9 Free Architecture WordPress Themes for Architects and Building Websites


Listing the free architecture WordPress themes suitable for architects

It is highly important for construction and architecture companies to have an online presence. The two important reasons for that are they can showcase their constructions and sell them directly to the buyers and they can showcase their work and fetch new orders. WordPress is undoubted the first choice for constructing an architecture related website.

There are many free architecture WordPress themes with which you can design your website beautifully.

Those free architecture WordPress themes have all the ingredients to publish a stunning website within an hour. All the sample contents and images with necessary pages are present and all you have to do is modify them and get the website ready.

1. SKT Construction Lite


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It is one of the best free architecture WordPress themes with all the necessary designs and contents already present. It is perfectly responsive and appears equally great on all devices. You can customize the design live and integrate WooCommerce in case properties are being sold directly.

Beautiful sliders are there to showcase the architectural beauties and necessary pages like blog, search, 404 etc. are present. It has multilingual support and is widget friendly.

2. SKT Corp

skt corp lite

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It is an ideal WordPress theme for construction and architecture website. It has lots of clean spaces for better user experience. It is SEO friendly which is a bonus that will help you reach the first page of search engine result pages for specific keywords.

Amazing templates are present and the sliders are creative transitions and animations. It has useful menu option for better navigation and it works on all devices without any disruption.

3. SKT Build Lite

Build lite

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SKT Build Lite is one of the free architecture WordPress themes which is responsive and has cross-browser support. All the standard pages are included whose templates and layouts can be changed. It is ideal to have it as a platform to sell properties and plots directly.

It comes with useful contact forms and call-to-action options. It is completely documented for easy edit of minute features. It is compatible with all the standard plugins for gallery, sliders and other necessities.

4. Complete Lite

skt complete

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This is a multipurpose theme with all the features ever require for a website to shine brightly in the eyes of the visitors both in terms of design and functionality. It is very easy to use and edit.

It comes with options to change color with a single click and the contact forms like ninja forms contact form 7 are perfectly compatible. The gallery plugins can be integrated seamlessly to showcase the constructions and products to captivate the minds of the visitors.

It comes with friendly blogging option integrated with comment section. It is translation ready and is very lightweight for faster loading speed. It has been tested on several devices successfully.

There are different variations in header and footer. It is also compatible with standard page builders to construct inner pages.

5. Naturo Lite

clean minimal wordpress theme

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It qualifies as one of the best architecture WordPress themes. It has minimal design in accordance with the best practices of SEO. It is very lightweight and flat according to modern standard of designing.

All the standard plugins for creating contact form, integration SEO and social media plugins as well as gallery and slider plugins can be done effortlessly.

You can showcase your best works in the slider which have full width and the color scheme can be in accordance with your brand or company color.

6. SKT Launch


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These type of free architectural WordPress themes can be used to put a property or construction on sale beforehand for advance booking. It is tailor-made for light but attractive designing of your website.

It has some amazing call-to-action option for getting visitors to register and fetch contact information instantly. It has also passed Google mobile test and hence, it will be great for mobile users who are likely to buy them.

It lets you use customizer and multilingual site building. Different pages like about us, product listing, contact and disclaimer are already present.

7. SKT Black

skt black

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Some companies have black are their theme color and black websites somehow stand out in the crowd. It is SEO friendly so that local customers can spot you easily and you can use the website to its proper potential.

All the content and photos you are going to put over it are going to look simply stunning. All types of architectural companies can use it to race ahead and increase brand value.

It works well on all devices in terms of look and functionality. You can also integrate social media and shortcodes plugins.

8. Interior Lite

Interior lite

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On the first glance, you may not approve it as one of the good enough free architectural WordPress themes out there. But it is tailor-made for creating awesome architectural websites. It is very easy to tweak its properties and make it the way you like it.

It is compatible with almost everything and it could increase your SEO value significantly as the SEO plugins are integrated and social media integration is already there.

9. Movers And Packers

movers and packers

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It is a complete theme and certainly the best one among other free architectural WordPress themes. It comes with 3 different sliders of creative ability to showcase featured projects effortlessly. It support 5 levels of menu and you can set images and videos in the background.

The pre-installed image gallery is awesome and any battery will boost its power. It is perfectly compatible with the all the standard plugins and it is definitely going to shine you as a prominent architecture company on the world map.

It has certain limitations in designing and modifying the inner items but those could be overcome with its corresponding paid theme which is more powerful.

You will get all the design and theme files. It is a multipurpose theme, it can add beauty to all the companies who are thinking of using free architecture WordPress themes.

These are the best collection of the free architecture WordPress themes with all the features and functionalities so that you forget your past and start afresh. The site is going to get a lot of traffic automatically for its look and brand value.

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