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Free Hotel WordPress Theme
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Free Theme
  • Less homepage sections
  • No inner pages
  • No Support
  • No Typography Options
  • No Icon Options
  • No Header Layouts
  • No footer Layouts
  • Less plugins compatible
  • Less updates
  • Less flexibility
  • More Time for Website Build

Free Hotel WordPress Theme Features Explained:

  1. Free Hotel WordPress theme gives a nice look and feel for any vacation rental or hotel or resort or motel kind of websites as well as hotel for sure
  2. The slider has 5 slides by default and is a fully wide one to showcase and highlight the hotel views and its images
  3. More slider options like pause time and animation control and more slides are given in paid version of the template
  4. Rooms are also given which are selection of pages and can be easily selected from backend
  5. Responsive to the last bit it is also Google mobile friendly passed free hotel WordPress theme
  6. Latest posts are nicely shown in the footer
  7. A nice call to action Book Now button on the top is given which can be linked to any page or external link
  8. Menu is drop down friendly and is manageable via appearance>menus section
  9. Footer is also given in call to action of the location of the hotel
  10. Social icons are given which are popular and more social icons are given with the paid theme
  11. Single inner page template with a sidebar is given but more page templates are available with the pro version
  12. Simple and elegant look and feel with customizer based template which can be easily set up without any prior knowlegde
  13. More blog template are also given in pro version
  14. Pro version along with this free version are compatible with several gallery plugins and slideshow plugins
  15. In built gallery and contact form and others are given in paid theme but plugins can be used in free version
  16. Retina ready and HD ready high resolution theme with fast loading and lesser scripts
  17. Google fonts and color changing options given in the pro version with single color change option given in the free version of this free hotel WordPress theme
  18. Simple and effective set up from backend using Customizer which anyone can do without prior knowledge
  19. In built shortcodes, templates and more plugins compatibility is given in paid theme with Google fonts, color changes etc
  20. For the free hotel WordPress theme it has been coded faster to load with reduced and compressed image sizes and very less scripts usage
  21. WordPress Codex theme review standards have been maintained for this template

The globalization of hotel and hospitality, tourism and traveling industry has created a highly challenging situation at present.

Each and every representative of this spectrum tends to differentiate from other competitors, as well as to communicate the essential marketing and business objectives to the target groups of individual and corporate travelers.

And if we take a quick look at the available information on the Internet catering to the hospitality industry leaders, we’ll discover that none of them has ignored the necessity of a stable and persistent, motivational and engaging website.

This website – based marketing strategy is specifically irresistible for the industry under question, since each year thousands of people spend millions on their tours, trips and vacations and all of them inevitably scan the whole accessible content in the digital spectrum and only afterwards take practical steps and reserve this or that hotel room, apartments, hostel or any other vacation room.

Hence, a well – laid out and scrupulously processed website can be the head – start for establishing, communicating and delivering your value to your potential clients and customers, thus affecting their decision – making processes while they are scrolling your website up and down.

Free hotel WordPress theme launched by SKT Themes and named Hotel Lite is the main focus of our attention this time for all the hotels and hostels, tour operators and other agents and centers to fully satisfy your market demands and showcase an individual approach to each of them via your greeting and enthralling website and its content.

However, the theme is general – purpose at its core, meaning that it can cater to any proposed niche or topic to turn millions of heads with its unique charm and sparkling.

This totally free and simple content with easy to digest structural peculiarities and setup based on Customizer has been checked for being a wonderful landscape for your unique and original engagement, error – free integration and client virtual journey.

Get your website profoundly covered and easy to navigate, stress out the most important parts, highlight your strong points and convey confidence throughout your pages.

With this free hotel WordPress theme any hotel manager or administrative will be capable of encompassing diverse useful elements, sections, images and more in one lean and affordable toolbox.

With the eyes of our dedicated authors and developers on every requirement of WordPress codex, as well as new trends launched in the digital platform, we at SKT Themes have processed and produced a spectacularly useful and modern blueprint for unparalleled online visibility and communication channel between the hotel and its clients.

Style – conscious and elegant, technologically refined and cutting edge, Hotel Lite will let you personally stand behind your hotel profile and make it as attractive and environmental – friendly, as niche – specific and communicative as it is possible without any investments or additional professional assistance of developers and designers.

You don’t need to tackle a series of complex tasks and arrangements to make your profile shine and result in the visitor’s positive perception of your hotel or tourism – related business.

Stylize your website to celebrate your own business objectives and approaches, let your content be classified in the neat fashion to save the website viewer’s time and help the latter quickly shorten his to – do – list, including reviewing all the affordable options or tour packages, making a reservation, examining the location for picturesque places, near restaurants and cafes, historical monuments and museums or whatever he is fond of.

Raise the efficiency of your content based on this highly advisable free hotel WordPress theme via your high – resolution images showcase either in the homepage default slider or in the gallery section. One can have as many as 5 slides on the slider and as many as he wishes in the gallery area.

Get read of all the possible headaches on can have when it comes to content creation and publication in the relevant content zones, as this theme comes bundled with all the primary sections and areas to insert your content and provide the end – user with absolutely any kind of content he is looking for, starting from a more – detailed information about your hotel business and its origin, its physical specifications, rooms, facilities, primary and additional services, prices, contact info and much more.

The structural approach of this free hotel WordPress theme will definitely help you to broaden your online competitiveness as the perfect look and feel of your website will create a demanding client, and whenever the latter finds the profiles of your competitors along his way, he immediately detects your advantage over them and keeps coming back to your website over and over.

Powered by Google fonts library and animated homepage with convenient parts, this free hotel WordPress theme is also readily responsive and mobile – compliant.

It means that your website will seamlessly respond to diverse display sizes, from small to large, each of which requires quite different approach to how is your website and its content are laid out on the screen with minimum amendments and repositions.

And just as how your responsiveness is vital for your customer care business, the theme’s responsiveness is irresistible for all mobile and tablet users for the impeccable user experience.

By the valuable assistance of Hotel Lite a perfect SEO – friendly web infrastructure will be at your fingertips to generate SEO – optimized website and content, ready to be understood and processed by the relevant search engines and lead groundbreaking results.

With this SEO background your profile will attract more attention since the chances are high to occupy top positions in the website search engine’s unpaid results.

Another piece of the artificial intelligence of Hotel Lite is its SMO – compliant nature to increase social awareness of your hotel and traveling – centric business and generate global publicity.

Social media optimization in its turn has a lot to do with search engine optimization as the latter rationally utilizes people’s social behavior in social networks and count their likes or recommendations as a plus for your business website, and hence this quality can also be one of the modern tips of marketing to rely on.

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