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Multipurpose Free WordPress Theme
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Free Theme
  • Less homepage sections
  • No inner pages
  • No Support
  • No Typography Options
  • No Icon Options
  • No Header Layouts
  • No footer Layouts
  • Less plugins compatible
  • Less updates
  • Less flexibility
  • More Time for Website Build

Multipurpose Free WordPress Theme

  1. SKT Pathway is a multipurpose free WordPress theme
  2. Google font has been loaded in this theme as a default but paid versions has more fonts options
  3. Three slides are available by default in the slider whereas other options are available in the paid version of this theme
  4. SEO optimisation can be done easily with this multipurpose free WordPress theme
  5. Plugins like Woocommerce and EDD plugins are compatible with this theme whereas most of the other important plugins are compatible with this theme
  6. All tests like cross-browser, cross-device, and translation compatibility have been done
  7. Testimonials rotator, Team member, client rotator are successfully tested with this theme
  8. This theme also supports contact form and multi-language plugin
  9. SKT Pathway is multipurpose free WordPress theme which is ultra-responsive and has also passed Google mobile friendly theme
  10. Basic colour structure of the entire theme can be changed easily whereas colours of individual items can be changed in the paid version of this theme
  11. SKT Pathway is awesome free theme for businesses like IT, fashion etc
  12. SKT Pathway is compatible with pricing plugin
  13. Widgets can add easily to both footer and header area
  14. Call to action, Social icons are provided with this theme
  15. For improved customization, shortcodes plugin is also compatible
  16. All vulnerabilities related to security have been passed
  17. Changes like logo, favicon can be easily done in this theme
  18. Customizer based theme so live preview of changes can be seen easily
  19. Extra social icons and extra pages templates have been provided in the paid version of this multipurpose free WordPress theme

Many business owners have seen the impact of owning a great website. A few years back it was okay not to have an online presence but things have changed now.

You need to be present online for advertising, revenue generation and expanding the business customers. The ways of creating a website have also changed over the years.

It has become highly simple to download a template/ theme and built a website on your own. The multipurpose free WordPress theme allows the creation of websites in no time.

These websites are a 24-hour marketing tool that is fast and easy to make an impact and does not even require the presence of the owner. It provides an impact of being professional with the content type and the images.

The customers or the visitors get an impact that you know your business because the websites depict the same. It is also a great way to connect with the customers even when the owner is away.

It is like someone is there for the visitors at all time which makes the connection with the business in no time. These websites are a great source of revenue generation if the business can be done virtually.

Even when the aim of the business owner is not revenue generation, creating awareness about the business is done with great precision using the multipurpose free WordPress theme.

WordPress has been on its toes to create a suitable support to the web developers. It is capable of designing and creating websites themes that suit the specific needs of the customer and providing them free of cost.

The multipurpose free WordPress theme is one such generic option that is available to the developer. It covers most of the special features that make the website effective for the visitors and owners.

The multipurpose free WordPress theme can be downloaded for free in less than a few seconds. It has a fairly simple homepage that has 6 sections. The developer can add and delete these sections and increase the level of content suiting the requirements.

The homepage should look the way the owner demands and hence flexibility of operation and easy setting options are available to the users. There are shortcodes for columns can be operated with the settings on the homepage.

The website is not just the homepage, there are many additional pages that will show in detail the work they indulge in, forms links if required, display of achievements, additional information wherever needed.

The multipurpose free WordPress theme has 5 different types of templates one can choose from for all of these pages. There is a full-width template, right sidebar, left sidebar and page without any sidebar. There is an added side blog template as a default option.

The background is also changeable. This means complete autonomy is provided to the developer. The multipurpose free WordPress theme understands the requirements of the website owner and thus creates a template that has all the outside structure along with the flexibility to build it the way the owner wants.

The multipurpose free WordPress theme is a great source of any kind of industry and comes with a search page and 404 page which makes it a complete template to suit many requirements.

The downloaded Zip file is all ready to be used. It has great features which are required for operational effectiveness and visitors comfort.

Apart from the being suitable to the industry needs a website should have some common yet efficient qualities that will make it suited for SEO.

These simple features directly affect the technical aspects of the website and thus make it user-friendly and economically viable for the owners.

Since the websites have the capacity to generate revenue it should also have compatibility and safety of operation for all online transactions.

The multipurpose free WordPress theme comes with suitable features which ensure that the technical aspects are all covered.

The compatibility with WooCommerce ensures that the online transactions are safe and the customer information is transmitted in coded form.

There is no limit for the number of pages that one can add and same goes for the blog. The blog makes a connection with the visitors as they have a personalized touch to them.

There is huge documentation that comes with the theme which helps the developer at each step. The theme is compatible with various different plugins that change the whole experience of the visitors.

The chat plugin, for example, allows the visitor to leave in messages at any time. This provides a feeling that someone is available to them at all times.

There are simple contact spot and social media contact information available at the home page. This allows greater connect and wider reach of the business.

The whole idea to use the WordPress theme is that most of the top rated sites are built using these templates. The multipurpose theme is no different and covers many different aspects of the requirements.

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