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Free Theme
  • Less homepage sections
  • No inner pages
  • No Support
  • No Typography Options
  • No Icon Options
  • No Header Layouts
  • No footer Layouts
  • Less plugins compatible
  • Less updates
  • Less flexibility
  • More Time for Website Build

Features of Free Portfolio WordPress Theme

  1. This free portfolio theme is very easy to manage with the given Theme Options in the backend and can be managed even by a novice person
  2. Single Page template is given with a sidebar for inner pages but for paid theme more page templates are given
  3. By default font has been uploaded in this template however more Google fonts of more than 600 in number are included in the paid theme
  4. Single color with black transparent is given in this template however color picker choice is given in paid theme along with opacity control for better transparency control
  5. Lots of plugins are compatible with this template with WooCommerce for eCommerce, contact forms, SEO plugins, gallery plugins and slider plugins are compatible with this multipurpose template
  6. Since this template is GPL compliant it can be used for any type of personal portfolio or model agency and big corporate site as well
  7. Very visually attractive template with 5 slides given on the homepage
  8. This template can be managed by novice or a person who has no prior knowledge of HTML
  9. It is compatible with shortcodes ultimate plugin for having as many shortcode variations as possible. Paid portfolio WordPress theme has in built shortcodes given
  10. Since the free portfolio WordPress theme is based on HTML5 and CSS3 we can say any type of modern animation can be included
  11. The theme is very light weight and very fast loading and depends only on the size of the images one uses and if lesser sized images are used one can have a very faster website
  12. Codex standards of WordPress theme review team has been followed so that the free portfolio WordPress theme is very good in terms of security and compatibility
  13. Since the theme passed theme check plugin it is tested for various WordPress versions and security exploit scanner is also checked
  14. Any type of language this template can handle as cyrillic and latin sub sets of Google fonts are included in paid version and free can also handle but has single font
  15. Multilingual plugins like qTranslate X have been tested and compliance have been tested. A short video on how it works is also available
  16. POT File is present within this theme so that translation of the theme into any other language is possible easily
  17. 404, search and other such standard pages are present with free portfolio WordPress theme
  18. This theme is partly responsive and loads well on all devices however the paid theme is fully responsive and Google mobile friendly
  19. Core WordPress versions from 3.x to 4.x have been tested with this template and found working just fine
  20. Basic social icons are given which are very few however in paid theme you can have more than 50 social icons
  21. Page builder plugins compatible plugin and can be used for all inner pages as well easily both in free and paid

Free portfolio WordPress theme as to why it is most needed and how it makes a difference has been explained shortly below:

During the last few decades photography and portfolio – related, artists and freelancer – centric phenomena have invaded tons of the aspects of the contemporary digital life and have established their dominance there.

The rise of the World Web and opportunities coming along with it, including personal, commercial and business usages, considerably contributed to the formation of certain client expectations from the above – mentioned portfolio – friendly businesses.

Subsequently, the growing emergency of diverse portfolio blogs and websites have come to the fore to make the virtual exposure of this or that person, celebrity, freelancer, private contractor, developer or designer, as well as particular brand, company, identity or trademark.

Satisfyingly, for this reason, WordPress content management system with its user – optimized performance and nature is rich with convenient portfolio – based templates.

All of them have been processed, developed and launched bearing in mind all the technical, structural and visual traits and touches any portfolio owner will ever need for the flawless portfolio manifestation and management online.

A strong and future – scalable, environmental – friendly and provocative website can also be the best stimulus for conquering a growing number of supporters and fans in the overpopulated virtual environment.

Hence, if you are a portfolio owner with far – going plans and cannot make your heads or tails out of the diversity of proposed templates to consider for your future website, here is our free portfolio WordPress theme named SKT Panaroma.

Totally controllable and easy to master, user and developer – friendly, this surprisingly convenient template is valuably one of the simplest ways leading to success and broad recognition.

Moreover, the theme has been elaborated and updated to meet all the primary challenges the digital world can suppose.

Balanced between simplicity and lightweight performance on the one hand, and persistency and stability in inner functionality on the other, this free portfolio WordPress theme seamlessly eliminates all the hustle and bustle of complicated or tricky coding processes for you.

So any admin working with this free, yet premium – quality portfolio website builder will not face any technical trouble halfway.

Totally intuitive and easy to follow structure of the theme will grant you with optimized admin experience without any additional need for other developers or designers.

This smart and sophisticated, HTML 5 and CSS 3 coded, totally secure and durable template is all about blending exclusive form with unbeatable function so that you can easily, yet effectively showcase your personal or business portfolio with a unique style.

Without a shred of doubt, one can easily collect all the necessary information and make it accessible via the theme sections and parts, as well as show off 5 different images to grab the visitors’ attention as soon as they embark on your homepage.

This visual form of communication with your web viewers via homepage sliders will inevitably enhance your online identity or personality, as well as increase of your conversions while bringing more sensibility and image – based concept to your digital profile.

There is also an option to install another slider plugin for managing drag and drop sliders, master other controllable effects and elements, animated layers, slide orders, etc.

This technique can be achieved thanks to the compatibility of this free portfolio WordPress theme with a wide array of WordPress supported slider plugins, among them much – demanded NextGen gallery, Master Slider, Huge IT, Meta Slider and Cyclone Slider 2.

The extensible potential of this budget – friendly template is not restricted only to slider plugins, Instead, lots of other plugins showcased perfect cooperation with SKT Panaroma when added and exercised.

Hence, WooCommerce plugin for increasing you store functionality is right there at your command and disposition to sell your portfolio items, render your photography or designer, as well as other specific services and much more.

Contact Form 7 compatibility is also checked and confirmed for better and advanced contact forms to make it easier than before for your target groups of audience to get in touch with you.

Ready to flaunt your eye – catchy style and working policy in an easy to conceive manner, this free portfolio WordPress theme comes integrated with preloaded footer area to publish social media icons leading to the frequently visited social media platforms, as well as other supplementary content.

Search and 404 standard pages also act as the ingredients of the theme’s dependable structure to make your website more streamlined and accurate, as well as more to the point.

This will save the website user’s precious time and help the latter overcome mind – numbing times one can have because of distorted or tardy profiles.

Integrated with PO file and armed with translation – ready layout, SKT Panaroma of free portfolio WordPress theme compliant nature is a great tool to internationalize your profile and enjoy thousands of its benefits.

Starting from the establishment of a global market – base to more acquisitive character for the relevant search engines to read your multilingual content and rank it accordingly.

Simply add multilingual plugins to your existing functionality and translate your website into the target languages without any coding at all.

Since the importance of SEO marketing efforts can never be underestimated as a cost – effective, yet truly beneficial way to a greater market share and generated leads, all the requirements of search engine optimization coding has been strictly followed when producing this free portfolio WordPress theme.

This SEO –friendly approach will radically increase your web visibility and respective ranking positions.

This purposefully resilient and creative while uncommonly steadfast and serviceable system with handy toolbox and elastic admin panel also shares readily responsiveness when it comes to mobile or device usages.

In plain English, the developers authoring SKT Panaroma spare no endeavors to make an optimized and invincible mobile version of your virtual profile with exact resizing, adjustment, disposition and scaling across the diversity of mobiles, tablets, gadgets and other low -powered devices.

Thus, you can be sure that your high – quality images, photos, projects and other pieces of portfolio will preserve their attractive look and feel in any case.

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