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Instagram Marketing

How to Make Your Fashion Store Website Popular With Instagram Marketing

instagram marketing

With so much clutter in the online world, you can only attract visitors to your site with a very good Google search results rank. Apart from implementing on-page SEO tweaks, you need to use off-page SEO tactics to drive traffic to your site.

Some practical tips on promoting your Instagram marketing account to drive traffic to your fashion website:

Benefit from Instagram’s Environment

With its focus on images, Instagram caters to a younger audience than the rest of the social media; the demographics are ideal for lifestyle brands and fashion houses.

The app is also designed ground-up for smartphones, hence, using it to click a photo, beautify it, and uploading it to the account is extremely simple.

The one-scroll display also makes it very convenient for users to interact with the brand; small wonder that Instagram reports the best user-engagement figures among all the social networks.

Be Professional When Projecting Your Brand

Instagram Marketing

When you are using Instagram marketing for your fashion brand, it can be easy to be led astray by the platform’s informal atmosphere and mix up your personal and professional lives.

Essentially, this means that you should take care to segregate personal content and avoid posting them on your brand account. However, removing personal content does not mean that you should eliminate the personality of your brand.

Your photos and videos should emphasize what your followers can achieve when using your brand and not just showcase mannequins. To evolve a brand strategy, you can consult a professional agency like Gramista.

Make Your User Name Memorable and Searchable

Remember, it can be very difficult for users to search your brand out from the millions of social media accounts unless you make it easy for them.

The first step is to make your brand name memorable and ensure that you incorporate it uniformly across all the networks that you are present on.

Differing account names only serve to confuse. It should be easy to spell and reflect what your brand stands for. Numbers, special characters or underscores should be avoided.

Focus On Making Your Instagram Bio Compelling

While keeping your Instagram bio as brief and crisp as possible, you should clearly spell out who you are and what you deliver to your followers. Many users will run through your bio and make up their minds whether to stay with you or not.

Ensure that you include a link to your website in the bio. Make the link short, and try to point to pages that have been specially designed as landing pages for social media users instead of the home page.

This will allow better conversions and also let you monitor the efficacy of your Instagram marketing campaign.


To drive traffic you should use hashtags that are relevant to your fashion brand so that you become easier to be discovered.

Using too many hashtags is not a good idea as it can look messy. Keep following the trends so that you benefit from them. If you have a physical store, use geotagging to keep users informed.

Author Bio : Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings.