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Features of Free Event Planner WordPress Theme:

  1. Free event planner WordPress theme is impeccable to design websites for event agency, wedding planners, seminar, conference, meet-up, festival, business summit, and related websites.
  2. Your event agency website will fit well to any of the devices irrespective of its screen size. As the theme is designed to be entirely responsive.
  3. A default template has been created with a nested commenting feature. Hence, nested comments can be added to your website blogs or articles.
  4. Designed cling to user-friendly approach. So, it is much simple and hassle-free to get conversant with the working of event planner theme.
  5. With the incarnation of social media plugins like Facebook and Disqus, you can make your website more social.
  6. You can keep visitors engaged with your website for a long. It is plausible by updating blogs or articles at regular intervals related to current projects or events. 
  7. Due to its widget friendly design, you can add as many widgets as you want in various sections. Like in header, footer or sidebar.
  8. You can represent your posts in a brew with image, video, banner or any other element. It will make your website appearance more enthralling.
  9. Designed to be translation ready with POT file encompassing. Your event planner website can be translated into any other language by exerting PO Edit or LOCO translate.
  10. Your website visitors can focus on content as well as images. As a minimal design approach has been opted for while designing the theme.
  11. It is designed multilingually affable with plugins like WPML, Lingotek translation, MultilingualPress, and others. So, a global website can be designed using this theme.
  12. Coding based on WordPress codex theme review standards. Compatible with the latest version of WordPress and latest plugins as well.
  13. Header, footer, and sidebar can make use of CTA buttons.
  14. Free event planner WordPress theme is tested crosswise various browsers like Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and others.
  15. Page builder plugins like Gutenberg, Beaver builder, Elementor, Divi, and others work at its optimum with this theme. Hence, you can design the inner pages of your website with a contemporary format.
  16. By making use of cache plugins you can make loading speed of your website faster to a great extent. As cache plugins work well with the theme.
  17. Coding has been done cling to various SEO standards. It is also congenial with numerous SEO plugins like Yoast an All In One.
  18. Can be handled with ease even by a rookie who does not have prior knowledge of handling websites.
  19. You can carry all the e-commerce transactions with ease and efficacy from your website itself. As the theme is designed congenial with the WooCommerce plugin.
  20. Designed with a flat and material design approach in order to have a flat structure website. So, your website will be compatible with old as well as new browsers.
  21. By making use of shortcode plugin you can add shortcodes and thereby can make your event planner website more functional.
  22. Tested with various RTL languages like Hebrew, Arabic, and others. Found to work at its best with all of them.
  23. Coded and stylized with modern programming languages, HTML and CSS3. Hence, you will have a website with a contemporary and standardized look.
  24. It can be used for advertisement and product sales as it has a professional appearance.
  25. You can get an immense variety of layout options to design diversified pages and sections. But it is available in the PRO version of the theme.
  26. By exerting security plugins you can insulate your website from malignant attacks and hackers.
  27. You can catch up a live preview of the changes on your website as free event planner WordPress theme is designed based on customizer.
  28. Incorporation of social media in the footer section made this theme more captivating.
  29. Website images and content can be delivered in a sleek manner as the theme is designed in an immaculate manner.
  30. The theme is schema compatible. Thus, Google review and author profiles can also be listed in search results.

Events are one of a vital part of everyone’s lives. That is why people hire professional event organizers or event agencies to organize special events like birthday parties, wedding, conferences, and likewise.

Spawning and running a standardized and professional website which delineate your business in an organized manner is of sheer importance. Building your online presence will help you establish your event agency as a brand name.

Free event planner WordPress theme has been designed and launched with immaculate and minimalistic design approach in consent with the prerequisites of contemporary websites.

This theme is extensively created and proved to be a striking platform for showcasing all legitimate event services in the best plausible manner. No efforts have been left by our potent designers to make this theme simple and easy in navigation.

Without investing even a penny you are getting such a fully-featured theme. Coded and stylized with HTML and CSS3, hence you can see a website loaded with the eye-grabbing animated effects. It is impeccable not only from its outer structure and appearance but also from its inner features.

Fast loading and soothing navigation have also been strictly followed when spawning this theme. So, website user will not encounter any inconvenience while accessing your event planner website. In order to make your website more faster, you can make use of cache plugins. Arduous efforts of our proficient designers are reflected in the alluring look of the theme.

One of the most crucial facets for any of the modern website is SEO. As in the online marketplace also you have to maintain competition. And, for that SEO is a quintessential requirement.

Hence, all the SEO standards have been followed while designing this elegant event planner theme. You can also exert SEO plugins in order to upsurge your website search rankings.

Free event planner WordPress theme is graphically stable, SEO optimized, translation ready, highly nimble and still simple and user-friendly. This is one of the exemplary themes to design any event related website. One of the topnotch brew of engrossing visuals and standardized look, this theme will let you stand you from the crowd of competitors. Design your website with this enticing theme and take your event planning agency to the peak of success.

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