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Free Minimal WordPress Theme
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Free Theme
  • Less homepage sections
  • No inner pages
  • No Support
  • No Typography Options
  • No Icon Options
  • No Header Layouts
  • No footer Layouts
  • Less plugins compatible
  • Less updates
  • Less flexibility
  • More Time for Website Build

Advantages of Free Minimal WordPress Theme

  1. Minimalistic style of design approach
  2. Simplistic approach for backend
  3. Customizer based as per WordPress core standards
  4. Responsive and tested with several mobile and tablet devices
  5. Tested for popular browsers and desktop browsers for cross browser compatibility
  6. PO file present for translation as well as works with multilingual plugins
  7. Color can be changed using single color picker. Separately colors can be changed for different elements via paid theme
  8. Compatible with page builders for easy page builder and layout
  9. Compatible with slider plugins for slideshows
  10. Set up is easy and documentation is also given
  11. Nextgen gallery and other gallery plugins tested and found working
  12. 5 level deep drop downs
  13. Comments section also given and compatible with other commenting plugins
  14. Sharing plugins compatible
  15. Default social links given for social media
  16. Can be used as a multiconcept free minimal WordPress theme for multipurpose use
  17. Theme check plugin passed and tested
  18. Tested for security vulnerabilities
  19. Default slider has its own animation and speed for ease of use
  20. Sidebar is fully widget friendly
  21. Faster loading theme due to lesser scripts used
  22. Works out of the box with several popular plugins like SEO, Cache etc
  23. Compatible with WooCommerce for easy online shop
  24. WordPress codex standards and theme check plugin passed
  25. Tested with latest version of WordPress

Simplicity and minimalism in web design are some of the most frequently utilized styling principles avoiding too many decorative containers and shades and instead diffusing a sort of readable and tidy shape.

In this relation, the main focus is shifted from saturated and profoundly compound digital societies into the reduction of complexity for more content – centric appearances of the target web pages.

While advantages of such simple and minimal websites seem to have no edge, the most striking ones of bringing it down to the most critical features and elements are better legibility, easier navigation, highlight of the most important parts, including calls to action, faster functional speed, easy management and maintenance, and finally, better conversion.

Free minimal WordPress theme launched as Naturo Lite is a bright sample among such templates of WordPress – compatibility designed and formatted in compliance with the terms of minimal web design styles for your website to “breathe” as well as for the layout to honor content differentiation easily with the help of more white space of the theme.

With fewer elements and touches, more natural look and feel, this wonderful template is easier to install, activate, manage and maintain problem – free. Use this totally free theme for your future website of any kind and let your web visitors have seamlessly quick access to your content and image disclosure.

Naturo Lite can easily turn to be the best provenance of any personal or small business revelation online to get in touch with tons of people across the globe and even monetize it via e – commerce or other working channels.

If we try to take a brief tour through the essential components of the theme proving the whole competence and power of this self – hosted free minimal WordPress theme, it will be worth noticing its user and developer – friendliness first of all being coded and developed even for those who are comfortable only with a mouse and keyboard and nothing more.

This ecosystem locates and integrates all the handy tools and controls to considerably better your online publishing experience from the theme backend.

Instead of shelling out your hard – earned money on hiring different specialists to extend the theme’s functionality or advising on how to deal with the existing platform, you will find a great technical support and well documentation along with this template, which are more than enough for your unobstructed and productive processes within your website.

This multipurpose and elegant, subtle and alluring, clever and intuitive website builder has all the potential to be a streamlined solution for absolutely any kind of online undertaking, from the personal and individual to corporate and legal with an infinite surveillance over the look and feel of every single part while retaining a pristine and clean visualization.

On the structural side of the things, this free minimal WordPress theme is based on a firm and steadfast basement to play around and categorize all your publishing material in a nicely – formatted fashion.

Home section is ideal for your opening remarks and overview of your profile, about us section for more detailed presentation of yourself or your business, its origin and visions and much more.

Blog section can be professionally used for constant updates, press releases, interviews, upcoming events or whatever you may find interactive and entertaining, useful or informative for your audience.

This indexed page as an integral part of your profile will definitely drive more traffic to your website and contribute to showing up greater results in the relevant search engine rankings.

Homepage full – width default slider is another valuable tool in the theme’s toolbox for showcasing your best images and visuals for the website visitors to cast a glance as soon as they land on your homepage.

Since the website visitor’s perception of your website and its content lies hidden between his first visual impression from your profile combined with further usage of the website including its navigation levels, fast loading rate, responsiveness under any circumstances, etc, slider to display as many as 5 slides is a beneficial technique to earn the first point from the website user.

As an unbeatable tool at the hand of an admin of any background, this free minimal WordPress theme comes with lots of control over the theme colors and homepage settings to decorate your website in compliance with your audience’s taste and expectations and such boost its social engagement.

Naturo Lite got the skills to be wonderfully SEO and SMO – friendly as well. Since SEO is almost half the battle of attracting more target visitors to your pages, this SEO – optimized nature of the theme will help you take tangible preponderance in the rankings and occupy top – positions without additional investments and costs.

As far as SMO is concerned, it is another way leading to the socialization of your website and expanding your borders of influence over people.

This free minimal WordPress theme is experienced in convincing all your mobile user website visitors to largely exercise their portable devices in order to access your website, since the theme is seamlessly ready to provide high – quality conversion of your content from desktop mode to mobile and vice versa, and all without any additional procedures to be taken by the admin. All the procedures are automatic and are processed within seconds so that the end – user will not wait long to enjoy your content while on the move.

Perfectly geared to the requirements and claims of the modern digital community, as well as WordPress management system, coded with contemporary and much – demanded HTML5 and CSS3, Naturo Lite has been checked for its consistency and perfect usability when it comes to the functional extension with compatible plugins.

Hence this template is able to capture new horizons when supported by a host of diverse plugins, such as NextGen Gallery for image and photo – based websites, WooCommerce plugin for establishing and running an online store, as well as Contact Form 7 to let you mark up the contact forms the way you find expedient for your website viewers.

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