Free Fastest WordPress Themes for Fast Loading Websites


Here are the best free fastest WordPress themes you should consider.

We are living in a fast-paced world where everything is literally happening at the speed of light.

With the emergence of super fast internet service, people ignore websites which have low loading speed. If a website sudden turns slow, it loses its loyal followers completely because no one has the time to wait long for a website to load. Therefore, it is important to have the fastest website possible so that it opens as soon as its address is typed.

Most of the websites are built using free fastest WordPress themes.

But certain free templates tend to be very slow.

It is time to replace them with free fastest WordPress themes that will help you score over your competitors.

Play School Lite
school wordpress theme

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It is of the free fastest WordPress themes to setup a website for school and educational institutes. It is mainly for the kids, and it is colorful and comes with all the icons and decorative fonts. The color combination is eye-catching, and it is SEO friendly for more visibility of the site on the internet.

It is lightweight and has a flat design which helps it to have lightning fast loading speed. You can have sidebars and widgets as per your requirement.

IT Consultant Lite

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It is generally used for designing a website related to consultancy firm or personal website where the person is providing services and promoting them through the website. It has minimal design components and has pre-installed cache plugin for faster loading speed across all web pages.

The theme is tailor-made for e-commerce site because of the integration of WooCommerce plugins. It also has social media integration and passed Google mobile and speed test.

SKT Parallax Me
parallax lite

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This is a great WordPress theme which is innovative in layout and creative in designing. It has all the functionalities one would ever require because it is compatible with all the plugins. The sliders and galleries are awesome and backgrounds of each section have parallax effects.

A separate blogging section provided and you can have as many as ten different sections on one page including the home and inner pages. It is lighting fast and has translation support.

Agriculture Lite

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If you are an owner of an agriculture based company or simply want to sell agricultural products and foods, this is the best you can find. It is one of the free fastest WordPress themes, and it has passed Google speed test.

It is faster than most of the popular websites in the world. It is retina ready for all devices and green is the theme color which is changeable. With its pro version, you can get amazing shortcodes and icons to add more beauty effortlessly.

SKT Simple
SKT simple

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It is a multipurpose WordPress theme that can be used for various purposes according to requirement. It has super fast because it has a minimalist design and clean layout. The coding has been done in an optimized way so that the speed of execution is highest.

Apart from that, it has all the features and functionalities for a personal or professional website. There are multiple variations available for headers, footers, templates for pages as well as different sections on the pages.

Restaurant Lite
free restaurant WordPress theme

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If you want to put your restaurant online through a website and get local and global customers easily, this is the best theme for you. It is one of the free fastest WordPress themes on the list and it is faster that most of the websites exist on Earth.

All the functionalities require in a restaurant website are already present along with sample content. There is a blog section which you can use to your advantage to recommend items for the visitors to try out.

SKT Charity
skt charity

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SKT charity is one of the free fastest WordPress themes for collecting donation or representation NGOs. It is also used to set up campaigns by celebrities to raise money for treatment for kids and helpless people.

It is mobile friendly and responsive on all screens. It has some of the best gallery plugins and comes with all the necessary pages. It is social media friendly and has intuitive navigation options.

Yogi Lite

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This is a stunning theme for a website on lifestyle blog or beauty and spa center. The color combination is truly awesome and the loading time is absolutely negligible. It is completely flat and comes with hundreds of icons for better representation of content.

The theme has portfolio pages in case you want to show your products and services or video demonstration. Multiple variations in content representation boxes are present. It also has WooCommerce installed for direct purchase.

SKT Corp
skt corp lite

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SKT Corp is a business theme with super fast loading speed. It has passed Google speed test as well as various other tests on different websites. The ultimate result shows that it is one of the free fastest WordPress themes when it comes to representing a business online.

It is super clean and modern. It has all sections on the homepage like about us, services, testimonials, contact us and likewise. You can also create inner pages and design them with any standard page builder.

Spirited Lite
Spirited lite

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It is very lightweight but full of features. The color combination is cool, and you can change it with its pro version. The fonts are standard and there are icons available with fonts. Unlimited fonts and icons are available with its premium version.

It has some of the best contact form plugins to use in contact us page for booking, general mailing as well as for creating call-to-action option on the homepage. You can make the changes to the theme live, and it is fully documented for advanced customization.

All the standard pages are available, and it is ultra-fast and uses cache plugins for faster loading of web pages the second time someone accesses your website. It is basically a company website related theme to showcase services and products.

These are the best free fastest WordPress themes with all the functionalities that any general WordPress theme provides. Start using them for your websites and see the difference in loading speed by taking a speed test.

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