Dashboard Components of WordPress — What Should You Know to Use Them Correctly?

WordPress Dashboard Components

What is a WordPress dashboard?

The WordPress dashboard of WordPress is the main motherboard which controls and coordinates the look and functionality of your WordPress website and determines its overall usability. It is also referred to as the administrative dashboard of WordPress.

Thus, when business owners want to create a good WordPress website, it is vital that they familiarize themselves well with the WordPress dashboard.

In this article, you will learn about some of these components to help you understand the settings and the components of the WordPress dashboard.

List of WordPress Dashboard Components

Admin Bar

The upper toolbar in the dashboard has some important links that can also be used as shortcuts for accomplishing important tasks.

For instance, here you will find links the official website of WordPress, Codex Documentation of WordPress, support forums, add new posts, pages, media, users, edit your page, etc.

Five Default Widgets

“Welcome” followed by “At a Glance,” then “Activity,” in tandem with “Quick Draft” and lastly, “WordPress News” – these are 5 default widgets which will be displayed inside the main space in the WordPress dashboard.

The widgets will also give you essential links to help you start with adding new content, learning how to navigate the site, and customize it.

Left-hand side Navigation Menu

This has certain items and sub-items which will accomplish various tasks over on your site. Almost all of the settings which determine everything in your WordPress site are present here in this side menu.

All the items in this menu have the necessary sub items. You can click on the main item to get to the sub-item.

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For any business owner, a strong online presence is the need of the hour. One of the most convenient web hosting platforms is WordPress.

Not only is it free, but it is also easily customizable and can be modified to suit the requirements of anybody. Hopefully, this article would have shed some light on the way the WordPress dashboard works.

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