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Features of Free Golf WordPress Theme

  1. Unlimited pages can be added because 5 level drop-down menu has been provided with this free golf WordPress theme.
  2. Slider with up to five slides option has been provided in this theme, and you can add various features and facilities that you would offer at your resort.
  3. Plugins like ninja form 7 and contact form are fully compatible with this theme by which viewers could book their tickets or appointments.
  4. Woocommerce plugin which is a famous E-commerce plugin is also compatible with this theme which would help you to sell your official resort merchandise on your website itself.
  5. Multi-language plugin, as well as translation plugins, are fully compatible with this theme.
  6. More than 600 fonts options are provided in the pro version of this theme, but free theme comes with only one font.
  7. Gallery and slideshow plugins are fully compatible with this free theme.
  8. This theme is compatible with all the devices and is also compatible with all the browsers available in the market.
  9. All the latest coding standards have been adopted while developing this free golf WordPress theme.
  10. This theme is based on WordPress customizer which makes the overall customization process very easy because one can see the changes in the real time.
  11. Call to action has been provided with this theme on the top as well as on the footer of the homepage with all the social network icons.

Golf is a leisure activity, where the rich and elite crowd of the society gets involved. It is something that speaks luxury; nothing about the game or the courses where it is played is common. There are prestigious clubs and exotic tournaments that shows game everything about the game.

Golf is played in huge, lavish, lush green fields. It has equipment and support that is unique and personal to the players.

The clubs maintain their superiority as the game is designed in such a way. Even the players comprise of elite society members who have a special aura about them.

The golf resorts and clubs all around the world thus want to create a similar out of the world online presence. The free golf WordPress theme is designed with the sophistication as a priority.

There is a clear need for luxury and unique lifestyle which are included in these themes. The online websites are focused on showcasing their special facilities so that the visitors get attracted to them and a clientele of rich and powerful is created.

The facilities apart from the sprawling golf course include salon facilities, special spa options. Golfers do not spend their whole time in one game, combination options of other physical sports like tennis and swimming attract them a lot.

Most of the free golf WordPress theme shows the resorts focus on creating an experience for the members and thus they have many activities planned for the family and the kids.

They created special kid entertainment zoned which is safe and fun. To end the day with an exquisite experience there are casinos and clubs built-in the resort.

There is nothing which is missing at these luxury golf resorts there are family restaurants and bars. There are special party facilities and guests are allowed on such occasions.

They are like luxury hotels that also take care of all your entertainment and keep you away from the day to day life.

One must not have realized that most of the important business decision and policies are made at such special golf games.

The free golf WordPress theme knows that there are times when such discussions are done over a game and then a leisure day follows with wine and parties. The luxury resorts provide a great opportunity for relaxing on Sundays and getting away from the busy schedules.

What are the Features of Free Golf WordPress Theme?

Since the resorts are flooded with features and facilities, the free golf WordPress theme is loaded with a 5 level drop down that allows the developer to add different pages.

This allows them to display and explain each such facility in details. It can be done with easy navigation and interlinks can be created to show what the resort has to unveil next.

The main facilities with the main attractions get priority and are displayed on the main page. They are shown as slides so that the visitors are attracted and engaged to the page.

There is no limit to the number of pages, and many posts can go on the website. This allows the owners to keep adding to the portfolio and there is a lot of features that can be displayed each getting enough focus as they require.

Since the resorts would require a lot of space for interaction with the member or new visitors the free golf WordPress theme has a special space for forms and feedback.

There is also review, and blogging space which makes the webpage personalized and the real connection with the members is made using them.

Following the interaction, there is also suitable and safe need for transactions. The WooCommerce has been set up for work with the template.

This allows safe transactions when member pay for booking or membership and visitors can buy merchandise without any hassle.

Since these resorts get visitors from all over the world due to the luxury they provide and the plethora of activities and facilities the free golf WordPress theme is translational ready.

This means that they are multilingual and can be converted into the desired language as the visitor requests. This has a great impact on the international presence of the resort.

The free golf WordPress theme comes with a lot of plugin compatibility. This can allow easy chat options, gallery, and slideshows to be added to them with no hassle.

All these plugins are required as the website should be able to reach out to the customers as quickly as it can and in the most effective way.

Along with this, the free golf WordPress theme is highly responsive to different devices. They are thus tested to be highly browser-friendly and resolution friendly.

This is important as the high-quality display need to make a good impression, and it cannot be compromised. Using this theme will ensure that your work pressure is divided and you get to enjoy the unique website.

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