15+ Best Fastest Free WordPress Themes to look out for in 2022

Fastest Free WordPress Themes

Unarguably it is true that any site’s foundation is impacted by the theme you choose. The theme always plays a very important role in determining how fast a site would load. Having a fast website is very much needed today to offer the best user experience and increase conversion rates, search engine rankings, and more.

If you choose a slow theme, then it is pretty obvious that the website will turn slower as well. On the other hand, it is quite unrealistic to think that the average user will consistently keep waiting till the page loads completely.

To help you avoid such problems, here are 16 WordPress themes listed below that are loved worldwide by bloggers, website developers, website owners, and online marketers. Furthermore, the great thing about choosing these free fastest WordPress themes in our list is that they are already tested severally and proven to be one of the best WordPress themes to date.

1. SKT Minimal

SKT Minimal
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Guess you are searching for a free minimal eCommerce theme that can help you in building an online store? Well, then introduce yourself to this fastest free WordPress themes from SKT called Minimal.

This theme allows you to add the logo of your brand, customize the demo content and add a payment gateway. Also, you get to set up the billing information using this amazing website builder.

SKT Minimal is designed in such a way that you will not have to struggle anymore to boost the sales as the features it comes with are the proof. Check it out yourself.

  • It is lightweight and super-fast.
  • It has ready-made demo content that allows one to publish an eCommerce website quickly.
  • The theme allows the integration of social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

2. Startup

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Searching for the fastest free WordPress themes that can help you to promote and market the private spaces online? Then you should pick a Startup theme that is completely variant from the other business niches.

It comes with pre-made demo content for the homepage, which users can pick to make creative space in one go.

The templates it offers allow you to create any business website effortlessly. Also, one can easily manage the online membership with WooCommerce plugin integration. Have a look at the features the Startup theme comes with.

  • Easy upload of business logos
  • Very easy to deal with plugins that are inbuilt apart from the other third-party plugins.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and is highly compatible with shortcodes. 

3. Posterity

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Do you want your brand website to gain recognition and construct a solid reputation? Well, then make sure to try out this fastest free WordPress themes called Posterity.

With this theme, you would not need to hire a web developer, as this SKT Posterity theme comes with high abilities and elegant design from which business owners can get lots of benefits apart from getting intuitive and ready-made templates to build any site in a jiffy.

Not to mention, this theme is highly SEO-friendly that includes essential SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, Rank Math SEO, etc. Wondering what’s more? Some of the best features of Posterity are mentioned below.

  • It comes packed with a contact form, skill bar, portfolio gallery, WooCommerce integration, and more.
  • It comes with the integration of Google Maps, which offers the right guidance to the clients.
  • It offers one-click demo import functions, full-width layout, variant color options, and support for RTL.

4. SKT Software

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What is better than going with the latest trends so that your business does not feel left out behind?

Therefore, nothing is greater than creating a solid online presence which is completely possible through the SKT Software theme. This theme makes everything simple and easy, even for beginners. Starting from the website development, designing the layout, to making it SEO-friendly to engage more audiences, the admin can do it all.

It aids one to add business logos, custom headers, and footers, widgets easily without having any coding experience. Moreover, the additional features it comes with are listed below.

  • Highly compatible with the full-width sliders and has a well-optimized SEO template. 
  • It comes with amazing and appealing animations.
  • It gives a professional appearance on the search engines.

5. Movie Maker

movie maker
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If you are in the filmmaking industry, then gaining a maximum audience would be your major goal. However, this can be possible with the help of this fastest free WordPress themes called Movie Maker.

Those who want to run an agency can use this theme to transform raw film footage into amazing and attractive videos using titles, music, effects, etc. 

Movie Maker theme allows the users to create content without writing a single piece of code. Other than that, it comes packed with exceptional features like,

  • It’s retina-ready, which means you can add high-quality images anytime.
  • It supports WPML plugins, WooCommerce and others.
  • Users can connect with audiences from various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

6. Renovation

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Have you recently started a remodeling and renovation business? Well, it might sound very tough to exist in this competitive era.

But having an online presence can help you break all the barriers. This is why introduce yourself to the fastest free WordPress theme called Renovation.

With this theme, you would be able to create a luxurious and classy environment anytime besides adding a touch of professionalism.

It comes with a premade section along with SKT blocks that allows one to customize the look of the website. Also, the features it comes with include.

  • 100% GB Renovation, multilingual friendly, and speed optimized.
  • Offers great support to WooCommerce and other types of plugins
  • The header section allows the users to highlight the important content.

7. Association

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If you are someone who wants to dedicate their life to working for needy and helpless people, then growing an online presence is much needed to let more people know about your work and join hands together.

To perform the same, Association would be the best and fastest free WordPress theme for you.

This theme is designed for retirement community centers, senior citizens, old age home centers, elderly homes, and more. It has been crafted by the elementary page builder and is GPL-ready. Also, it comes with amazing features, including:

  • It supports browsers like Opera, Opera Mini, IE, and other Android browsers.
  • One can easily showcase their blog posts using Association.
  • It comes with a one-page demo import option.

8. SKT Videography

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If you are into Videography, then showcasing your work to the world must be your ultimate goal.

The more your audience knows about your creativeness, the faster achievement you will make. This is when you should be choosing the theme called SKT Videography.

With this theme, you would be able to publish your videos smoothly on the website. Also, creating slideshows is totally possible with the widgets that come with the theme. Thinking about what’s more? Then check out the list of features mentioned below.

  • The logo of the business can be showcased easily.
  • Highly responsive to all handheld devices and browsers of any kind.
  • Provides smooth and easy navigation options as well

9. Bicycle Shop

Bicycle Shop
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Always dreamt of starting a bicycle shop of your own but don’t have enough capital? Well, then why don’t you start with an online shop and earn equally well?

If this idea has blown your mind, then choosing the Bicycle Shop theme can help you to attract customers. This theme is highly user-friendly and completely responsive in nature.

It also offers a drag-and-drop interface that helps to build websites and pages in an effective way. Also, the theme is loaded with some amazing features, including:

  • Offers support for top page builders like Elementor, WP Bakery, Site Origin, etc.
  • The language of the pages can be changed easily; it’s multilingual.
  • It totally supports WooCommerce, which can be used to sell business items effortlessly.

10. Barter

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Guess you got gorgeous bags to sell that can add spice to the styling of divas.

If that sounds like you, then using the Barter theme for your eCommerce website can be the best thing to do. This theme proposes plenty of eCommerce tools to track, manage, and enhance your sales to the next level.

With uncomplicated and modern-looking templates, you can add magic to your website. This template also allows you to create Easy Digital Download shopping carts as well. Besides that, it comes packed with more powerful features like:

  • It loads faster compared to any other website and is SEO-friendly
  • Offers more than 5 pages on the homepage itself
  • There is no need to write a single line of code with this website theme.

11. SKT Filmmaker

Film Maker
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Would it be great if you could create a reliable movie booking website that is less complicated than the regular ones? Well, then you should check out this fastest free WordPress themes called Filmmaker from SKT.

This theme does not require one to have any technical knowledge as it is easy-to-use and understandable.

It allows one to add a “read more” functionality as well as a “contact us” button to their website. Apart from that, to be precise, some features it comes with include:

  • Users can change the theme’s elements, blocks, images, and other variations.
  • Allows one to post-reality shows, news, movies, serials, etc.
  • Comes loaded with features including dynamic sliders, standard complaints options, header options, etc.

12. CutsNStyle Lite

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Just completed your hairstylist course and want to build a reputation in the beauty industry? Then, nothing can be greater than creating your own website and using themes like CutsNStyle Lite. This theme caters to hair-cutting salons, spas, massage parlors, and other similar businesses.

It looks great on all types of browsers and devices and comes packed with an animated section on the homepage. Some of its exceptional features include:

  • It is compatible with SEO plugins.
  • The theme has passed the mobile-friendliness test by Google.
  • It is coded with HTML5 and CSS3.

13. SKT Coffee

skt coffee
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Those who want their cafe and restaurants to become popular should start their own website. Hence, using the theme Coffee from SKT, one can easily fulfill their dreams.

With this theme, you can change the colors of the links and set up the Home page effortlessly.

Moreover, it is compatible with plugins, including WooCommerce and SEO. Can’t believe it? Be ready to get amazed with some more exceptional features like:

  • Compatible with Nextgen Gallery
  • Integrated with social media icons
  • It has passed the Google page speed test.

14. SKT Corp

skt corp lite
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No matter what business you have started, being on the internet can always bring positive results. If you have already connected your domain with hosting, then choosing the SKT Corp theme to build your professional-looking website will give you amazing results.

This theme works well in all types of devices and is compatible with the latest WordPress plugins as well. Some more features it includes are,

  • It is SEO and SMO-friendly.
  • Multiple slides with transition effects.  
  • Coded with HTML5 and CSS3

15. Modeling Lite

Modelling Lite
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If you are a fashion expert, then nothing can be better than giving tips to the developing ones.

Starting your own website to reach your voice to others could be your topmost prerogative, and hence, the Modeling Lite theme by SKT is recommended.

This theme comes with modern and creative design techniques which are compatible with browsers and devices of all types. Besides that, it is plugin-friendly and is packed with additional features like:

  • An in-built “Blog” section to make it more SEO-friendly. 
  • Compatible with HTML coding.
  • Templates supporting WooCommerce.

16. Flat Lite

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Last but not least comes another fastest free WordPress theme, the Flat Lite. It has been specifically designed for the ones who need an amazing landing page that not just looks attractive but could fetch results as well.

This theme comes with social media plugins that are compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and also function exceptionally well on different devices.

Besides that, complete documentation and a user guide are offered for first-time users. Some more attractive features that come packed with this theme are:

  • Compatible with SEO and cache plugins
  • Simple and intuitive blog section.
  • HD and retina-ready


You might already have started checking out the features of these fastest free WordPress themes listed above. They are known for their smooth performance and exceptional outputs.

Undoubtedly, they are the first choice of millions of digital marketers, website developers, business owners, which proves that they have been tried and tested already and are safe to use for your preferred business.

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