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Free Stained Glass WordPress Theme
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Free Stained Glass WordPress Theme

Glass is the backbone of modern architecture and the different advancements in the field. Today’s infrastructure relies heavily on glass whether it is residential or corporate.

One may think that people like glass because of it’s grand look, but it is also about sustainability. Utilizing glass for construction projects is practical and more sustainable in the long term.

One of the biggest advantages of glass is that it allows sunlight to enter any building which makes people feel connected to nature. Now you don’t need as much energy to light up your indoor setting.

No wonder there are a lot of people who provide Glass Installation services. Before the Internet, these services were provided by meeting people and through referrals. Some big businesses may have used traditional advertising too.

However, the internet gives every player an equal opportunity to make it big. All you need to do is start a website related to your glass installation business. If you are thinking about starting a website then WordPress is the right choice.

The majority of businesses use WordPress as it is excellent for SEO. You can always use a free stained glass WordPress theme which is why you no longer have to worry about the site’s aesthetic appeal.

You can see how the SKT Glass template will work by opening the demo. This demo will provide you with all the images, animated elements, menu, etc.

When you check out the demo you can make up your mind on whether this web UI is right for your business or not.

When it comes to this site design you can either buy it or use the free version. The free version will have limitations on the number of pages and other elements.

This site template highlights how amazing reflective glasses can make a building. From the beginning, the visitor will be in awe of glasses.

You will be able to find elements in this demo that describe what people can expect from your business.

If you are looking for a simple and free site design that can help spread the word about your business then this is the perfect choice.

You don’t need any programming skills to create a website. Just choose a free stained glass WordPress theme and start customizing the site according to your needs.

You can edit the colors, elements, and add images of your own choice.

It is important to clearly describe which services you provide. This way you will generate the right kind of leads. Use this template to add the services your business provides.

After going through this section it will be clear to users if you can help them or not.

You can add inspirational images above each service so that the visitors are tempted to book your services.

This template has a lot of white spaces which makes the website easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. You will have little to no problem in getting new business if you use this website design.

Why a website is crucial for your glass solutions business?

People only believe something when they see it. As human beings, we are visual creatures and we trust in our vision. You can tell prospects how amazing your glass solutions are but with the help of a free stained glass WordPress theme you can show it to them. They are more likely to believe what they see instead of your words.

A website is a great way for you to highlight your old projects. You can also add customer testimonials and get bookings online. Now you don’t have to work extremely hard to get new clients and you have a new sales pipeline. All thanks to a website!

How the SKT Glass web design helps you win the trust of customers?

Just like glass, the website design helps your business be transparent to any potential customers. You can display the different types of residential glasses and corporate glasses you have installed. Other than that, you can use different animated elements to highlight the different styles of glass you can install.

You will get an entire gallery where you can add images of different projects. This template gives you space to add numbers related to your business which can impress the prospects. You can add information like the number of customers served, products created, and number of years in the business. This information establishes basic trust between you and the potential client.

Why use the free stained glass WordPress theme when a paid version is available?

You must be wondering that if the SKT Glass website is so great then why use the free version? Well, it works if you are not sure about which UI you want to apply to your website. You can try out this design, customize it, and bring your vision to life.

If everything goes as planned then your website is finished. Although if the final site does not fulfill your needs then you can always delete it.

The free version is also beneficial for glass installation businesses that have a limited budget to develop a website. If the free version does wonders for you then in some time you will need to expand to the paid version. You will make this change happily!

Can you sell products by using this theme?

You can easily add the WooCommerce plugin to WordPress. Then all you have to do is add the products through the plugin to your site. Yes, this theme is perfect for selling different glass solutions online. It always helps to have another source of revenue in your business.

What will drive customers to your website?

Customers can naturally visit your site if they make a query regarding your business.

If someone is looking for glass solutions on Google and your site comes in the results then they will visit your site. However, achieving such results with just a simple website is a bit difficult. The reason is that your website without any blog will have limited content and that limits the opportunity of your site to rank.

Healthy websites have a content calendar and a blog running. Of course, you cannot write blogs about anything! The content should be educational and it should be about the industry niche. It should increase curiosity and make users browse the website. When visitors don’t leave your website immediately, they may book your services or make a purchase.

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