14+ best Lawyer WordPress Themes to Pick for Law Firms and Attorneys

To enhance your service as a lawyer, attorney, or advocate, it is important to make sure you are making your service easily available for everyone. In this age of digitalization, nothing can be more effective than forming a website that can attract better traffic to your service and expand your recognition.

Now, while you are forming a website to showcase your service as a lawyer, you need to make sure that your website has that professional approach in it.

Thus, you need to pick a theme that rightly aligns with your service and gives you the best kind of appearance with your digital presence.

lawyer WordPress themes

Here are some of the best lawyer WordPress themes that you can consider picking to make sure that you are offering a very enticing and professional approach to your website towards your clients. Have a look:

A Professional Lawyer WordPress Themes


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Lawzo is a very impressive Lawyer WordPress theme that you can easily pick for your lawyer WordPress website. This theme is highly suitable for the legal firm, attorney, lawyer, legal consulting, law farm, etc.

This theme is a highly responsive one, and it is a Google Friendly test passed and tested with various devices so that you can have complete functionality with it. Here are the features that make it highly suitable

  • It comes with full-color changing capabilities for every element on the theme.
  • It includes the 600+ Google fonts
  • There are100+ shortcodes in the theme
  • This theme comes as translation ready with the given POT file
  • There is an About Us section to showcase the lawyer and the profile properly
  • The template is very SEO friendly

Legal Expert

legal expert
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The Legal Expert is one of the most intuitive lawyer WordPress themes, which is highly suitable for legal firms. This theme is responsive enough and looks quite good on all of the devices.

This theme includes an animated section where the animations can be changed at your convenience. You can also consider replicating the same section for any of the other inner pages. Here is what it has in its store to offer:

  • This theme is a color-changing one so that you can change it into the best suit of colors.  
  • It comes integrated with at least 650+ Google fonts
  • This theme includes the shortcodes so that you do not have to worry about setting it up with any of the content on the page  
  • The theme is integrated with social media so that you can flaunt your business socially
  • It goes completely compatible with popular plugins like WooCommerce, Nextgen gallery, SEO plugin, etc.
  • This theme is highly compatible with the latest version of WordPress

Ele Attorney

ele attorney
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As an attorney, you must have a web presence that suits you completely. The Ele Attorney is a very SEO-friendly and highly powerful theme. This theme is full standards compliance, and it is highly cooperative with the Elementor page builder.

You can also customize your web page and give it the look you want. At the same time, this theme is created with the Elementor, which makes it easy to adapt all the coding standards. Here is what makes this theme more interesting:

  • Includes a lot of built-in options to adjust the layout of the theme and the design
  • This theme is easy to install with the demo content with one simple click
  • It lets you add as many images you want at the high resolution
  • This theme also permits you to make edits to your website content
  • This theme displays the services and the information in a proper way
  • It lets you apply animated CSS3 to the text, videos, and images on the homage area


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This is one of the most intuitive lawyer WordPress themes, where the homepage section has been provided with many functionalities. With the help of this backend, you can set up a whole homepage easily without going to several other places.

This theme is designed with proper beauty, and it is simple enough and comes with a flat material design. With this theme, you can showcase your portfolio. Here are some of the interesting features it includes:

  • This theme is loaded with fonts via Google as you can find more than 800+ fonts which lets you adjust the special characters properly in the theme.
  • The languages are added to this theme with a multilingual plugin of WordPress. Also, it can be changed to other languages.
  • The Codex coding theme standard has been followed while building this theme.
  • This one is WooCommerce compatible.
  • For the navigation section, there are 5 levels of the dropdown menu
  • It is RTL compatible

SKT Banking

banking WordPress theme
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SKT banking is a full color-changing theme where you can change the color of every element.  There are hundreds of shortcodes built for the posts, gallery, pages, and fancy content so that you can make your website more presentable and attractive in front of your users.

This theme is a full translation-ready one so that you can make maximum use of this theme with your website. Here are some of the attractive features it has to offer:

  • This theme is very simple in terms of the navigation
  • The theme is Codex compliant, which makes it easier for the developers to make necessary changes to it
  • It is based on the HTML5 and CSS3
  • This theme includes a flat design so that it becomes easily compatible with older browsers.
  • There are 2 kinds of layouts in this theme which are boxed well
  • The header area comes with 4 layout options

Complete Pro

complete pro
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The Complete Pro theme is one of the most suitable ones for creating a website for lawyers. This theme is complete in every aspect. It is a complete color-changing theme, along with easy color picker options.

This theme is a full font-friendly one along with its 600+ Google fonts which are integrated with the various subsets of Latin and Cyrillic. Here is why this theme is a great option for you:

  • It includes a variety of ready-to-use sections.
  • The home page is managed easily along with using the various sections
  • There are multiple inner page layouts along with the sidebar
  • There are various choices for the header and the footer
  • This theme comes as a multilingual ready one with the qTranslate X compatibility and WPML
  • This responsive theme is compatible with all of the devices


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The Finance theme is a multi-purpose one with its multi-industry template. This theme is easy to use for a variety of industries and websites. This highly responsive and impressive theme has a sitewide layout that is boxed.

If you are thinking of giving the header area a very impressive and unique look, then you can easily do it with the help of 4 types of layouts. This theme is a pretty functional one with which you can win over your visitors. Here are the features which make it perfect:

  • It comes with a color-changing template with which you can change the color of each of its elements.
  • This theme includes a slider by default which includes at least 10 slide options.
  • POT file is included with every English string available on this template
  • It is multilingual compatible, which lets you use qTranslate x, WPML, or Polylang, among the other plugins
  • This theme comes as an RTL compatible one
  • It has passed the Google Mobile-friendly test

Resume Pro

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The Resume Pro is one of the highly impressive lawyer WordPress themes that you can use easily for your website. This theme is a very responsive one that has been tested with all kinds of devices.

While using this theme, you do not have to worry at all about plugin compatibility. This theme simply goes suitable with a wide range of plugins like Nextgen gallery, Contact Form 7, WooCommerce, and various other SEO plugins. Here is what it offers:

  • It has passed the Google responsive test.
  • This theme creates a very impressive look with the animated sections
  • It is SMO integrated and SEO friendly
  • It is coded with the CSS3 and HTML5
  • This theme has an about us section and a dedicated resume section
  • There are 500+ icon packs available with this theme

Online Coach Pro

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The Online Coach Pro can be an impressive choice for you if you are planning to provide some legal advice or coaching to your visitors. This theme has been integrated with all the necessary elements so that it can work with perfection.

This theme is coded with the Elementor Page builder, which makes it very easier to use. This theme is a highly responsive one with its Google mobile-friendly theme. Here is what makes this theme more interesting:

  • This one is an icon friendly theme with more than 580 icons
  • This theme includes more than 100+ shortcodes
  • This theme goes completely WooCommerce compatible.
  • It has been tested with the calendar plugins for the events
  • This theme has the coding which is based on the WordPress theme development standards
  • It includes the inner page layout facility


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Exceptiona is one of the very functional lawyer WordPress themes that you can consider using for a variety of purposes. This theme comes up with easy color picker options, which makes it a full color-changing theme.

It is highly mobile-friendly and comes as a completely cross-browser-compatible one.  There is a power-packed panel included in this theme. Here are the interesting features it has to offer:

  • This theme is compatible with plenty of plugins like WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, etc.
  • There is a very scalable dropdown level 5
  • It includes an interesting page layout, blog layouts, and the post layouts
  • This theme is highly compatible with the other shortcode plugins  
  • This theme is completely integrated with the 580+ fonts with the interesting icons
  • There are 650+ icons to choose from

Flat Pro

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The Flat Pro WordPress theme can simply be a great choice for you as it is based on the material design. This theme is based on Elementor, and it works with a lot of interesting features.

With its one-click demo import, you can easily use this theme without worrying about any of the difficulties. This theme is a highly responsive one with its mobile-friendly features. Here are the features it boasts:

  • There are various call-to-action buttons, like the header, footer, and sidebar.
  • It includes at least 100+ inbuilt shortcodes.
  • This one is compatible with the shortcode plugins, which enhances the functionality of the theme.  
  • There is a default slider includes in the theme with the animation and the pause time controls.
  • It is coded with CSS3 and the HTML5
  • It includes 8+ templates in it

HR Management

HR Management
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HR Management is a multi-purpose and one of the most suitable lawyer WordPress themes with its plenty of functionalities. This theme comes as the WP Job Manager Plugin Compatible.

The flat styling and the designing structure make this theme highly impressive and attractive. Here are some of the most interesting features it offers:

  • Modern technologies have been used in this theme
  • This theme is well documented
  • Dynamic templates include making this theme easier to use
  • This one is a color changing theme
  • It is Multilingual ready and goes compatible with the WPML and qTranslate X plugin.  
  • It is SEO friendly


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This theme is a perfectly suitable choice for you if you are looking for a highly responsive one. This theme is compatible with all kinds of devices and browsers.

This theme is developed with the options panel, which makes it easier to use for anyone. It is stuffed with interesting and useful features. Here are the features it offers:

  • The font colors can be changed easily.  
  • With the skills section, you can easily showcase your skills
  • There is also a dedicated pricing section in the theme  
  • It is very simple and easy to use
  • It has been developed with the options panel
  • It comes translation-ready

SKT Dual

Dual -WordPress theme
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SKT Dual is marketing-dedicated and one of the most intuitive lawyer WordPress themes that let you work with it in a completely easier manner.

This theme is a great choice for the gallery and the portfolio. The images in the background section can be changed easily to create an impressive look. Here are the features it offers

  • This theme includes 580+ social icons  
  • It includes the PO files
  • It has been tested with more than dozens of slider plugins
  • It is WooCommerce compatible
  • It can be used as a multipage website
  • It is compatible with Portfolio plugins


So, are you thinking, what theme can be the best suit for your lawyer website? The above-mentioned lawyer WordPress themes are a few suitable choices for you. You can choose any that fits rightly to your service type to create a stellar and impressive website.

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