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Free Theme
  • Less homepage sections
  • No inner pages
  • No Support
  • No Typography Options
  • No Icon Options
  • No Header Layouts
  • No footer Layouts
  • Less plugins compatible
  • Less updates
  • Less flexibility
  • More Time for Website Build

Features of Free Photographer WordPress Theme

  1. Responsive free photographer WordPress template for mobile and other device users also compatible
  2. Mobile friendly and all mobile browsers tested so showcase your portfolio anytime, anywhere
  3. Gallery plugins have been tested and several popular of them found working
  4. Slider plugins of various types like master slider, cyclone slider, meta and other slideshows work just fine on this free photographer template
  5. Widget friendly template with the sidebar fully widget friendly and can hold as many widgets as you can think of
  6. Social media friendly as the footer does have common social media links and the social sharing plugins also work fine in its blog
  7. Coding has been done as per WordPress codex standards
  8. Theme Check plugin has been installed and found to be working fine
  9. Simple to use and theme options panel can be controlled by anyone who does it for the first time
  10. Documentation and manual is available
  11. Color change of only hover color and link color is given and more colors and transparency and opacity can be managed in pro version
  12. Visually attractive as images speak more than words
  13. Templates like full width and sidebar layouts are present in the Pro version of the template
  14. Blog, Archives, Categories, Search and 404 standard pages are present by default with this free photographer WordPress theme
  15. 5 level drop downs are given which means one can set up a large multilevel menu
  16. 5 slides are given in Free version with more options like slide pause time, animation time and more slides given in paid one
  17. HTML5 and CSS3 based
  18. Limited support via email is also available
  19. Modern design trends followed
  20. Material design and flat design approach followed for all kinds of browser compatibility
  21. WooCommerce compatible for shopping experience and selling any merchandise
  22. Contact form and Google maps compatible for location and contact page details

Free Photographer WordPress Theme and its need

Free Photographer WordPress theme to present nature. Its beauty and all that has been entitled as God’s scenic creation is always a pleasure for our eyes to watch and behold.

Such beautiful, alluring and worth watching things are nothing less than a pleasurable and peaceful life. There are many of the places, flora and fauna that exists even today spreading all the pretty and charming yet attractive aura that needs an attention of the right and affectionate person.

We live in a world where technology knocks with its new surprises every day and it has also provided us with something which is useful in capturing the beauty and make it a never ending memory before it fades away.

The invention of camera and that too a digital camera and DSLRs have written a very new language of development in the modern world.

With all the high definition capture quality and picture views you can now make every passing moment of your life a blissful and mesmerizing memory.

Everyone loves to see something that is beautiful and appreciable and captures it to rejoice and cherish in future.

But some people have taken this form either as a hobby or as a profession and some of them have developed their hobbies of photography into profession.

Capturing all the picturesque things and showcasing them for earning and appreciation has now become a serious profession for many people making them grab good opportunities of jobs or businesses.

But when its all about highlighting your skills and what you have to show to the masses there needs to be a wider platform to reach more and more population and making a name, respect and reputation for the work.

As new technology has replaced the old methods of photography and now a picture can be stored in a digital format rather than being into a role-developed hard copy; it can also be adopted for representing our work online with the help of website.

Website is a medium that can help for reaching to almost all parts of the world and can prove out beneficial in making profits for our skill sets. Photography is something that needs no words to express and all the emotions can be conveyed just by the picture itself.

This skill of a person when combined with a uniquely and well managed website can work wonders in yielding much great results and achievements. Hence it is now becoming essential for all those who are into photography to bring their works online via websites.

A free photographer WordPress theme that goes well for making a lavish photography website can serve as a backbone for grabbing attentions of many for that particular website.

If you get the theme that you desire for making your photography website for free then what would the best ever thing that can happen than that.

This article enlightens about the Free Photographer WordPress theme that can be used extensively and in all ways to create an exquisite photography website with all the features that can prove out as the best choices.

This is a theme that makes you spellbound with all of its options that it has to offer. You can count up to several numbers when it comes for the selection of a font for the content that you need to place for your website.

This free photographer WordPress theme allows for more than 580 of the font options and over 600 of the Google fonts to bring a grin on your face every time you scroll for choosing from a new font style.

With its compatibility to work on all devices and in every scale of resolution, this theme shines best with a support of making anyone view your every photograph in detail and do the talking.

There are even more exciting stuff packed with this robust and exceptionally well functioning theme out of which one of the most brightening is the color combinations.

Every photographer while capturing a moment in camera lens also looks for a suitable background and the color of the environment to make the picture come alive and look out of this world.

Same thing is provided while using this theme where you can opt for many of the colors for developing a website that will go well in terms of combinations of colors with regards to the pictures that you have placed and at the same time you can even make the background changes suitable as per your style and persona of photography.

As the website is related to images and pictures, this theme has enough and unique of the sections to place every of your picture no matter small or big, light or dark; it can be well arranged and located within the website the way you want it to be.

To make the user more delightful and happy with what you have to show, there is a gallery section that is integrated with this theme where you can put in all of your precious and perfectly captured moments for all to see and admire.

It has been made compatible to the slider plugins that makes a provision for making animation sliders that will make your website building experience so fantastic like never before.

Art, beauty and pictures speak many languages and hence this is the theme that performs the same too. You can create the website in any of your desired language with this multilingual ready free photographer WordPress theme which is also translation ready.

From the title and headlines of your website to the contact details and the place you dwell, everything can be shared as this theme facilitates many of the page layouts for header and footer sections and gives a contact form and map for easy locating the area.

It also provides a spectacular and diversified homepage layout options to build your website with your own thoughts of creativity.

This free Photographer WordPress theme also has a customizer to make you do the modifications whenever and wherever you want them to be.

It is SEO friendly and fully widgetized theme with lots of shortcodes and option of fast loading to serve those who are curious and wants no time to wait.

Inclusion with every free photographer WordPress theme

  • Theme zip file is available for download by just clicking on the download button
  • Theme unit test data can be obtained from WordPress site and populate the theme sample data

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