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Palm Healing Lite – Free Reiki WordPress Theme

The ‘Reiki’ word is originated from the Japanese where the first half of the word ‘Rei’ means universal and the second half of the word ‘Ki’ means life energy.

Reiki is one of the types of energy healing practices that enhance the flow of energy in your body and can reduce your pain, other illness symptoms, and enables relaxation in your body. Reiki is also related to palm healing or hand-on-hand healing as it includes techniques like centering, infusing, beaming, clearing, and extracting various harmful energies.

There are reiki patients worldwide that have experienced relief from severe medical conditions due to the practice of reiki. Depending upon your medical condition, you have to undergo different sessions to get a balanced feeling and relief from pain.

Many reikis or palm healing centres are established to take care of such patients. It has become a business idea and many people now want to take it online to spread their business.

There is a free Reiki WordPress theme, specially designed for all those businesses that are related to reiki practices. We, at Themes21, offer you the best design and theme for your reiki online business. We help you create a website that will allow your business to grow so that your business can reach out to people from all over the world.

The free Reiki WordPress theme has everything that you would expect from a website related to healthcare. It has a design that is built around the healthcare practice and incorporates everything from a homepage, a blog section to intuitive navigation and reiki sessions.

The Reiki theme is designed in a manner that is convenient to use for the people visiting your website. A seamless user experience is very important in the case of any website so that visitors are able to find the right information in a quick and hassle-free manner.

By using the free Reiki WordPress theme, you also find the call-to-action feature which helps invite people to make appointments on the website. It is an important feature as for any website, the need to grow your business is important which will happen when people start visiting your website.

A healthcare business, be it of any kind, highly relies on trust and credibility to a great extent. For your reiki business too, it is important that you give authentic information to your visitors so that a relationship of trust can be established. Letting your clients know what they are dealing in can help your business grow as more people will trust your business services and would like to get engaged with those.

In the free Reiki WordPress theme, you also get a social media integration feature to link your website to all your social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. This option comes really handy as by visiting your website, the visitors will also get options to view your other social media handles. This step can be beneficial for your business to expand its reach which can ultimately result in the growth of your business.

For your Reiki sessions and classes overview, there should be a separate page that must have links connected to the underlying reiki sessions for the visitors to get the information easily. In WordPress, you get a separate section for that for managing the links to your reiki sessions.

For a business to sustain itself well, people want to know to find out the rates of your business services and products. For your reiki business website too, you can update the rates of your reiki practices from different people around the world so that people will know about the top-class services that your business provides.

At Themes21, you can get a free Reiki WordPress theme that comes with a blog and an FAQ section too. To get your business website to be more informative and engaging, it is highly recommended to blog about reiki-related topics.

People like to get information about what they are looking for, and when they visit your website, they must get what they seek. With a full blog overview and posts, you can offer important information for your visitor where you can make updates every now and then.

Even if you have a free theme, it should always have a contact page that must span on the screen. With a free reiki theme, you get a beautifully laid out contact page to add your general contact information. It is important that your visitors do not have to struggle on your website to find the basic contact details of your business.

The reiki WordPress theme also ensures that your site can be easily updated and you will be able to make any kind of changes that your business demands. Themes21 use a website builder that makes it easy for you to make any kind of changes and updates so that the site will be upgraded every now and then.

The theme is automatically responsive and maintains a balance on your site. You do not have to worry about anything as it comes with an automatic responsive feature that exudes harmony on your site.

Also, it automatically aligns itself to any screen size or resolution so that the theme looks great on any device, be it a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone. This feature gives an extra edge to your website as you do not have to worry about its alignments. As different people like to surf the internet on different devices, it is important that the websites we are building should be compatible with every screen size.

With Themes21, you get the best experience as we have the best web designs with us which help us build the perfect websites for our clients. By adding value to your business, we help it grow and sustain itself in the market.

Hence, if you want to start your reiki business online, choose the reiki WordPress theme and get rewarded with plenty of features that will design your website in an excellent manner, so that your business will reach in every corner of the world.

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