Best Free WordPress Themes for Company Website

Are you looking for the best free WordPress themes for a company website? Discover top picks and enhance your online presence effortlessly.

With the free WordPress theme for the company website, you get a breakthrough for business development in the digital world. In the digital world, the majority of approaches to make profits is through digital marketing. SKT themes offers you a new dimension through its free WordPress themes for company website free download. With this, things go easy for you for any website set up and all this is available to you without investment. SKT themes also offer premium themes and elegant WordPress themes features with lifetime package which is include lifetime access WordPress themes in just $199.

Free WordPress Themes for Company Website

Top 10 Free WordPress Themes for Company Website

We will briefly discuss some of the free WordPress themes for company website download. These free WP themes are eternally useful for you in multiple areas both for your offline and online businesses. 

IT Solution Free WordPress Themes for Company Website

IT Solutions
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If you are interested in doing business with a core focus on the IT sector, or you want to set up an information technology company of excellence, it is very important for you to be in touch with the latest things in the IT world.  For this an exclusive website is quite important. Premium WordPress themes for company website free download are available from SKT Themes in the form of IT solution WP theme providing you both flexibility and multipurpose usage. 

IT Solution WordPress Theme falls in the list of free WordPress themes for company websites. The theme carries high application in the software and ecommerce business. Best part of such free templates is that you get the essential highlights.

Some of the features of such a free WP theme are:

  • Because of the availability of the AMP plugin, the IT website works perfectly on mobile phones and tablets. 
  • Such a free theme of WordPress carries a user-friendly navigation.
  • You have the option to add comments on blogs, sites and articles. 
  • You can translate with the PO editor.
  • The IT solution theme is multilingual and comprises plugins like WPML.
  • It is a crosswise tested free WP theme and operates on multiple browsers. 

SKT Software Free tech start-up WordPress theme

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Many want to shoot up their business with a tech start-up theme and if you have a free theme, it is like winning a lottery especially if you want to start something innovative in the field of technology. Investment in the professional WP theme will be high when it comes to the initial budget. 

Free tech start up WordPress theme is in the category of free WordPress themes for company websites.  It catches the attention of the user in an instant. For such premium WordPress themes for company website download, the interface is simple because it is primarily made for beginners. You can do the customization with the help of third party plugins and page builders. Such WordPress themes free download professional has the potential to tweak elements and components. 

Some of the features of free tech startup WordPress theme are:

  • Such best free WordPress themes for company websites are sleek.
  • This is a fine free theme for digital marketing agencies. It is an excellent theme for service showcasing. 
  • This theme has the support of the latest WordPress version.
  • Option to add testimonials through multiple sections. 
  • Beautiful page layout and availability of CTA.
  • You can add the slider plugins easily. 
  • Such free WordPress themes for company websites have a clean and secure code.
  • Not only do you have the widget stuff with such a theme but is accompanied with sidebars as well. 
  • Such a WordPress free theme is multilingual.

SKT Towing WP Theme

free towing WordPress theme
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In the logistics industry, you find a cut throat competition and the business is bound to become challenging on a day to day basis. In order to align yourself with the competition in the transportation sector, SKT towing will be a wonderful free theme that will take your business to an altogether different level. This theme is recommended for delivery, courier and packaging businesses as well. 

One of the major significance of SKT towing that comes under free WordPress themes for the company website is that it operates on an easy to follow ecosystem. It comprises many templates that make a joint contribution for development. Such a theme is not just free but apart from that it is both top rated and diverse. This is excellent for supply chain management.

Some of the exclusive available features for such template are:

  • It is accompanied with a nice slider.
  • With the customizer, you have the live changes. 
  • Hundreds of font options apart from the Cyrillic and Latin subset features. 
  • This is a  customer based free WordPress theme.
  • Use of the resolutions of the multiple devices. 
  • It is accompanied with both the short codes and the page builder plugins. 
  • Such a theme loads fast. 
  • You can add the drop downs. 

SKT White WordPress Theme

skt white free
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If you are a businessman, you are lucky with the free theme. It is not just that you are safe because you do not have to spend the money from the pocket. But you are actually getting the quality and top features at a zero investment. Such free WordPress themes for company websites are a good option to realize your digital plans. With SKT white, you can share the information on the diverse digital platforms and it is a preferable theme for you if you are into the business of communication. 

SKT white falls under WordPress themes free download professional and carries an accurately developed structure with flexibility. You have the option to customize and change shades. It is coded with the major standards.

SKT white WP Themes Features:

  • You have the choice to change the CTA scheme and color scheme.
  • Multiple plugin compatibility
  • You do not need coding to manage this free WordPress theme.
  • This free theme follows codex standards.
  • CSS3 animations
  • Such a free WordPress theme carries POT file for translation 
  • This is a GPL licensed template. Because of this, it is suitable for commercial or personal websites. 
  • Page builder is compatible with the inner pages. 

Movers Packers Free WordPress Theme

movers and packers
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Transportation industry deals with multiple areas including the disposal logistics. It also deals with the sales, research and distribution. Movers Packers is a free WordPress theme and falls beautifully in the list of free WordPress themes for company websites. The theme is highly interactive and productive making it exclusively fit for transportation related businesses. 

A modern transportation website provides an operative method for a wonderful recognition in the digital arena. Customers look at the relevant information on the search engines with this template that is environment friendly to the core. Even if you do not have the knowledge of programming, you can deal with this free WooCommerce theme to the best of your ability. Such best WordPress themes for company websites follow a well defined mechanism to showcase multiple aspects of business. 

This free WordPress theme for the company website is a creative and appealing theme. It has the available services. Another good point for such a theme is that it is good for both personal and commercial purposes. 

Features of Movers Packers free WordPress theme:

  • Because of the customizer, you can view the live changes. 
  • To change the color scheme, you have a single colour picker.
  • Easy to use.
  • Navigation supports many levels of drop down. 
  • The theme has simple frontend and backend. 
  • The theme is integrated with the basic social icons. 
  • You have the choice to change the background of the site with ease. 
  • This free theme is compatible to SEO plugins

SKT IT Consultant WordPress Theme

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IT consultant is a multipurpose theme and is operational by any person who has the experience in consultancy. It is a perfect theme for management of activities and acts as a thorough free theme for different areas of the business management. 

SKT IT consultant is in the category of free WordPress themes for company websites. Because of the professional consulting services the theme provides, this free theme guides for the right policy thus preventing the losses to the minimum. 

SKT consultant deals with all the IT and digital consultants apart from various aspects of financial planning across various businesses. It is a clearly coded template.

Some of the essential features of this free WordPress theme are:

  • It works well with multilingual plugins like qtranslate. 
  • It is ready for high resolution devices. 
  • It is a widget friendly theme. 
  • You get the best online shop experience with WooCommerce. 
  • With this theme, you have the standard pages. 

Movie Maker WordPress Theme

movie maker
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For many marketers, the big method  that helps to get more traffic to the website is video content. In the technological world, apart from the text content, video content gets much more relevance because it  is impressive and alluring. Movie maker helps you take business to a different level and is available for free. 

Movie maker, the free theme has potential to enhance brand awareness in the perfect direction and subsequent raise of revenue. With such free WordPress themes for the company website,  the production company will make  most engaging videos for the clients. Your business will stand separate from the crowd.

But, tracing the right company with creativity is difficult and such a free theme helps in taking movie making in the right direction. 

Some of the features of movie maker free WordPress theme are:

  • Such a free WordPress theme makes the communication easy.
  • This theme increases  sales and conversion rate.
  • This theme increases brand awareness.
  • This free WP theme creates relations with the clients and customers.
  • Such a theme increases the website ranking..
  • This free WordPress theme is applicable for different film production companies.
  • It carries flexibility and is completely customizable. 
  • It has WooCommerce ready designs.

SKT Corp WordPress Theme

skt corp lite
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Earlier consumers had to move to stores or the malls, just to look at the product that they wanted to buy. But now many consumers turn to the internet for questions or decisions.  As a small business owner, you want engaging and a functional website. As of now, websites are crucial like limbs. The site is a marketing tool, but also acts as an extension of the offline business. It is also  exclusive to your products if you have just started a business.

Good company websites through SKT corp, among free WordPress themes for company websites, helps potential customers to select products or services over competitors. Business owners transact or receive payment through the website. Take things seriously in business for smooth rolling of different aspects of life.

You may run agencies or studios, business institutions, but if you have an online presence, it is important for success. Our free theme SKT corp plays an important role and gives a major shift to your online business. This theme generally falls under free WordPress themes for company website free download.

Some of the features of SKT corp are:

  • You have a choice to add a logo.
  •  In the free version, you have fonts and sizes.
  • You have 3-5 inbuilt sliders.
  • You have default of 2-page templates
  • The sidebar is completely widget friendly.
  • It is compatible with WooCommerce.
  • It has homepage sections.

SKT Spa WordPress Theme

spa WordPress Theme
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SKT Spa WordPress theme is fit for spa & massage salon and has advanced functionality apart from responsive design. This free WordPress theme is among free WordPress themes for the company website. It is fit for a contemporary spa salon, beauty company, hair or makeup salon, wellness Centre apart from massage services agency.

Also, it is fine for personal sites, massage therapist firms, chiropractic bureau, orthopedic masseur doctor, massage business, skin expert, shop, store with appointment option. The design also fulfils manual therapy, physiotherapy & aromatherapy.

Best SKT Spa WordPress Theme Features:

  • Spa salon appointments
  • Booked appointments
  • Appointments management
  • Spa products WordPress store
  • Pricing tables, events management, gift certificates
  • Blog, newsletter as well as advanced gallery
  • Footer and header display CTA
  • Availability of documentation and manual.

SKT Wildlife WP Theme

Wildlife WordPress themes
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SKT wildlife is a theme of the free category and you can make an exclusive website of wildlife photography with this. If you are passionate about the environment and wildlife and want to establish your career in this field, you have the choice to select SKT wildlife. This theme comes under free WordPress themes for company download. If you want to do business related to zoos and the environment, SKT wildlife is a good choice and it comes free of cost. 

Some features of this free WordPress theme for company website are;

  • With this, you create a website with your preferences with absolutely no investment. 
  • With this free WordPress theme, you do not need to outsource your business project to the web designer. 
  • It is a trustworthy and valuable theme. 
  • A fine layout is available for free.


Free WordPress themes for company websites offers you the finest opportunity in the digital world to excel in your business. SKT themes provides some of the best free themes in this category where you need zero investment initially. 

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