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  • Less homepage sections
  • No inner pages
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  • No Typography Options
  • No Icon Options
  • No Header Layouts
  • No footer Layouts
  • Less plugins compatible
  • Less updates
  • Less flexibility
  • More Time for Website Build

Features of Free Renewable Energy WordPress Theme

  1. Since this free renewable energy WordPress theme is responsive it can be used by any type of devices
  2. The template has passed Google Mobile friendly test as well
  3. Since it is responsive and can be used by hand held devices like mobile or tablet as well as desktop and laptops also smart TV hence it is cross device friendly
  4. It is also tested with all types of popular browsers across operating systems on varied devices to give proper cross browser compatibility
  5. Sidebar template which is either right sidebar or full wide is provided
  6. Since the template is widget friendly one can add any type of widget in the sidebar to have whatever they desire be it contact form or social media feeds namely
  7. Since the template is based on Customizer one can view the changes happening real time
  8. Color scheme of the template can be changed and overall more colors and contrast colour can also be added
  9. Social icons plugins compatible and hence one can set up social icons to get more social traffic and social followers via website too
  10. WooCommerce compatible which means the template can be used to sell services or products online without any problems
  11. Page Builders like SKT Page Builder, Brizy, Elementor and others are compatible and working for all the inner pages of the website
  12. Since POT file is included within the theme folder one can easily convert the whole website into some other language using translation plugins
  13. Multilingual plugins like WPML, Multilingual press, translatepress, polylang and others are working in integration to this template
  14. Sharing plugins are important in order to make your content more viral and working
  15. List of plugins compatible is huge and most of the popular ones work out of the box
  16. Default slider is given which allows for slides. Animation is also given by default
  17. Setting up the theme is fairly simple and a video is given in its documentation as well. Watch the video and understand how to set it up
  18. RTL compliant which means arabic and hebrew languages work just fine
  19. Documentation includes a video which shows how to set up the theme as well as textual and image documentation for ease of following instructions
  20. Lots of industry like green, nature, conservation, energy, clean energy, efficient products which save electricity etc can benefit from this template
  21. Codex
  22. SEO plugins
  23. Forms
  24. Fast and cache
  25. Modern technology
  26. Navigation
  27. Gutenberg and latest WordPress
  28. Call to action
  29. Material and flat design

Free renewable energy WordPress theme can be used for any type of green and clean energy websites. Solar energy is a light radiance coming out from the sun which can be then converted into electrical and other forms of energy by storing it using solar panels and with use of battery.

Some countries are doing the solar energy generation very nicely as they receive lots of sun and have long summers and hence can use this to power their homes, offices and houses.

Solar energy is actually renewable energy and hence it is efficient and does not mean that fossil fuels or some other resources are getting depleted.

Since petrol and diesel are going to go kaput in near future we have to think about alternate solution and that is mostly electricity generated from batteries.

But what type of source does the battery draw power from.

Well it can be rechargeable batteries for sure and it can recharge using more electricity or else if we generate power using solar energy which is clean.

Thermal energy is also generated using coal which is another fossil fuel which will diminish in near future.

Wind, Water and Solar energy are the only types of naturally emerging technologies which can help us sustain life just like we want to and also make us use unlimited electricity without harming nature or unbalancing something of it.

Commercial adaptation of solar panels and large magnitude of solar energy into electricity has already started because people understand how valuable these are and how easy it is to maintain and get more electricity in this fashion.

Many architects have also started using solar panels at rooftop in order to reduce the burden of electricity consumption and make the building green as well.

The development of such clean and non exhaustible energy in the form of electricity will reduce the emissions as well as it will have huge beneficial impacts by reducing our dependency on fuels which are diminishing day by day and cannot be reproduced.

Our free renewable energy WordPress theme can be used to create any type of green website or nature or conservation website.

As well as it can be used to have a business website which focusses on green energy. Energy standards and energy efficient projects as well as products like LED bulbs or others can also be displayed and this free template can be used for that purpose as well.

Since it is a dynamic free renewable energy WordPress theme one can easily change the color of the template and also the logo as well as the text and the images.

Which means that fully interchangeable template would mean the user can guide the website template for their own purpose of building any type of website as per their personal choice and preference.

Simple and easy to use the homepage can be set up using the Customizer panel given in the backend of the template.

However for all inner pages one can make use of page builder as well.

Also the sidebar is widget friendly and one can use any type of widget to display their preferred widgets on the sidebar.

Footer is also widget friendly and one can have 4 columns to no columns on the footer depending on the requirement of the website.

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