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Features for Free Lifestyle WordPress Theme:

  1. This free lifestyle WordPress theme is very responsive and is compatible with the various type of devices with different resolutions.
  2. Perfect beauty Spa lite theme has passed Google mobile-friendly test.
  3. This theme has the support of all the important plugins which are necessary for the customization of the websites.
  4. This free lifestyle WordPress theme is based on the WordPress customizer which assures that the customization of the website would be easy and one can see the changes in the real time.
  5. Perfect beauty Spa Lite has a slider on the homepage which one can use to showcase the services you are going to offer.
  6. The theme comes with Google font as a default, but you can always upgrade to more than 600 fonts in the pro version of this theme.
  7. Documentation will be provided with this theme which would be very useful in overall customizing of the website.
  8. Call to action with social network links are provided on the very top and bottom of the homepage which would make easier for viewers to reach out to you.
  9. Gallery plugins like NexGen and other are fully compatible with this theme.
  10. E-commerce plugin like Woocommerce is also fully compatible with this theme which means you can sell any products online via your website.
  11. Based on the latest coding HTML and CSS 3 standards.
  12. This theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  13. This is a widget friendly theme and you can add any type of widget on any corner of the homepage.
  14. Translation plugins are also compatible with this theme.
  15. Colour scheme can be changed easily in the customizer.

The whole world has changed over the years. People have become more aware of their appearances. They take care of what they eat, how they live and more importantly how they conduct themselves.

The self-help and lifestyle topics are one of the most searched topics online. This has given a lot of opportunity to guides, experts and business to increase their support to these visitors.

Many bloggers find this an important subject to the touch and are often seen making value addition to these topics with suitable guidelines.

The free lifestyle WordPress theme is one such thought after creation by these experts who have realized the need. These themes have everything that a developer would want in the website theme.

There are celebrities, styling experts, and bloggers who are available online to share their knowledge on fashion, makeup, clothing styles etc.

There are other young enthusiasts as well who love sharing their knowledge and knowledge they have researched about to become fashion divas.

It is not just the demand of a person of different strata big business houses and professionals who are running studios and spa also feel the need of the online presence which will increase their client base and create awareness about their existence.

The free lifestyle WordPress theme help all of them create an impressive and unique presence online.

The service providers which include salons, spas, studios, makeup professional get a wide range of options to choose from with the menu bar on this WordPress theme. They are free to add as many services as they wish along with suitable titles.

The main page is static and brief about the company, and its services can go here. Since this will be content heavy, interesting background and good font choices are provided here in this free theme.

This will keep the visitors happy and engaged and will allow the users to become interested and curious in knowing more.

There is like a pool of options available for the developer while using free lifestyle WordPress theme as it is compatible with various widgets.

Each such widget allows plug-in compatibility which means that the sidebars can be converted into dynamic sidebars. This plays a vital role in making the website attractive and responsive.

Use the chat now plug-in to allow the visitors to start a communication with the site immediately. This leads to an immediate connection, and the visitors feel welcomed by the site.

The developer can use the sidebar to add items where the social media icons can be active. It is an important aspect that every business should think about.

Social media provides an instant connection with the visitors and also allows higher association and easy access. Along with this, there is space for contact information which allows the visitor to get in touch in case of any query immediately.

There is a natural organic space for blogs in this free lifestyle WordPress theme. The website creator just has to set up the blog, and it will appear naturally on the website when it goes live.

Specific Features – Free Lifestyle WordPress Theme

The theme is highly responsive; this has been tested by making it work on different browsers and different devices. It has shown no problem while the testing phase.

These day’s users often use different devices for searching things online. This includes smart phones, laptops, iPads etc.

The themes should be responsive to them all and should not take a lot of loading on these different devices. This compatibility has been possible with the quality of professional codes that are used while creating the theme.

The free lifestyle WordPress theme is often used by new developers who have challenges faced at each step. To solve this issue WordPress has created support for documentation which allows the new developers to consult that when they are using them.

The details of documentation provide help and support for all steps making it a great choice for creating a suitable website.

A higher level of customization and flexibility for the developer makes it an easy use. There is translation available which means the site can change languages when used by any other visitor who does not speak the language.

Linguists Plug-in are important as a lifestyle is one thing that connects the whole world. The plug-ins allow the developer to add videos, media, maps etc.

The free lifestyle WordPress theme is created keeping the demand of the market in mind. It understands that every business would need WooCommerce compatibility to increase the business experience.

The themes have just thought about it at the right time and have created compatible codes to allow easy transactions and communication.

The free lifestyle WordPress theme is for all the users who want to connect to the world and share their expertise in the best possible ways.

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