13+ Free WordPress Themes for Restaurants-A Step Ahead for Hospitality Industry

Free WordPress Themes for Restaurants

If you want to enhance your restaurant business or an already existing business in the hospitality world, free WordPress themes for restaurants will give you the upper push. You can take your business to another level.

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Launching a restaurant or café in today’s bustling hospitality industry comes with its share of challenges and aspirations. Amidst fierce competition, the quest for culinary excellence and recognition becomes paramount.

That’s where SKT steps in, offering a suite of free WordPress themes for restaurants tailored specifically for the food service sector. Checkout our top rated Free Restaurant WordPress Themes in today’s digital era.

Best Free WordPress Themes for Restaurants, Food, Cafes, Coffee Shops and Bars Business.

Restaurant Lite | Free WordPress Themes for Restaurants, Food, Bakery, And Cafe

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You may have opened up a new restaurant or cafe but the truth is that you have to face unexpected challenges. There is high competition in the hospitality industry. You want fame and your food has to be delicious too. 

If you want to make good profits and the mark of quality food, SKT provides you with free WordPress themes for restaurants. Restaurant Lite is one such theme of exemplary potential. You do not need an initial investment. 

When you make a customer oriented website, you can take your food business to a different level. You can sell the delicacies through online orders. Restaurant Lite will be immensely helpful to ignite your start-up. 

Some of the features of Free WordPress Themes for Restaurants, Food, Bakery, And Cafe :

  • It is a  GPL oriented theme and completely free to use. 
  • It is default customizer oriented.
  • It carries the recipe and menu plugin. 
  • It carries CTA ON footer and header. 
  • It is tested with multiple slider plugins. 
  • It has HD resolution and is retina ready. 
  • It has the inner page header banner option. 

SKT Bakery Lite | Free Bakery & Restaurants WordPress Theme

free bakery Wordpress theme
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SKT Bakery lite is among the free WordPress themes for restaurant download. If you have a zeal for bakery business or want to reform the already existing one, this is for you. With the website that captures your attention, it takes your bakery business to another level. 

With this restaurant WordPress theme elementor,  you will have a perfect inner functionality for online business. The theme also has an intuitive visual layout.

Features Of Free Bakery & Restaurants WordPress Theme

  • It carries an elegant style layout. 
  • It also has modern tiffs. 
  • This WP theme carries designer made visuals. 
  • It is responsive and WooCommerce oriented. 
  • It is a free and GPL complaint theme. 
  • It carries the default slider. 
  • It is SEO friendly. 

Pizza Delivery Lite | Pizza Restaurants WordPress Theme

Pizza Ordering WordPress theme
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The free pizza delivery WordPress theme is an advancement with many important highlights. The complete website is customizable. It carries easy-to-understand features. You get satisfying comprehension to know the progress of your website. It has attractive features and multiple advantages.

This theme has multiple templates. You can use it for online food ordering, restaurants, and chefs. It has impactful templates like cafeterias, coffee shops, caterers apart from local business.

Best Features Of Pizza Delivery Lite WordPress Theme:

  • It is not just a responsive theme but mobile friendly as well. 
  • This is page builder friendly. 
  • The theme is WooCommerce compatible. 
  • It is easily manageable. 
  • It has shortcode plugins. 
  • It is among the best free wordpress restaurant themes with demo content. 

SKT Restara | Free Fast Food Restaurant WordPress Theme for Cafe and Food Corner

SKT Restara
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Fast food joints have high demand nowadays. People want lip-smacking fast-food items to satisfy taste buds. These are convenient to eat and are available at less rates.Not everyone can eat at a dining restaurant. 

Hence, they rely on fast food. Besides, many teenagers are trying new fast-food each day. 

Fast food joints are profitable business options that you opt for. For an entrepreneur, picking an idea from various options is difficult. 

SKT Restara is among the fine free WordPress themes for restaurants to download. It makes a fine operational website for food chain business success. 

Some of the features for this free theme are:

  • It is a visually attractive theme and will be good for the business of restaurants. 
  • You can modify the pre-built pages in this theme. 
  • The display of this WP theme is retina ready. 
  • It is an RTL-complaint theme. 
  • It carries multiple SEO plugins. 

Organic Lite | Eco Products & Free organic food WordPress theme

Organic WordPress theme
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Would you like to eat oily burgers for life?  These are made of frozen cattle meat stuffed with bacteria. You cannot live on frozen food for a longer time.In the present era life, the demand of organic food is on demand because of health care. You want a healthy lifestyle. Junk food is disastrous.

You could operate shops that provide organic food delivery services to the customers via online. If you want a new restaurant or organic food business, then you are on the exact track. 

Free organic food WordPress theme is a clean template that creates a website to sell organic food or any other thing online. With this, you can opt for online delivery services at  fingertips. 

The homepage design of Organic Lite is fine for organic food delivery. It is a WordPress food ordering theme for free.

Some of the features of Eco Products & Free organic food WordPress theme are:

  • You do not need to do coding with such a WP theme. 
  • It goes in cooperation with the WooCommerce plugin. 
  • It has attractive sections.

SKT Pizzeria | Free Pizza Shop WordPress Theme for Bakery Restaurants

SKT Pizzeria
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The hospitality industry will be at a profit as people will not stop ordering food. Food is in demand irrespective of the time of the year. People need food for all occasions.

If you want to organize a birthday party for children, you may order pizza from your favorite restaurants. So, if you start a pizza business, it will turn in your favor with SKT Pizzeria.

 All you need to do is put in your effort to make the business stand in the market. SKT Pizzeria is among the best free WordPress themes for restaurants. 

However, making a business will need the proper amount of exposure. Without exposure, how may the business reach out to all?

 If you are interested in setting up the business in the market and selling the pizza online, this free WordPress theme with demo content is a step forward. It will set a distinct website to reshape your business. It may give it name and acclaim in the market.

Some of the features SKT Pizzaria are:

  • This is a highly customizable theme.
  • There is no need for coding.
  • The theme has enough choice for Google fonts and the background images. 
  • With this theme, you can personalize the elements. 
  • This free WP theme comes with clear instructions. 
  • It has a well drafted documentation

SKT Bistro Lite | Simple Free Food WordPress Theme for Online Restaurant

SKT Bistro Lite
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When you visit the bar or the restaurant, it is very important for you to have the knowledge of the particular food item. If you take something at random, it may be a waste of your money. Secondly, the timing could be a big problem for you. 

Now, with the SKT Bistro lite, you may start your own food or beverage business online. Such a business has the potential to take your food or beverage business to the innumerable customers without any compromise about the quality factor. 

SKT Bistro Lite is in the category of WordPress restaurant theme with online ordering. Such free WordPress themes for restaurants give you an attractive online appearance through a website. 

Some of the features of this SKT Bistro Lite are:

  • It is a flexible and lightweight theme. 
  • The theme comes with the features and elements. 
  • It carries high quality images.
  • It has the revolution slider and contact form 7.
  • It carries compatibility with the Gutenberg editor.
  • It has ecommerce functionality and a pricing table. 

SKT Cafe | Simple Free Coffeehouse Restaurant WordPress Theme For Cafe Bakery Websites

SKT Cafe
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If you have the interest of doing the business related to the cafes or restaurants or bakeries with the option of both online and offline orders, SKT Cafe will help. This is also a good WP free theme for the ice cream parlors. 

You need to have a high expectation from the customers. Such exclusive free WordPress themes for restaurants will help. It can feature a gallery with an exclusive website. Such a gallery will feature many of the items related to the cafe business. 

Some  of the features of SKT cafe are:

  • It supports the plugins like the master slider. 
  • It has many page builder plugins. You get the free of cost page builder. 
  • You can change the colour of the website as per choice. 
  • It has the Woocommerce plugins and the call to action option. 
  • It has a responsive design. 

SKT Full Page | Full Page WordPress theme for beautiful full page slider websites

free fullscreen WordPress theme
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SKT full page is a well coded theme and carries the exceptional design. All this goes in your favor if you plan to start the business or food or any cafe or restaurant. This flagship theme from SKT has high demand. It is a free WordPress restaurant theme with many qualities related to the profession. 

With the SKT full page, you could create the website without hassle. Another good thing with such a website is that you can focus on a particular food item fully. This is a template with the potential of positive utility. It works fine for all food business categories. 

Some of the features of this free WP theme are:

  • It carries a material based approach. 
  • It is listed with the RTL languages. 
  • This WP theme carries the advanced functionalities. 
  • It also carries a full screen page slider. 
  • It has the Yoast SEO and is suited for multiple industries as well. 
  • It is SEO oriented.

SKT Sandwich | Free Sandwich Delivery WordPress Theme for Restaurant & Cafe

SKT Sandwich
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If you want to make an incredible website for the sandwich or bread business; SKT sandwich will suffice. It is also a suitable option for the bistro or pizza restaurant.

 It is among the free WordPress  themes for restaurants. It contains the desired animation effects. Because of its versatility, it will help in the growth of the business. 

Bread or sandwich or cake businesses in the present era will yield enormous profits. You just need a specific website that draws attention for your business category. 

Some of the features for such free WordPress themes for restaurants are:

  • CSS3 and RTL complaint theme
  • You can change the colour of the elements. 
  • This free WP theme has an amazing homepage.
  • This is a free theme of high response. 
  • It has multiple types of header and footer layouts. 
  • You can use this free WP theme with no prior knowledge. 
  • It is a free WP theme of multipurpose category.

SKT Sushi | Free Sushi Restaurant WordPress Theme for Japanese Restaurants and Sushi Bars

SKT Sushi
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SKT Sushi is an exclusive theme with a sizzling interface. Another benefit of this WP theme is that it is free. It contains the complete documentation about the regulations and rules. 

The visual appeal of such free WordPress themes for restaurants is appealing. It will be a preferable one for the business related to the restaurants or any kind of  hospitality business. 

Some  of the features of this WP theme  are:

  • It operates well with multiple browsers. 
  • It is well favored by the audience. 
  • It is a preferable choice for Asian food cafes. 
  • It is a free WP theme with a smooth texture.
  • It has a fine visual appeal and is not complicated. 
  • It has the language builder plugin like WPML. 

Juice and Shakes Lite | Free Fruit Juice WordPress Theme

Juice And Shakes Lite
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If you are passionate about creating an online or  offline business for energy drinks, juice and shakes, lite is a fine option. When you create a good website with such free themes for restaurants, you get good connectivity. This will formulate a fine customer base for you. 

Some of the features for such a free WP theme are:

  • Juice and shakes lite carries premium functionality. 
  • There is a choice for the single click import. 
  • It carries the Google map integration. 
  • It is a translation ready theme with no coding requirement. 
  • It is supported by TranslationPress. 
  • You can upload the logo of choice. 

Butcher Lite | Free Butcher shop WordPress theme for Online Meat Selling Website

Butcher Lite
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There are many lovers of non-vegetarian food in this world. Nowadays things have changed for such a business. You do not have to go to the traditional shops to get your favorite goat or chicken meat. 

Things will come at your doorstep through the SKT Butcher Lite. You can make a wonderful ecommerce  business site through this WP theme. 

Some of the features of such a WP theme are:

  • It is a fine template for the meat shop or the restaurant. 
  • It carries the color picker option. 
  • It has the inbuilt section on the homepage.
  • It is integrated with hundreds of Google fonts. 
  • It is an SEO optimized theme. 

Recipe Lite | Free Recipe WordPress Theme For Multi-cuisine Restaurants Bakery Caterers

free recipe WordPress theme
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Recipe lite is among the exclusive free WordPress themes for restaurants. With this, you can take a business of recipes to a different level in the market. This theme provides high results online when it comes to the recipes. 

Some of the features of this free WP theme are:

  • It is easy to follow the theme and it is simple to understand as well.  
  • It is compatible with the page builder. 
  • It is compatible with shortcodes. 
  • It is one hundred percent responsive. 
  • It has a widget friendly sidebar. 
  • It is accompanied with Yoast SEO.

Final Thought !

If you want to make it big in the world of food related business, select a fine free WP theme for restaurants from SKT themes. You can select the template that suits your category absolutely free.

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