Free Download Software Company WordPress Themes for IT Firms

Creating a website for a software company can be a daunting task, but WordPress makes it easy with its vast selection of themes. However, finding a theme that is both visually appealing and functional can be challenging, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Luckily, there are many free themes available that offer the same great features as their paid counterparts. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top 16 free download software company WordPress themes.

These themes are perfect for startups, small businesses, or anyone who wants to showcase their software products or services. With their sleek designs, customizable layouts, and user-friendly interfaces, these themes are sure to give your website a professional and polished look.

Whether you’re looking for a theme for a desktop app, mobile app, or software company, we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive list.

Best Free Download Software Company WordPress Themes

1. SKT Design Agency

SKT Design Agency
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The SKT Design Agency content management ecosystem, with all of its classified themes, continues to be one of the most important tools for the production and upkeep of cutting-edge and cutting-edge websites and blogs.

This free WordPress theme looks professional and is really tidy. It is also fully responsive. it is suitable for usage in both private and professional tasks alike. Page layouts and page templates are provided here under the Paid theme provided by this free agency.

The WordPress theme utilizes a single template with one sidebar, and it has been validated by both the theme check plugin and the security exploit scanner.


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The SKT FSE free block WordPress theme is the finest option for meeting the requirements of your company. You may create a wonderful website that will attract clients with the assistance of this versatile theme, which will assist you in every step of the process.

It supports the most recent releases of the WordPress software. This complete site editing theme is both simple and sophisticated all in one package. The most recent iterations of WordPress are supported by SKT FSE.

Because this theme is SEO-friendly, you will consistently have a better ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). This theme is packaged with a number of internal pages, including 404, contact, about, and a few extra pages.

3. IT Solution

IT Solutions
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This free WordPress theme for IT solutions is perfect for designing websites that provide maintenance services, corporate information technology, local information technology enterprises, consultancy, mutual funds, e-learning, and asset management portfolios.

This template was built with responsive design in mind from the very beginning. Therefore, regardless of the screen size of the device you’re using, you’ll be able to access this page. The It Free IT Solution WordPress Theme was created with the integration of widgets in mind.

The completed code follows the guidelines outlined in the WordPress codex for theme reviews. A widget-friendly footer, header, and sidebar are all included here. Additionally, call-to-action buttons are available for users’ convenience.

4. SKT IT Consultant

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This WordPress theme has a wide range of applications and may serve as the basis for the website of any firm or individual consultant. It includes a great slider on top, which provides fast access to a slideshow with five different slide options.

Using the Customizer makes the process of setting it up simple and quick, and it allows you to monitor live changes as they are being made. It is suitable for use with multilingual plugins such as Translate X and is compatible with them.

This versatile template is all about resiliency and choice, making it perfect for consultants working in the IT spectrum, auditors, financial planners, and analysts.


ui ux design
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Because the SKT UI UX theme is so intuitive to work with, you won’t need any outside assistance of any kind. It is compatible with the ability bar plugin. This is a very lightweight theme, and as a result, it loads really quickly on all devices.

In a nutshell, you may now grow your company to any part of the globe, and the obstacle of a language barrier will no longer be an issue. When you are using this theme, you will have quick access to four distinct types of header and footer regions. When developing this WordPress theme, HTML5 and CSS3 were used throughout the process.

6. Ele Agency Lite

Ele Agency Lite is a multi-use free creative agency WordPress theme that will help you to promote your professional business services in fewer efforts. You won’t even need to employ developers to have the website coded, which means you’ll have more money in your pocket.

By incorporating social media plugins into your website, your clients will be able to locate your company on various social media platforms. Your website’s layout may be made to seem more appealing by selecting colors from a color picker’s menu of available selections. To make a website multilingual, you can make use of WPML and RTL language compatible features.

7. High Tech Lite

Regardless of the kind of company you want to operate agencies, studios, or commercial institutions having an internet presence is essential to your success. The free version has three to five built-in sliders.

You will get five to ten more sliders if you choose the premium version. The premium version of the theme has more homepage sections and blog page layouts than the free version.

It has three to five built-in sliders in addition to the contact form and the standard WordPress gallery plugins. You will get five to ten more sliders if you choose the premium version.

8. Flat Lite

Explore the vast array of free download software company WordPress themes available and find the perfect one that suits your needs one of which is Flat Lite is a free WordPress theme with a flat style that may be used for a variety of purposes, including the creation of landing pages, online stores, corporate websites, business pages, portfolios, and more.

The page builder that was used here is to create the template is intended to provide you with the simplest possible option for website building. You won’t even need to write a single line of code in order to create a fully working website with Flat Lite since it’s so simple to maintain.

This template’s content and style will automatically adjust to the size of the screen that you are using. The website will seem the same whether viewed on mobile devices, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, and so on.

9. SKT Complete

SKT Complete is made for a professional and official business purposes. Any person looking after a simple but efficient website should definitely use the free ultimate WordPress theme. Use of the free ultimate WordPress theme is strongly recommended for everyone interested in maintaining a simple but functional website.

SKT Complete may be simply used by a variety of small businesses, including personal blogs, start-up businesses, legal firms, real estate agencies, and consultancies of all kinds. The design is independent of any particular platform.

Which is compatible with any device, including mobile phones, tablets, phablets, projectors, televisions, and desktop computers, among others. Because SKT Complete is built on a customizer, users have the ability to quickly make adjustments and monitor those changes in real time when utilizing the customizer option.

10. Web Programmer Lite

Whether you are a designer or a creative agency, then you would definitely want to check out our free designer WordPress theme. It is compatible with page builders like as Divi and Elementor, as well as Visual composer and live composer, among others.

It has been coded using contemporary design and coding tools and approaches, and it is compatible with the most recent version of WordPress. Additionally, it is built on HTML5 and CSS3, and it uses modern design tools.

Coding that is conducive to search engine optimization (SEO) is done, and SEO plugin compatibility is ensured, so that Meta tags may be included. Screen resolutions ranging from 320 to 3000 have been tested to ensure compatibility with the many different sorts of device formats.

11. SKT Start-up Lite

This is straightforward and simple to maintain, and it has been created using Customizer as the backend, which means that one can simply make modifications to it without needing to have any prior understanding of coding. B

ecause it is built on HTML5 and CSS 3, it is relatively simple for developers to modify the underlying code, and it adheres to the most recent industry standards.

It has WooCommerce and EDD plugin compatibility that is provided so that one may use this as an eCommerce template as well and sell commodities and things online. Compatible with gallery, portfolio, and slider plugins, allowing for the simple addition of these types of plugins.

12. Online Coach Lite

Free Coaching WordPress theme from free download software company WordPress themes can be used properly from coaches such as life coach, golf coach or sports coach or motivational coach and speakers as well as can be used by personal website owners for getting a resume kind of site or a vCard or personal website as well.

The online version of Coach Lite is completely responsive, and its responsiveness has been validated numerous times using a wide variety of responsive testing tools as well as genuine mobile and tablet kinds of devices.

The slider is included in this demo by default; however, the Pro edition of the template offers more slides and slider customizations, such as stop duration and other customization options. The navigation on this site is very user-friendly and supports five levels of drop down, making it possible for both a huge site and a smaller site to be efficiently managed.

13. Parallax Me Lite

The Parallax Me Lite template is a responsive design that was developed with the goal of ensuring optimal functionality across a wide range of browsers and devices. It has been developed to comply with the requirements of the theme test plugin for WordPress and the codex.

Because the homepage supports HTML and shortcodes, it is simple to install additional gallery plugins. Additionally, the homepage may feature a wonderful fancy slider for displaying slideshows, in addition to a good gallery section for displaying one’s structure. Its code has been optimized for search engine optimization by including a single h1 on each page and many Meta tags.

14. SKT Corp

Because the SKT Corp versions are designed to have optimal performance across all OS versions, including desktop, tablet, and mobile, the theme may be described as having a high degree of responsiveness. It is compatible with all of the major browsers, and it can be seen in a variety of resolutions across a range of devices.

It is easy to add widgets to its sidebar, and with the aid of dynamic widgets, one may have a unique sidebar for each page. The typeface that is shown is the one that is selected by default, and more fonts, font colors, and typographic options are available in the pro version. Completely responsive, and it has been put through its paces several times using a wide variety of responsive testing tools.

15. SKT Simple

SKT Simple is easy to navigate and use by front end customers.It is a free, straightforward WordPress theme that is fully responsive from the ground up and mobile device friendly. In the case of an online shopping store, it is compatible with both WooCommerce and EDD.

It is a simple slider that can be utilized, and there are three slides available to choose from. The pro version offers more slides and the ability to customize the slider. The theme is compatible with both WooCommerce and EDD, making it suitable for use in an online store.

16. Spirited Lite

Free landing page WordPress theme launched as Spirited Lite is one of the best starting points one can consider when projecting his future landing page. It passed Google’s mobile friendliness test and is completely responsive.

Its free landing page WordPress theme includes social network icons as well, making it simple to create landing page websites using WordPress. The free WordPress theme for landing pages that is built on HTML5 and CSS3 and has contemporary technologies

Bottom Line
We hope you found our article on the top 16 free download software company WordPress themes helpful in your quest to create a professional website. These themes offer a wide range of features and customization options, allowing you to showcase your software company in the best possible light.

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