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We offer you the finest WooCommerce free themes under the sun that could reshape your business. Such free WordPress themes could take it to a new level of excellence when it comes to development. Our free multipurpose WordPress theme is truly special because by the end of the day, creation of an exclusive website turns everything about business to your favor. 

You may want a website that becomes the apple of the eye for the one who visits the site. A beautiful free WooCommerce theme with sound features will change the entire outlook of your business. Let you have a look at some of our free WordPress themes mentioned below. 

WooCommerce Free Themes

7+ WooCommerce Free Themes To Boost Your eCommerce Website

We’ve compiled a list of the top free WooCommerce themes, along with it’s features. Checkout Now !

SKT Spa WordPress WooCommerce Free Themes

spa WordPress Theme
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Do you want to create a thriving presence when it comes to the beauty and spa business? You have an option to do this by crafting an exclusive website. But if you craft a website from scratch, it may cost you effort, time and money. 

You have the choice to select the SKT spa free multipurpose WooCommerce theme because  of the exclusive and advanced functionality apart from a sleek design that rivals its contemporaries in the market.

By the end of the day, such a theme will not cost you anything from your pocket and it also carries the options of transforming it into the premium one. Armed with a sleek design, this WooCommerce free theme is a significant choice when it comes to the salon and spa business. 

You will not find the SKT spa free theme just eye catching but it will act as an exclusive multipurpose theme that covers everything when it comes to the businesses related to the healthcare clinics, massage parlors and beauty centers. 

Some of the exclusive features of the SKT spa best free WooCommerce theme are:

  • Multiple useful widgets and it also includes email newsletter, call to action, advertisement options. 
  • Mobile friendly and responsive design having the capability to adapt to multiple browsing devices.
  • Mesmerizing banner layouts apart from being SEO ready. 
  • Option of having the social media section on the homepage.

Spirited lite WooCommerce Free Themes

Spirited lite
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Spirited lite is a free multipurpose WooCommerce theme. It is a free landing page WooCommerce free theme that provides you the endless benefits for the growth and development of your business. If you want to sell the services and products through the internet, it is quite important for you to have a good landing page for the website.

When the information is compelling, it provides immediate attention and for this accomplishment, we provide you the free landing page WordPress theme. 

Some of the special features of the spirited lite WordPress theme that comes in the category of the best free WooCommerce themes are mentioned below:

  • Comes with the multiple lead generation forms apart from the CTA areas. It increases higher chances for lead generation. 
  • Comprises a simple but wonderful header banner along with a newsletter subscription form.
  • Widget friendly sidebar
  • Few of the footer sections are widget friendly
  • Default slider and the google font options
  • Availability of the contact form
  • Advanced slider
  • Social media integration

SKT software WordPress WooCommerce Theme

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SKT software Theme is an applaudable free multipurpose WooCommerce theme carrying a potential to take your fresh business to a higher trajectory. You do not necessarily have to create an online presence with complicated themes by paying money. SKT software is a best WooCommerce free theme and you do not have to necessarily make a website from scratch.

Such a free theme cuts your overall cost that a premium theme will extract from your pocket. It becomes a preferable option for the businesses that have a premium budget. This theme provides a prime focus on the product description.

Some of the exclusive features of such WooCommerce themes for free are:

  • A developer friendly theme that saves money and time. 
  • For the exclusive end results of business, you neither need the business experience nor do you need the due knowledge of coding with SKT software.
  • Woocommerce support with the availability of call to action. 
  • It operates successfully with the free WordPress plugins. 
  • Responsive free woocommerce theme having a professional design. 
  • Associated with the single click demo import option. 

Interior Lite WordPress Theme

Interior lite
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Interior Lite from the SKT themes is a theme of eminence and falls in the category of the free multipurpose WooCommerce themes. It is a proven free WooCommerce theme of repute having gained widespread acclaim among the users.

This theme is crafted to produce aesthetic appeal and is an exclusive option when it comes to the business of interior design or real estate development. 

This theme carries the full fledged effect to put the boundless imagination on the table and thus forms an exclusive choice for the designers and architects.

With this theme, you get the website with the focus on the digital world. All this makes it an exclusive free theme for the construction industry. 

The truth is if you design an interior design website, it is not actually an easy task. By the end of the day, you need the capturing of the attention and the free woocommerce Interior Lite theme has the potential to do that. You can use such a theme for the portfolio and blog sites as well. 

Some of the essential features of such free multipurpose WooCommerce theme are:

  • Full width templates
  • Custom background
  • Featured images
  • Social media sharing plugins
  • Editors and page builders
  • Theme compatible with shortcodes and multilingual
  • Capability to use the CSS3 animations
  • This is an HD animation as well as retina ready theme. 
  • It is a cross device friendly theme. 
  • It has the blog page or the portfolio making capability. 
  • Interior lite carries the customization options. You can change the font, colour and the background with such best woocommerce themes. 

SKT Towing WordPress Theme for WooCommerce Website

free towing WordPress theme
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SKT towing is a free best woocommerce theme for the transportation business. If we talk of the logistics industry, it is an industry that is corley competitive in nature. Such a free theme provides you with a boost in logistics management with the prime focus on the timely deliveries.

By making use of such a free WooCommerce multipurpose theme, you control the supply chain and take a detailed report on the orders and shipments. 

By utilising the SKT Towing in a manner it has to be used, you are able to get the key insights for the utilisation of the supplies. With such best woocommerce themes, you can make sites for the courier companies as well. 

Some of the features of the SKT Towing free multipurpose WooCommerce theme are:

  • Highly responsive with a nice service section
  • Multiple font options
  • Multiple colour options
  • Multilingual plugin compatibility
  • It is a sidebar widget friendly theme.
  • It is a fast coding theme with fewer scripts.
  • This theme offers a workable solution with Woocommerce. 
  • Compatibility with the gallery, forum and slider plugins. 
  • Availability of the limited social icons

Although this woocommerce theme is free, it is definitely a top rated theme that could take your business to an altogether different level of excellence. This theme, though free of cost, carries an extendable nature.

With the help of the NexGen gallery, you have the choice to display photo collections apart from contact form 7. Such a template also has the capacity of link color changing. Such free best WooCommerce themes are elastic in nature making them resilient. 

SKT Restara WordPress Theme

SKT Restara
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SKT Restara WordPress theme is in the category of the free multipurpose WooCommerce theme having an immense capability of igniting the business growth in the area of hospitality industry. In the present world, fast food joints are in high demand.

If you have an idea of a fast food business on a small budget, and want to readily expand your business, SKT restara WordPress theme will be an exclusive choice for you. With an organized layout for such a free theme, you are bound to make a lasting impression on the customers.

With its clear integration with the WooCommerce, the customers carry an option to order the food of their choice online. 

Some of the exclusive features imbibed in such a free multipurpose WooCommerce theme are:

  • Compatibility with the elementor page builder.
  • Such a free theme carries a completely responsive layout. It is based on bootstrap CSS. 
  • This free woocommerce theme carries an in-built design for the modern mobile devices. 
  • With the ecommerce solution, you get total control to sell the food items.  
  • This theme carries a flexibility regarding extension. 
  • With the help of elementor page builder, you get the full freedom to design the menu. It includes the food names, prices and the images. 

Clean Lite WordPress Theme

Clean Lite
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Clean Lite is an exclusive free multipurpose WooCommerce theme and carries the potential to fulfill your personal wishes in the digital spectrum. This particular theme that is available for free on the online platform is embedded with the content management system of WordPress.

By the end of the day, it is a template that is easy to use for you. Because of the accuracy in character associated with this free theme, it has the potential to boost up a website and bring it in league with the utmost quality websites of business.

One of the best advantages about this template is that it is cost effective in case of further customization. 

Clean Lite is a free WooCommerce theme of intuitive nature. It carries a smart character making it highly responsive when it comes to the building of a smart business website.

The designers have put full focus on its minimalistic design. In such a case, the content becomes well and finely digested when it comes to the viewership. It has the tendency to make the web face even more precise.

Some of the exclusive features associated with this best free WooCommerce theme are mentioned below:

  • It is a highly responsive theme and the benefits are endless with SEO. 
  • Although free of cost, you can use it for multiple projects since it is GPL based. 
  • You will not face any general problem of using it because of its simplicity. 
  • With this theme, you have the basic colour changing options. 
  • It consists of a widget friendly sidebar. 
  • It has the potential to showcase on the homepage in an exclusive manner. 
  • Because of its flat design approach, such wordpress multipurpose free themes also carry high compatibility with the older browsers. 
  • Such a theme has a good backend because of HTML5 and CSS3.

Panorama WordPress Theme

free photogallery WordPress theme
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Panorama is an exclusively set free multipurpose WooCommerce theme having multiple aspects. This free and exclusive theme has the potential to take your artistic zeal to an altogether different level. Although a free theme, it is highly suitable for the business and commercial usages and is one of the flagship free themes from SKT themes. 

This theme carries the full potential to fulfil the expectations of the clients and is a suitable option for the portfolio centric businesses. As a result, it becomes a preferable choice for the portfolio blogs and  websites. A good choice for the celebrity, freelancer or developer, the theme provides a virtual exposure. 

The theme is embedded with the WordPress content management system. It is well known for its optimized performance because of its templates based on a convenient portfolio. This theme has the potential to provide the portfolio manifestation without any kind of hindrance.

Some of the exclusive features of this free multipurpose WooCommerce theme that costs you nothing are:

  • It provides a lightweight performance and is completely controllable. 
  • It is not just easy to master but is developer friendly as well. 
  • Updated to meet the basic challenges of the digital world.  
  • It carries the inner functionality and you do not have to face the coding process. 
  • It is simple and provides you with lightweight performance. 
  • Inner functionality and stability.
  • Compatibility of the plugins with the template.
  • GPL complaint template
  • You can manage this free WooCommerce theme without any knowhow about HTML.


Free multipurpose WooCommerce themes from SKT themes are a preferable choice for your business venture. You do not need the initial investment with such free themes for excelling in business. By the end of the day, it is a win-win situation for you. These free WooCommerce themes come with compatible features.

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