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  • Less homepage sections
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  • Less plugins compatible
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  • Less flexibility
  • More Time for Website Build

Features for Free Creative WordPress Theme

  1. This free creative WordPress theme is 100% responsive to all the devices and is compatible with all the browsers available in the market.
  2. E-commerce compatibility has been provided with the theme so that you can list your product and sell them without any expertise.
  3. Slider given in this free creative WordPress theme has inbuilt five sliders which you can use to showcase your website offers or best selling products.
  4. All the page builder plugins are supported with this theme, and you can build any type of page you like.
  5. Shortcodes plugins are also compatible with this theme.
  6. This theme has multi-language support because all the translation plugins are compatible with this free WordPress theme.
  7. Gallery plugins and sideshow plugins are also tested with this theme, and they work flawlessly with this free theme.
  8. The default font is Google font, and you can also upgrade to more than 600 fonts in the premium version of this theme.
  9. This theme is based on WordPress customizer which means all the customizations can be done very easily and one can see the changes as you make them.
  10. Based on the latest technology of CSS3 and HTML5.
  11. This theme is compatible with the latest version of the WordPress.
  12. Documentation will also be provided with this free theme which would make the whole installation as well as customization process easy.
  13. This theme is also widget friendly which means you can add all types of widget anywhere on the theme.

Business owners are often looking for a website template that is sophisticated and simple. The main aim of any business website is to attract many relevant visitors to their website.

These websites may be informative or could ask for action. Direct selling or service business websites have a different demand compared to the informative business websites.

All of these, however, have one thing in common which is – higher view. The reason why a website is uploaded is to create awareness about the business at first, and then revenue generations come in if required.

The free creative WordPress theme is the best thing the business users can use. Every website needs some creative element in them to make them stand apart from the rest.

These themes are designed with detail given to every aspect. The free creative WordPress theme does not limit their focus to layout and designs but has extended their impact on the content and images that become a part of the website.

We all know that content plays a vital role in SEO ranking and hence the free creative WordPress theme gives special attention to fancy and attractive content which can be included in the theme with the support of the builders.

There are also shortcode plug-ins available that can be added to make the content look organic yet attractive for the viewers.

The newbie’s or even professional developers should think about using a template that is free as they might end up spending a lot of paid themes and templates that might not lead to the desired results.

The free creative WordPress theme does not compromise quality. These themes are developed by professionals who have kept the call to action in mind.

This creative step is included by banners that run on the website engaging the viewers and visitors and even compel them to inquire further.

The creativity of the free creative WordPress theme does not limit to the coders; the users are allowed the flexibility to use the website in a way they like. Think of it like this; there is a colour palette that the developer can choose from changing the overall background colour of the website.

One can create unique colours apart from the one displayed and even choose the one that signifies the business logo or colour theme.

Since the aim of every business is to create a footprint in various countries as well. The free creative WordPress theme has kept that option in mind.

If you think you are not yet ready to go creating global awareness about your business and service cannot do any harm. The page builder plug-ins that are easy to add allows translation in no time.

The multilingual plug-ins are often missed out by many business users who are a part of the WordPress theme. This plug-in allows the website to attract attention internationally which is great for the business prospects.

The Special Features of the Free Creative WordPress Theme

We all know that these days there are many different devices that the customers or the visitors use. The main feature every theme should have is responsiveness.

The WordPress theme is well aware of the need and makes use of the unique testing which checks for mobile responsiveness among others. It is claimed that these devices are 100% responsive.

The creativity is talked about enough but call for a special mention as the users can use this creativity to create a unique website for their business.

Compatibility is a special feature of the theme. It works fine with different plug-ins. Thus, Google maps, analytics, translations come in organically.

The paid builders are also compatible, and a unique and extensive layout can be created using the theme. The shortcodes are tested and works fine with the theme making it compatible with almost everything that a developer could require.

Since the visually attractive site attracts more visitors, the free creative WordPress theme is created with a gallery option, and there is a choice odd slide show.

Sideshows allow the visitors to stay engaged while at the website and create curiosity about the business. The slider along with the sideshow makes the site even catchier.

Flexibility is a great feature that the developers would cherish. The colour scheme can be changed if one wishes to with the help of the picker which is available with the theme. Along with the colour, the fonts can be changed as per the requirements of the developer.

There are many different fonts one can choose from and create the content which is easy to read and comprehend. Bold and different fonts could be used for heading and subheading with a simple command. This helps highlight what is important.

There is no limit on the number of pages, and hence a website can have some pages. To support the users, the documentation is also provided which would help you in case of any difficulty.

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