined.

This Elementor landing page templates free download theme runs without any issues on any of the supported browsers, demonstrating that it is compatible with a wide variety of browsers.

15. SKT Resort

The free WordPress theme known as SKT Resort is designed to accommodate the requirements of proprietors of hotels, resorts, and even opulent villas.

This WordPress theme is adaptable to a variety of settings and may meet the requirements of a number of different businesses. In the distinct member area that is included with the SKT Resort WordPress theme, the owners of the hotel or resort may show a list of the workers and staff that work for them.

From eye-catching headlines and compelling calls-to-action to stunning visuals and responsive layouts, Elementor landing page templates provide you with the tools to create a landing page that leaves a lasting impression on your visitors and drives conversions.

The loading speed of this WordPress theme has been enhanced, and it should do so quickly and without any disruptions. SKT Resort is SEO friendly and can push your ranking in the search engine result pages.

16. SKT Ecology Lite

It is generally advised to use an environmental theme for your eco-friendly website to give it a brisk and tidy appearance. You may help the environment and save money on WordPress site development by selecting a free theme for the environment.

SKT Ecology Lite is a free environment Elementor landing page templates free download theme that is impactful, contemporary, clean, and simple to use. It is ideal for businesses that support the environment and the natural world.

The WooCommerce plugin, which functions as an online shop to store all the material on your website, is compatible with the free environment WordPress theme. You may find the most recent versions of supported web browsers at SKT Themes, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE8, Opera, and more.

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