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Free Nature WordPress Theme
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Free Theme
  • Less homepage sections
  • No inner pages
  • No Support
  • No Typography Options
  • No Icon Options
  • No Header Layouts
  • No footer Layouts
  • Less plugins compatible
  • Less updates
  • Less flexibility
  • More Time for Website Build

Features of Free Nature WordPress Theme

  1. Default slider is given which has 5 slides by default and more slides and more slider options are available in the Pro version
  2. Social media friendly template with social media icons popular ones listed and the social media sharing plugins also compatible
  3. SEO friendly free nature template with coding done as per SEO standards
  4. Events, Contact form and other types of various plugins have been used and tested and found to be working fine
  5. WooCommerce which is best eCommerce WordPress plugin has been tested and made compatible with this free nature theme
  6. Codex standards have been checked and theme review standards as per their principles all of the coding is done
  7. Theme check plugin has been used to check security and coding issues
  8. Simple to manage via Customizer and does not need prior coding experience
  9. Customizer has been used and hence watch changes real time
  10. Green color based so that it is suitable for industries like nature, eco friendly, conservation etc
  11. Google mobile friendly test passed and AMP plugin compatible
  12. Multilingual compatible with several plugins
  13. Translation ready as POT file is included within theme folder
  14. Gallery plugins and slideshow plugins compatible for inner pages gallery set up
  15. 404, archives and categories page as well as search pages included for no additional efforts from user
  16. Blog is also given for adding blog posts in this free nature WordPress theme
  17. Single template is provided for this template but more templates and sidebar layout options in Pro version
  18. Flat and material design approach and aesthetics is done
  19. Based on HTML5 and CSS3 and hence quite modern
  20. Responsive and tested with various resolutions of various browsers for cross device, cross browser and cross OS compatibility
  21. Hover and link color can be changed using the basic color setting with more in pro version
  22. Font, color, templates, shortcodes and lots of other important options given in the paid version of this free nature WordPress theme

Free Nature WordPress Theme and its applications

Environmental conservation, nature preservation, eco – friendly areas, organic food and agricultural topics are continually the spotlight of global attention and broad discussion.

From NGOs to environmentalists, from individual farmers to nature lovers, everyone and every single relevant structure want to engage more and more people in this or that business, service provision, campaign or whatever it is.

Naturally enough, nature – related phenomena can no way outflank the modern digital spectrum and miss tons of new opportunities.

Reaching more visibility and people engagement is inestimable for leveraging your true potential and directing it to the most vulnerable problems catering to nature and its care, or to the client – market searching for your gardening, landscaping, planting, mowing, tree and plant cultivation, fertilizing and other services.

On the same line, organic farming as a new component of the modern agricultural system is becoming more and more right – down.

And the main task here is the dissemination of the relevant information through digital channels to attract more potential clients and realize the target organic products.

Subsequently, one of the best solutions in this case is having a competitive website with handy toolbox at your disposal.

NatureOne is one of the deliberate and purposeful, fresh – faced and energetic, creative and original free nature WordPress theme for a wide set of nature and environmental – friendly topics to be revealed across different digital platforms and areas and bring tons of people into your profile.

The easy to use and digest nature of this wonderfully pliable template will circumvent all the difficulties of the way and let you get your site up and running without any confusion.

Hearing the word “free” makes some people circumspect and sometimes overthink about relying on the given free platform. However, NatureOne has already been checked by lots of clients and won their trust.

It means that there is no risk of failing with this template and establish your website on a basis that can be acquired entirely for free. Moreover, we have also taken care of producing the premium version of this free nature WordPress theme with broader functional framework and boosted performance in case you need something more.

With this theme you don’t need to waste your time and study the given WordPress platform in – depth. Even shallow understanding of the given mechanism will make your work as easy as rolling off a log.

All in all, if you are inclined to save your financial means and cut the time to be spent on the creation and customization of your future website, this template will be irreplaceable for your plans.

If we get into the meat of this free nature WordPress theme, we’ll discover an enhanced solidarity of simplicity and professionalism to become a credible identity in the digital world and not just exist within it.

Contribute to your website viewer’s overall impression with eye – catchy visual and graphical solutions and showcase your information through your posts and pages in an accurate fashion.

Homepage preloaded slider with as many as 5 different slides can add certain ascendant the external appearance and keep the visitor’s eye on something alluring, informative or urgent at the given moment.

Moreover, you will be authorized to control their transition effects and wow your web readers, event participants, clients and customers.

3 types of page templates are available with this free nature WordPress theme for you to choose and change the look and feel of your website.

Maximum scrutiny has been thoroughly exercised while processing and launching this designer – made and environmental – friendly website builder to be complete and accomplished in every possible aspect. This inevitably refers to the structural framework as well to proudly endorse your information.

Home, about, services, contact and other parts of the theme are more than enough to give a general picture of your business, center, service provision, offered list of services, campaigns, events, contact details and much more.

People subconsciously make snap judgments – either in your favor or against. Thus you have to include the branch of visual marketing strategy in your working plans and arm your portfolio section with as many high – resolution images as you may find necessary.

Since image is described as “the character or reputation of a person or thing as generally perceived”, you have to spare no efforts to showcase the best pieces of your portfolio to positively impress everyone.

No matter whether you are a seasoned professional in programming world or novice, NatureOne is coded and launched to reverberate to your touches instantly.

Armed with smooth navigation controls and standard pages inclusion, NatureOne will provide you with the sensation of being at the edge of success. You can effortlessly dominate over your digital profile and keep moving it forward.

With this free nature WordPress theme you will not miss any credit of the fantastic commercial environment that is crucial in the current business world.

The reason for that is the compatibility of the theme with popular WooCommece plugin to create a user – centric online store and let the clients purchase your digital and physical items from their homes.

The best way to achieve boundless customer satisfaction is to provide them with precise look and feel across their mobiles and devices. It will provide anyone to access your content irrespective of his or her portable device uses or locality where he or she is in.

The developers of this website building ecosystem have not neglected this fact and utilized 100 % responsive and cross mobile compatible coding design so that your website will respond to any suggested screen size and display requirements easily.

This free yet invulnerable and intelligent, top – notch and premium – quality is also coded to satisfy the high – end standards of WordPress modern version, as well as the requirements of the WordPress Codex.

Blog section can also be practiced on a regular basis so that your website visitors will not get bored or distracted by the updates of your competitors.

Running an interactive blog will also bring more valuable traffic to your website and will enhance your rankings in the relevant search engines.

Inclusion of items with every free Nature WordPress theme

  1. Theme zip file is available for download for upload via appearance>themes
  2. Sample data can be loaded using theme unit test default data given by WordPress

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