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  • Less homepage sections
  • No inner pages
  • No Support
  • No Typography Options
  • No Icon Options
  • No Header Layouts
  • No footer Layouts
  • Less plugins compatible
  • Less updates
  • Less flexibility
  • More Time for Website Build

Features of Free Dentist WordPress Theme

  1. Simple and elegant with a nice look and feel for professional approach
  2. Retina readiness and HD higher resolution ready
  3. SEO friendly with simple SEO components already installed
  4. SMO friendly with social media working fine and included
  5. Translation ready since translated texts can be done using POT file available within
  6. Single font given with more font options in pro version
  7. Color scheme can be changed using single color picker given and more color options in Pro version
  8. Single sidebar page template given and blog template also given
  9. Sidebar is fully widget friendly with monster widget also tested
  10. Theme is theme test qualified and has been approved by theme review team
  11. Free dentist WordPress theme is full of plugin compatibility with events and gallery plugins compatible
  12. Inner pages compatible with page builder plugins
  13. Footer few sections widget friendly and others manageable
  14. Slider plugins also compatible and video and image slider also compatible
  15. Inner page header image can be changed for each page
  16. Commenting, standard pages like 404, search etc all coded
  17. WooCommerce compatible and hence eCommerce can be done easily using this template
  18. Google font, more header and footer widgets and page templates available in Pro version
  19. Watch changes happening live as they happen using Customizer
  20. Great to use as built upon customizer and easy to handle
  21. HTML5 and CSS3 compatible with animation of CSS3 also possible

Free Dentist WordPress Theme explanation

We all know that human body is made of many different components like flesh, bones etc and a layer of skin to give us the identity.

There are also some of the internal yet important organs and the parts that are responsible for our life and the activities that we perform every day.

Out of all teeth are also considered to be of a great importance as anything that we eat for sustaining life is with the help of them.

Teeth help in the chewing of food and all other eatable stuffs to get them digested easily within the stomach. But as it is a known fact that our human body is susceptible to diseases we need to take utmost care of it.

Teeth are also not to be ignored and maintaining them daily keeps them glowing and strong. But in the recent time it can be seen that the number of patients due to the tooth related problems are increasing day by day.

There can be many reasons for a tooth to incur problems and hence it becomes a serious trouble if left unattended. The number of issues and increasing number of patients have caused the dentists to be at their job perpetually.

The job of a dentist is highly critical and important to treat the patients with tooth problems. But attending to so many of the patients at a time becomes a matter of concern for a dentist as well.

It has now become necessary for them to seek for some solutions to manage each and every patient as they can’t leave them from getting treatment.

Hence the dentists are now following the same approach as that prevalent in the modern time and in the digital world that is making websites.

With a very distinctive yet information providing website a dentist can manage all of the patients successfully without any trouble.

The same kind of website development can be made possible only if there is a relevant Free Dentist WordPress theme to cater for all the requirements of the dentist and that is easy to handle.

This article comprises of SKT Toothy which is a Free Dentist WordPress theme that would describe its features and options to make a user friendly dentist website.

SKT Toothy is a very efficient and well carved type of Free Dentist WordPress theme that has countless of the features to delight both the dentist and the patient.

This Free Dentist WordPress theme surprises you with its multiple color changing options and helps you to develop a website of your own colors.

You can make the modifications in the colors anytime you wish and can color not only the texts, but the sections and the background as well.

SKT Toothy even after being a Free Dentist WordPress theme provides you a wider platform to make modern day compatible website. It has been made with a purpose to serve for any type of medical, dental, clinic, hospital or general website as well.

There are the options that are integrated with this Free Dentist WordPress theme that allows you to make your prior appointments with the dentist to avoid any timely troubles.

It has been packed up with the coding that makes this theme SEO friendly with availability of social icons. Its design is all appealing from every perspective and it fits to all the measures of sustaining into the digital and rapidly growing world.

You have all the command to change the copyrights of this Free Dentist WordPress theme as it has been made compatible to this mode as well.

SKT Toothy gives you to reach out across many parts of the globe and contains enough call to actions for making more people know you and contact you.

This Free Dentist WordPress themes has all of the services and other sections placed at the homepage and highlighted as well.

This theme is translation ready with the availability of the PO file and it is friendly to the sidebar and footer widgets.

SKT Toothy is a very expressive kind of Free Dentist WordPress theme that has every thing to keep you delighting with any of the option that you choose for making an easy to access website for you as well as the patients.

Being into the modern world all the things are getting online and even the people don’t want to spend much of the time being in the queue for their appointments to get confirmed with the dentist.

This Free Dentist WordPress theme has come as a boon for all those who have adopted the new trends and have become tech-savvy. All the population has the high-end mobile devices and the tablets or laptops etc where they can reach out to anything online.

This Free Dentist WordPress theme has been made compatible to perform on all kinds of the devices no matter what the screen size and the resolution is and it comes up with great results in terms of visibility and functioning.

This theme allows for the reduction in time which was long taken in the older ways and serves as the fast responding and easily loading theme. It has been loaded up with the pages compatibility and tested with many of the plugins to perform at an optimum rate.

SKT Toothy is in all aspects a theme of today with all of its functions so smooth and fascinating that they can attract any of the user to pay a visit and go through the website.

It allows for a very specific and well arranged content placement to avoid any kind of confusion or problems to the user. There are more than 8 types of blog templates and page layouts to help in placing your content the way you want them to be.

This Free Dentist WordPress theme increases the level of excitement even more by its feature of animation slider and the changes that can be done live.

This is by far one of the most versatile and robust combination for developing any kind of a dentist website. You can get enthralled even more with its Pro version that brings along much more stuff to keep you stunned and surprised.

Inclusion of items with every free dentist WordPress theme

  • Theme zip file available for download using the download button
  • Sample data is the theme unit test data which can be downloaded easily from

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