Ultimate Guide to Free WordPress Themes

Ultimate Guide to Free WordPress Themes

You can have any type of business but you will require a website to promote it to the larger audience. Even if you are not involved in direct selling you have to understand that promotion, creating awareness, and meeting a larger audience is a must for you and this is done by the website.

The users who can have a direct communication with you as well prefer to go online and check what business you are into. With the advancement in technology and the creative awareness the platform has increased which help anyone with the minimum of technical knowledge to get a website together.

WordPress which started as a blogging platform now has unlimited free themes for the users. These are categorized by different users and business type. This open-source platform can be used by any and with the good quality of the free website it is quite a popular show around.

What are Free WordPress themes?

We all have heard the word but let’s understand what it means. A free theme is a cheap and easy way to build your website. They are not low on quality and that’s what makes them useful. New web owners and business people who are on a tight budget should make use of these free themes.

They do not ask for any money for them to be used and in long-term they provide an upgrade to a premium theme which has added functionalities and qualities. WordPress has the largest collection of free themes which are widely used. They keep adding to the library and thus the users often get new and improved product each time.

What is GPL License?

WordPress asks you to be a part of the system only when you have agreed to the GPL license, you must not have realized what this license is all about. Most of us do not even give a try to a license document a read. But if you plan to understand and use WordPress to its full course then it is beneficial for you to know what this contains.

GPL license is for you to get full control of the theme. If you are making changes to the code then you would be required to agree to the conditions.

You must update the changes made to every user and in return, you to get to enjoy the changes and updates made to it by others. The WordPress themes almost all of them have featured GPL license which means that the users are all free to use it the way they like.

Why Should I Use Free WordPress Themes?

Even though there is an obvious benefit many users still have a lot of doubt about using free themes. The platform is great and it makes every possible effort to ensure that the users are not dissatisfied and thus the following benefits will help the ones who are slightly skeptical to be sure of what they are getting into.

One obvious and overly stated benefit of using WordPress is the cost. The free themes allow you to create a website with interesting functionality without any cost. The new users and small business owners should not even think twice.

The premium themes come with a lot of stress of getting the money back which has been invested in buying them. That is not the kind of burden a website owner should be under. The other way of starting with a free WordPress themes and switching to a premium one when you feel you are strong enough is a good strategy.

Plug-ins which comes with so much added functionality runs just fine on the free themes. Of course, your theme is simple and is not loaded with functionality. This in no way means that you have to compromise on what you can offer. Think of the super supportive plug-ins which are available just at the click of a button.

The compatibility is not an issue and thus you can add as much functionality through these plug-ins as you like.

The flexibility and the freedom the free themes provide is unparallel. They allow you to add anything and make changes as you like. You are free to experiment and make changes to the site as and when you want. There are a plethora of options available and you can choose anyone without any cost attached to them.

If you know what you want then using a free theme is the best choice for you. If you are not sure about your reasons then maybe you should go for a hired service and choose a web builder who can work on your behalf.

Since WordPress is an open-source platform it so happens that there is a lot of repetition and similar looking themes flooding the platform.

The users are also advised to read reviews and talk to people who have used the platform and the theme before they download one and start using it.

There are a lot of poorly coded themes available on the platform. You must always check the themes that you are using and test them before investing time and energy in them.

You might also feel that the website looks just like many other and that is not what you require so feel free to experiment. Try new web themes, since it is an open-source platform it means that you will always find some new theme is added to the platform.

Now you might be skeptical using them and hence you should first test them on the performance before you start working on them.

There are a lot of themes which are added to the platform on a continuous basis and many of them are from really good coders who are just beginning to make a mark. If you are able to find them then you can be rest assured that you will not suffer from the quality.

Of course, you are using something which is for free and thus it will have certain limitations. You must thus weigh all the pros and cons before you start using them. You always have the option of using the premium version if you are not satisfied.

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