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Free Theme
  • Less homepage sections
  • No inner pages
  • No Support
  • No Typography Options
  • No Icon Options
  • No Header Layouts
  • No footer Layouts
  • Less plugins compatible
  • Less updates
  • Less flexibility
  • More Time for Website Build

Features of Free Startup WordPress Theme

  1. Since it is a startup template it is suitable for all kinds of startup and small budget and small business websites as well
  2. Has been coded such that there are ample call to actions everywhere on the template if one gives a nice look at it
  3. Simple and easy to manage and has been coded with Customizer as backend so one can easily do the changes without any coding knowledge required
  4. Backend is based on Customizer and hence one can view the live changes happening as one is doing the changes
  5. SEO wise it is great with all the SEO formalities maintained in coding and also SEO friendly plugins are working just fine with the template
  6. One can use schema plugins and set up schema structure for the site
  7. One can use AMP plugins and set up the AMP as well
  8. Contact form 7 is fully working with this template and the slider has a contact form which is very good as one can easily contact from the homepage itself
  9. Can also serve as a landing page as the homepage has the contact form on the top and it becomes very easy for someone to read the text on homepage and fill the form
  10. Color scheme is given with 1 single color picker which helps change the overall scheme of the website and other colors and more color choices according to each element is present in the Pro version
  11. CSS 3 and HTML5 based template and hence is very easy to change codes by coders and modern standards are used
  12. Material and flat design approach is used so that the free startup WordPress theme is compatible with several browsers and devices and also works across OS platforms as well
  13. Plugin compatibility with WooCommerce and EDD given so that one can use this as an eCommerce template as well and sell merchandise and items online
  14. Compatible with gallery, portfolio, slider plugins so that one can easily add these kind of plugins
  15. Font is included but it isn’t editable which is possible in the Pro version
  16. GPL and hence no licensing issues when used in any commercial or any private or personal project or website as well
  17. All the inner pages are coded with right hand sidebar which is completely widget friendly and can hold as many widgets as needed
  18. Complete documentation is provided and also limited support is provided by the team of developers so you are in safe hands as far as support is concerned
  19. Backend wise no surprises as documentation is given and support is provided
  20. Ability to have the theme used in multiple websites as many as you need to use
  21. Faster loading theme which uses the fast responsive framework of Customizer and lesser scripts used throughout the site template

Free Startup WordPress Theme explained

Starting a company all on your own is worthy, but yes, there are a whole lot of obstacles to cross about. You will face the difficulty of advertising and not mention, an overwhelming amount of competition as there are many more websites out there on the internet similar to yours.

To stand out, you are going to need something which is unique and will give you a distinct advantage over others, say – features – which will impress your potential customers as well as your niche rivals.

That being said, WordPress is your best bet. No matter what your startup is, it is WordPress which is known to offer a free and an equal opportunity to anyone who is willing to set up an account.

People from all the corners of this planet lands on WordPress to build blogs, portfolios, and what not, all for the hopes of gaining exposure.

You can go as far as to claim that it is far better than the real world as it is often geared towards the influential bunch. Having a website on WordPress is much better as you are advertising yourself.

But yes, it is not without its drawback. Being a part of a large community means that you are always reminded of having to make yourself noticed.

Should you ever fail to do, then God forbid – there are plenty of companies who will take your place, and you will throw to the bottom of the ladder.

So, how can you avoid this?

Well, for starters, you can use the free startup WordPress theme, that is, SKT Start-up lite Theme. This free startup WordPress theme is crafted to look professional while being developed carefully, keeping creativity and innovation in mind.

This free startup WordPress theme looks clean and crisp and is a delight to look at. Features like fast loading coupled with great looks on any devices and platforms will help your site look not only modern but also tech-savvy, a must for any site dedicated to startup.

It is because of this reason that this free startup WordPress theme is perfect for those sites devoted to the startup sector.

To top it off, this free startup WordPress theme offers a huge platform for customization as it is filled with sleek layouts – blogs and pages – combined with icons and beautiful templates for your convenience.

The startups can sometimes find it hard to compete with the international powerhouses, but it is the internet itself which has set that trend as it is known to provide a level playing field for all the establishments. It is for this reason that you should have a reliable website.

Granted startups rarely have capital to set up relevant sites but then, what is WordPress for? WordPress can help you provide a solution to that problem.

There are many great free startup WordPress themes out there which can help you set up a business in no time at all, and such theme is the SKT Startup Lite theme.

This free startup WordPress theme is ideal is for those websites dedicated to technology, digital marketing agencies, and other similar startups as they need a robust and a fast loading website that can handle all the huge traffic and can bring in potential customers.

Go for this theme and take full advantage of it!

Inclusion of items with every free startup WordPress theme

  1. Theme zip file is included in the given zip which one can upload to get the theme
  2. Sample data one just needs to use the Theme Unit Test sample data available from

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