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Free Workout WordPress Theme
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Free Theme
  • Less homepage sections
  • No inner pages
  • No Support
  • No Typography Options
  • No Icon Options
  • No Header Layouts
  • No footer Layouts
  • Less plugins compatible
  • Less updates
  • Less flexibility
  • More Time for Website Build

Features of Free Workout WordPress Theme

  1. Responsive 100% and has been tested on various resolutions for verifying this
  2. Mobile friendly template which has been tested with Google mobile friendly test
  3. Cross device and platform testing also has been done to ensure smooth working in all kinds of mobile, tablets and other desktop devices
  4. Theme check plugin tested and works just fine
  5. Theme review standards coding handbook has been checked and as per their guidelines coding has been done in this free workout WordPress theme
  6. HTML5 and CSS3 based and hence animations of CSS3 will also work in this template
  7. Flat and gradient less and hence it works in old browsers as well
  8. WooCommerce compatible and hence nutrition, health supplements and fitness club packages can be sold online using this plugin
  9. Pricing table plugin compatible and hence can showcase class schedules and dates nicely and effectively
  10. Team members plugins are also compatible so that one can show their trainers
  11. SEO and SMO plugins are also tested and found to be working fine with this free workout template to boost WordPress SEO
  12. Simple to use and handle and any beginner without any knowledge of HTML and CSS can also do it
  13. Customizer Based and hence it is part of core and does not cause any conflict and works just fine
  14. Sidebar widgetized and widget friendly and can hold any number of widgets
  15. Font based icons are included in the Pro version which are more than 500+
  16. Color option for changing the link color and hover color has been provided
  17. Layout options of sidebar for having sidebar just the way you need it is provided
  18. Call to actions buttons are given and phone number and location is also given in header and footer
  19. 5 level drop downs are given and tested with so that one can have a long list of navigation and can host a large website easily
  20. Header and background options are also provided which provide one to have uniqueness in this free workout theme
  21. Slider and gallery plugins are tested and found compatible

Free WorkOut WordPress Theme explanation

This free Workout WordPress theme has been designed and coded to satisfy needs and requirements of the users who are looking to have a nice and decent fitness and health club website.

This includes a sidebar which hosts the courses and shows them nicely.

It also includes several sections which showcase the welcome to our gym area which can be used to showcase a bit of overview about the gym and its details and its founder details and history.

It also has the blog posts listed thereafter which can give training videos and training tips and fitness tips.

On the top we have a nice slider which works wonders and showcases the gym slides nicely.

Sidebar is fully widget friendly and can be edited nicely and can hold widgets which can be used to showcase testimonials or contact form easily.

The top showcases the phone number as well as the email address of the business.

This theme has been chosen to work closely with all the devices and also it works nicely with plugins like pricing tables so that people can easily host the tables and post their class timings and schedules.

People can easily use WooCommerce and offer merchandises and other items like supplements, nutrition, health kits as well as fitness and gym health club packages and special classes too.

This free WorkOut WordPress theme also is compatible with page builders for inner pages as well as shortcodes plugin also work fine.

Gallery and slider plugins also has been tested so that gym gallery can be showcased.

This is a modern looking and nicely done template which has color scheme options using color picker so that one can include their own logo and colors and personal and or business preferences can be taken care of.

Easy to use Customizer means that one can easily edit the front end by using Customizer from the backend and as they do changes live preview can be checked.

Inclusion of items with every free WorkOut WordPress theme

  • Theme file has been included which can be uploaded nicely on the backend of WordPress using themes>appearance>add new area
  • Sample data can be easily installed which is available freely with in the name of theme unit test data

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