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  • Less homepage sections
  • No inner pages
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  • No Typography Options
  • No Icon Options
  • No Header Layouts
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  • Less plugins compatible
  • Less updates
  • Less flexibility
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Features of free police WordPress theme

  1. Our free police WordPress theme is perfectly responsive for all types of devices suggesting a unified view across all the devices
  2. It has passed Google mobile friendly test and is also good with mobile and tablet devices too
  3. Lots of devices with lots of different operating systems like Mac, Windows, iOS, Android and other platforms like smart TV have been tested to have the true cross device testing
  4. Lots of popular browsers like Opera, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, UC Browser and others have been tried and tested to have the best possible outcome for cross browser rendering and compatiblity
  5. We have given a default sidebar template so that if people want some information relevant to that page can use a dynamic widget and place their widgets on the sidebar as well as we have a no sidebar full wide template too
  6. Widget friendly sidebar which means that one can easily have a nice widget for ads, contact form, social media embeds etc. and have the proper call to action items displayed in the order they want
  7. The customizer is default one and is very handy and while doing the changes to the free police WordPress theme you will realise that all the changes you do are getting reflected while you do them in the backend and view them in the customizer preview pane
  8. Basic color scheme of the template can be changed so the orange color can be changed to some other color as well as per your logo requirements or the company color scheme
  9. Since the footer and sidebar are widget friendly adding social media icon plugins and posting them in those widget areas is easy as well as social sharing plugins can also be used for blog post sharing and getting more viral traffic
  10. It is eCommerce based template and one can sell their items online with the help of WooCommerce plugin that is well featured and goes along with this template
  11. For all the inner pages and the homepage any type of page builder like SKT Page builder, Elementor and others can be used and with use of page builder having fancier web pages becomes easy
  12. POT file is included with the template which means that the free police template is translation ready and can be translated into some other language as well
  13. Multilingual plugins like WPML, qTranslate X as well as Polylang are working fine with this theme and one can create a multiple language website easily using them
  14. Social sharing plugins and other types of sharing plugins for easily sharing images as well as content of the website
  15. The list of plugins compatible with the template is huge and one can add functionality easily without any problems by adding the desired plugin as per their choice and needs
  16. Default slider is provided with this template to get the best images on the top for facilitating eye catchy action from customers
  17. Set up video is given and its easy and explained properly
  18. RTL languages like arabic and hebrew also have been tested on the template of free police
  19. Documentation is extensive which also includes video
  20. Industry like academy, training, schooling, detective and agencies can use this type of template
  21. Codex standards and WordPress theme review standards passed theme
  22. SEO plugins like Yoast, All in one SEO also have been tried and tested and found working
  23. All essential WordPress plugins have been used and tried to determine their working as well
  24. To keep your website fast cache plugins have been tested and used
  25. Modern technology like HTML5, CSS3 have been used
  26. Navigation menu has 5 drop down items which means one can make a large website which can be navigated easily without any issues
  27. Gutenberg compatible and latest WordPress version compatible as well
  28. Ample call to action provided which means one can easily showcase the buttons and location as well as contact info for better sales and revenue generation
  29. Material and flat design approach has been used

In any civilized society to maintain it civil and to have the people work closely on to their respective goals it is important that policing and maintaining law and order is done properly otherwise anyone would take law in their hands and there would be increase in theft as well as increase in crime rate.

All sorts of crime will happen and will lead to unhappiness of people living in that area.

Hence if a businessman wants to operate and open a business the owner needs something of a security. Either he keeps a private guard or takes help from local police.

Hence for these reasons local police being very strong in maintaining law and order is important.

The more they maintain law and order the more and more businesses can thrive and open their doors leading to more employment in turn and more work for the locals and thus the society as a whole increases in terms of development, infrastructure etc because these businesses will in turn pay tax to the government which will build better roads and transport medium for public.

So this becomes a vicious circle whereby everyone involved will get the advantage over time for maintaining proper law and order by the police force.

Police station can have a lot of things inside like guns and ammunitions, case files history etc as well as lot of criminals lodged in temporary jail and then when the time comes they need to be shifted to the actual lock up.

There are various sections and departments as well where the regular police officers who work in the back office report the matters to their superiors.

The design of the template hence is kept eye catchy so that any private detective agency or a police force should look really good not just in the office but also in the website.

It should also look authentic and hence place to put testimonials and testimonial plugin compatibility is given.

Gallery plugin compatibility ensures that one can easily browse through the various images of press as well as cases and police training and academy as well.

Orange color seems like a pride worthy and fire related color which has been added to give the template more teeth however one is allowed to change the basic color scheme of the template as well.

This free police WordPress theme is so easy to maintain that staff within the police academy or the private detective agency can manage it themselves without intervention of any designer or developer.

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