10 WordPress Plugins That Slow Down Your Site

WordPress Plugins That Slow Down Your Site

Do you have a website for your business? And are you facing regular complaints from clients and end users about slowness and unresponsive site? In that case, it could be the WordPress plugins which are attacking your website which is causing the slowness.

WordPress Plugins That Slow Down Your Site

There are many WordPress plugins which slow down sites on a regular basis. These WordPress plugins come in various types. The reason for slowness could be the complex code present in the plugin thus causing the CPU to roar and hence use up a lot of memory.

Some of the WordPress plugins even install automatically when the client clicks on the web-page. They keep executing and running on the site thus causing severe performance issues.

Following are ten WordPress Plugins which could slow your website down.



Member WordPress plugins lot of different kinds of functionalities based on the customer requirements. Hence, they contain a lot of complex code due to which they reduce the speed of the website whenever it gets installed.

Page load times are affected and S2 MEMBER is one of the key Word press plugins causing slowness today.



It is a helpful plugin used by developers for building multilingual sites. However, the problem with WPML is that it comes with a base plugin and an advanced plugin.

The base plugin does not hamper the system much. The advanced plugin contains a lot of extensions which get pre-installed and causes slowness of the website.

Essential Grid:


For a creative and attractive look and feel, Essential Grid is widely used as a WordPress plugin. However, it is important to implement this plugin by following the appropriate instructions and steps. If not done correctly, it can slow down the website terribly.



This is a great plugin for getting back the comments and is being widely used on websites these days. It has replaced the default WordPress comment system since it provides the customer an attractive view as well.

However, it can adversely affect SEO and is said to have reduced the performance time by more than 30%.



Originally developed by Automatic, this plugin is used for securing the scanning of information and for generating back-up of data. However, the problem with Vault press today is that is now powered by Jetpack.

Developers need to install Jetpack on their sites and keep it in ‘Active’ mode at all times during the website run. This addition of the plugin to the active list causes more style sheets and scripts to run at the same time causing slow loading of a website.


This is a WordPress plugin which is used for checking and fixing any web links which are out of order or broken. This plugin works in two phases, parsing and checking. In the parsing stage, it will first parse all the links which are found to be broken on every page of the website.

This can take few minutes to more than an hour depending on the quantity of content on the website. After that, it will start checking for every broken link which takes up a lot of server memory and time causing slowness of the site.



Used for social media and marketing websites as a great WordPress plugin. However, there are many pop-ups and self-installed code which causes the slowness.

In order to avoid this, developers need to wisely select the appropriate WordPress plugin for their website. There are many different plugins available for marketing and social media which come with great performance speeds.

Revolution Slider:


One more plugin that reduces the speed due to multiple tab opening on the web browser. This plugin is similar to Broken Link Checker plugin and contains a lot of computer programs in Java and JavaScript which makes the heavy websites run very slowly.

There are other plugins which are available and provide additional functionality at nominal performance speeds.

Contact Form 7:


This plugin will keep itself active at all-time even when there is no page linked to it, which causes the site to die and hard to find fast speed. In addition to that, this plugin keeps re-installing itself in the same domain again and again which takes a lot of server load thus affecting performance speeds.

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Divi Builder:


This is a great WordPress plugin when it comes to delivering websites containing lots of animations and high definition visual content. Since this requires heavy files, it becomes difficult to manage website response time, this causing slowness.


We can summaries from the above information that website speed, performance and response time are very important for getting more traffic. The customers and clients are looking for speed at the end of the day.

The above-mentioned WordPress plugins are some of the major WordPress plugins which can reduce the speed of the website drastically.

Every plugin has their own advantages and drawbacks. Therefore, it is important to choose the WordPress plugin carefully from a customer perspective.

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