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Best Features of Free White WordPress Theme

  1. Color scheme of the buttons and the overall call to action scheme can be changed however better color options for changing each element color is given in paid theme
  2. Fonts are loaded by default and more Google font option of more than 600+ in number are given in paid theme
  3. Plugins compatibility is given for having WooCommerce for shop, NextGen gallery for gallery, contact form 7 for contact form and ninja form support is given and other many popular plugins work with this free white WordPress theme
  4. Page template by default only 1 is given but in paid theme there are 4 page templates and a blog template too
  5. Theme Options based easy to use and customize free white WordPress theme
  6. Simple and easy to manage the backend and no HTML or prior coding knowledge is required to manage the template
  7. Shortcodes posting aren’t possible in front page sections but possible in paid theme and inner pages support all types of shortcode plugins
  8. CSS3 animations have been included and more animations of CSS3 can be used easily with this template
  9. Codex coding standards of WordPress review team has been followed strictly for working with latest version of WordPress and compatibility
  10. Theme Test and security check has been done as per codex coding standards of WordPress review team
  11. Since there are some Fonts with special characters and hence Cyrillic and latin subsets possibility is given in paid theme
  12. Multilingual plugin has been tested and qTranslateX compatibility is given
  13. POT File for translation is given so that one can easily change this template to work with any other language website
  14. Standard Pages like 404, search, archives and category are given
  15. Core WordPress compatibility is tested from 3.x to 4.x
  16. Faster Loading free White WordPress theme because lot less scripts have been used
  17. SEO friendly coding has been done so that SEO wise this template is better and compatible with all SEO plugins
  18. This template is GPL compliant and GPL licensed and hence can be used for any type of personal or commercial website as well
  19. Basic social icons have been included and a full list of 50+ social icons are given in the paid theme
  20. Page builder compatibility is given for inner pages but since full width template is given in paid theme it works better with that

Free White WordPress theme has been presented here. Processing, presenting and sharing content in diverse digital platforms and communities have become much easier and affordable for the large groups of people, and in parallel, all the verbiage about the unrealizable digital plans have auspiciously left the conversation.

Today’s communication technologies and other digital outputs have profoundly simplified the ways we exchange information or ideas, look for the needed service or product or offer our own, make reservations and appointments and much more in a mutually profitable fashion, free of all the hustle and bustle of long distances, wasted time in queues, additional costs, etc.

All the above – mentioned privileges of the virtual reality and not only, have resulted in radical changes in how people perceive this or that business or personal activity to be universally accessible and customer – oriented.

This situation speaks also in favor of the business sector as a kind of “pre – qualification” of leads and prospects to be converted into loyal clients and customers.

All in all, those are two sides of the same coin that are directed to the satisfaction of their specific concerns and objectives through various digital portals and channels.

This is where WordPress management system and its niche – specific templates come through with flying colors so that each interested candidate on the lookout for the suitable foundation for his future website will be able to put his shoulder to the wheel and choose the best one catering to his ambitious website plans.

One of such universal and general – purpose, visually cutting edge and enthralling, functionally advanced and well – laid out template of WordPress compatibility is SKT White.

This free white WordPress theme with accurately developed and assorted structure and parts, with elegant look and feel comes with entire flexibility and pliability at your leisure to customize and change certain shades and touches of the theme or enjoy the given eye – catchy platform to match your far – going arrangements.

The whitespace dominant across the theme’s layout will give your website a special grandeur and loftiness while keeping the most informative parts of it clearly obvious and easy to notice.

Advantages of this kind of white dominant web design are endless, including boosted content legibility, less visual distraction to cost the website visitors more time to browse the required content, serious look and professional traits, etc.

Coded to go hand in hand with all the major standards prioritized by the modern WordPress community, as well as powered by HTML 5 and CSS 3 coding and styling for your website to function effortlessly in any given situation even blindfolded, this general – purpose free white WordPress theme is convenient for all those who are looking for something uncomplicated and easy to follow to manipulate with 0 coding and designing knowledge or experience.

One page web structure or pageless design can be best processed and enjoyed with this totally adjustable and competitive template to communicate your message directly and in a neatly arranged fashion to inspire and motivate, encourage or persuade your website scanners.

Moreover, this compact appearance will keep its authentic and pristine visual formula across diverse platforms and browsers.

Since best things come in small packages, let’s consider those small handy toolboxes integrated within this free white WordPress theme to give you a much – desired go.

It comes with all the primary content zones and parts like home, about us, services, contact us and much more to help your potential website viewers navigate through them easily and effectively without stumbling or unjustified delays.

This classified approach and hierarchical strategy towards any kind of web content will mirror the coordinated and reliable identity of any target company or business to win the client proof and positive feedback.

Homepage preloaded slider is another valuable block of the theme composition with the potential of exposing 5 different slides showcasing whatever is relevant at the given moment.

Default gallery section is also at your disposal with lightbox display to manage all your images and photos as an influential part of your website strategy to tell your story in a figurative manner.

Smooth and error – free, cozy and effortless navigation will 5 dropdown levels can be achieved with this spectacularly sophisticated and vast, surprisingly smart and intelligent free white WordPress theme so that your website virtual route will be easy to follow resulting in an unbeatable user experience and more time spend on your website.

No more rattle around disorganized navigation or decreased visit duration with SKT White.

Another valuable and handy toolbox of the theme comes loaded as a collection of more than 30 social media icons to make your website social media – integrated. Standard pages as 404, search and blog page also come into the transom.

Cut down the number of processes your clients have to complete in order to reach your selling products or provided services. Organize your offers and selling packages in all–in–one field and manage it with the assistance coming along WooCommerce plugin for your e – commerce activities.

It can be one of the cost – conscious ways to promote your trade without additional costs to be spent on your physical shops and stores. Moreover, your digital store will be accessible for thousands of people abroad in 24/7 format.

This top – rated and security – checked free white WordPress theme is also well – optimized to support Contact Form 7 for new or improved contact form for your readers, followers and subscribers.

SKT White comes unconquerably strong in its responsive and cross mobile compatible web design as the best response to the mobile and device takeover of web surfing.

It can be the culmination of your endeavors not to miss a single website visitor, whether desktop or mobile user.

With single and durable code base for different handheld devices, as well as intuitiveness enough to adapt itself to any screen size and resolution, be sure that your website of any kind and size based on this responsive template will keep its tidy and dapper look and feel across diverse browsers and screen specifications.

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