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Feature of Free Double Glazing WordPress Theme

Windows Door Lite is a free Double glazing WordPress theme that will help you to run your doors and windows installing business with ease.

Like SKT Architect Lite, this template will ensure that you are able to get your brand recognized by helping you to offer your honest services in the most professional manner.

With free Double glazing WordPress theme, you can ensure that your customers are getting the professionalism and quality services. Also if your industry is approved by government schemes and organizations you can show that too.

Manufacturing doors and aluminum storm windows is a very simple and easy process that can be operated from a home-based workshop if you have all equipment ready.

A person having some mechanical and construction experience and knowledge will be able to set up their business in this field very easily.

The fifth country which is producing the largest aluminum is India which is also seen that the electrical sector has also grown in the solar and industrial sector by 31% and 13%.

In the construction sector, more and more aluminum is used because it consists of some properties such as low maintenance, corrosion resistance, lightweight, durability, and attractive appearance.

So if you are willing to start a business in aluminum then it is a good idea as it has good progress and scope in the future.

To set up the business in this niche, the basic equipment that would be needed is a flat glass cutting table, compound miter saw basic hand tools, mechanical parts, aluminum extrusions, and so on.

Along with the expertise in construction also the person will be required with the knowledge of glass cutting.

Also, a person having similar expertise can start monetizing by creating a blog on glass cutting courses with a free double glazing WordPress theme.

One of the best aspects of the doors and windows manufacturing business is that with less cost investment one can start a new business and needs very minimal inventory to get started.

The doors and windows can be customized on the basis of orders so don’t need to maintain the full stock.

With the right theme, you can easily advertise the campaign so that you can sell the storm doors and windows directly to your client’s home location.

If you are able to choose the right free double glazing WordPress theme you will be able to offer a pricing structure to your clients.

Before displaying the pricing structure makes sure the prices you are disclosing are less than your competitors so that more users can get attracted to your business.

Steps to start a business in aluminum door-window making
Company registration: The very first step is to register your company. To start a business in this firm you will be required a trade license, IS, GST registration, and BIS quality standards.

Also, some other registration of your company is required in MSME/SSI registrations and pollution control certificates.

Area identification: Another step is to find out the area which is in need of fabrication business. In this business, location plays an important role. For fabrication businesses at least a minimum of 500 sq. ft. area is required. Before finalizing the location check whether the skilled laborers are available or not.

To start an aluminum window and door-making business check if you have all required raw materials: On the basis of specific fabrication products, the raw materials will be required.

Some raw materials that you might require are hinges, plastics, bolts, locks, screws, rubber, chemical for anodizing, handrails, glass sheets, doors handle section will be required, and much more.

Machinery for the business of fabrication: To start such a business, there is little machinery that you need to buy. Such as rectifiers, heavy-duty cut-off machines, drilling machines, portable electric drills, glass panels, and so on.

The manufacturing process of aluminum door windows:

The main process of manufacturing includes converting the raw materials into small integral parts which can be used while assembling the main product. As per the raw material used the fabrication process will be divided.

Let us see what the different types of fabrication processes are so that they can be used in windows and door making.

Folding: When a specific part will need to bend, this operation will get executed so that a special shape can be made. Bending machines and dies can be used for metal bending and folding.

Machining: To remove extra material, this process gets executed. With three axes machine and a lathe machine, this process can be done.

Punching: To convert the metal, the punching process is used. This process can be executed with a punching and die machine.

Welding: Some welding process that exists is Gas Tungsten Arc Gas Welding, Shielded Metal Arc Welding, Flux Cored Arc Welding, and Gas Metal Arc Welding.

Casting: The flexible and oldest method which is used in fabrication is casting. To get the desired shape, the metal can be used.

Marketing your business: With local advertisements, you can display your business. You can take the help of print media such as magazines and newspapers.

Online Market: Nowadays more people are getting online to search for any relevant products to their needs. However, an online presence will always help you to enhance your business to make your business more visible on the internet.

On the online market, you can make your work transparent. Along with this, you can also showcase the cost of services online.

The free double glazing WordPress theme introduced by Themes21 can be used to create a website for your windows and doors business.

Windows Door Lite can be used in such a way that you can promote the fabrication business in various methods. You can spread your business services to all over globe and can target international clients that will automatically grow your sales and revenue.

Free double glazing WordPress theme can be used to create website especially for wooden windows and doors, Windows Company, furniture, window glass, construction, window profiles interior design, UPVC and more.

B2B: Also you can register your business with some other websites belong to B2B such as exporterindia, indiamart and so on.

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