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  • No inner pages
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  • No Icon Options
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  • No footer Layouts
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Features of free home services WordPress theme

  1. This free home services WordPress theme is fully responsive
  2. It is also Mobile friendly and passed Google mobilegeddon test
  3. This one is cross device friendly and has been tested on laptop, desktop, smart TV, projectors, mobile phones and tablets too
  4. Has been tested with different popular browsers for cross browser compatibility
  5. A default sidebar is provided with all the pages for call to action items
  6. SIdebar is completely widget friendly and as well as footer is also widget friendly
  7. Customizer based and hence one can check live preview while doing changes
  8. Color scheme of the site template can be changed easily based on the color picker given
  9. By default a few social icons have been provided
  10. It is eCommerce friendly and hence WooCommerce plugin compatible
  11. It is Page Builder friendly and one can use SKT Page Builder for inner pages
  12. It is Translation ready and contains POT file
  13. It is Multilingual plugins like WPML and Polylang compatible
  14. It can make use of Sharing plugins for social sharing
  15. Lots of popular Plugins are compatible with this template
  16. Default slider given which has default animation and pause time
  17. Set up video is also provided
  18. RTL compatible
  19. Step by step documentation available
  20. Industry like handyman, plumber, interior design and construction can make use of this
  21. WordPress Codex standards followed
  22. SEO plugins like Yoast and All in One SEO also compatible
  23. Contact Forms like contact form 7, ninja forms and WP forms plugin compatible
  24. Fast template and compatible with cache plugin
  25. Modern technology like HTML5 and CSS3 used
  26. Navigation drop down menu upto 5 levels provided
  27. Gutenberg compatible and latest WordPress version compatible
  28. Call to action provided in various spots of homepage and inner pages
  29. Material and flat design approach has been used for the modern styled design and compatibility with old browsers

Home services WordPress theme caters to every type of agency which deals into cleaning, home automation, home services like handyman, plumber, electrician and others.

Thus this type of multipurpose business oriented website template is much need of the hour and hence one should care to have such type of website template which is dynamic and can be changed at the click of a button and one can easily modify it as per their requirements.

The reason why home services and similar agencies are flourishing is because they have all types of renovation and interior services under one roof.

So for example a old house or an old office needs renovation it would be a headache managing each and every thing separately and hence it is best idea to have a home services agency who will manage all the moving of the items from one place to another.

Home services includes the following services

1. Construction: People looking to get some kind of interior construction like building a new wall or removing or demolishing a wall or adding some platform etc or having kitchen space and dining space separate or have a temporary partition so on and so forth can obviously connect with home services specialists.

Of course major contractors do such work however since it is in a small scale most of the home specialist agents are connected in this case and contractors who do large scale work are given a miss.

2. Interior: Interior of the home needs to be done perfectly because what good is a home if its interior is all messed up. Colors of the walls to the lightings as per room style to the selection of wall papers and as well as vitrified tile choices.

Interior designer is connected and taken consultation with for all of the above as well as for furniture style as well as furniture set up as well. So for each and every such tedious process the interior designer who works with the home specialist agency will make the process simple and easier for the clients.

Thus our free home services WordPress theme has lots of navigation menu option and drop down option in order to help set up as many pages and showcase the services to the client.

3. Painting: From normal wall paintings to special acryllic styled paintings to texture as well as embossed and designer walls all of these are in fashion and whatever the interior designer chooses in the above step the painting team will execute it in this step as per the client requirements and his choices.

Painting team also works in unison with the home services team in order to have the effect of a team and a better execution for the website.

4. Decoration: Decoration of the complete house is essential and recommended as one needs to decorate it properly with novelty items as well as unique things so that they go with the whole aesthetics of the house like wall hangings, paintings, wall decorations etc.

5. Plumbing: Plumbing problems can also be assisted with using home service people because time and again it is not possible for the home owners to rush to a plumber and keep a tab of his work plus they are many times not available as well.

While the team is working on other items it is quite easy for the plumber to focus on the given work and get it done in desired time plus the work gets checked by his superiors in this case.

6. Handyman: For any type of fixtures and wall decorations to be installed and fit it is essential that handyman works in unison with the above team and responds to their needs and does the work hence a handyman is always handy in such cases and situations.

7. Electrician: Electrician is needed for renovation or interior works for the lighting and points and for fancy switches to modular kitchen lighting as well as bath fittings to shine without proper light.

8. Home appliances repair: Appliances repair although is not a major service in this case but can be done as well as moving and installation is also done.

9. Kitchen tools: Tools like knife etc and their proper storage and cabinets are being made by the above team.

10. Pests: Pest control is needed and it is important that in future also pest do not cause problems in the installed

11. Home cleaning: Home cleaning, HVAC, Carpet cleaning and other office cleaning services are provided by such agencies.

12. Moving: Moving of items from one place to another or help with shifting of the entire house is also done.

13. Smart Home: Smart devices and smart phones are disrupting this market and thus by voice recognition many things are now possible like switching off bulb, fan and appliances shut down and on like TV, fridge.

Although there is still a lot of work and innovation to be done in this sector but still there are many features and functions still desired.

14. Services on demand: Services on demand like cleaning or moving stuff or something else related to fixing, repair etc can be done.

15. Expert guidance: Many times only consultation is required and trying to understand the feasibility of the project and hence consultation on the first instance is required.

16. Reasonable pricing: Reasonable pricing is provided otherwise people would want to connect with some other agency or individuals.

17. All under one roof: As you can see a lot of services are included and since they come all under one roof free home services WordPress theme is built dynamic and essentially a go to website template so that call to action like phone numbers are given properly on the website and one can easily connect to these people on time and during need of the hour.

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