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Features for Free Fundraising WordPress Theme

  1. Navigation on this free fundraising WordPress theme is very easy.
  2. Customizer based theme one can see the changes in the real time as you make them.
  3. Cross-device compatibility is provided with this theme.
  4. 100% Responsive free fundraising WordPress theme which has passed the mobile-friendly test.
  5. This theme is compatible with Woocommerce plugin which means selling online stuff through your website is very easy.
  6. Contact plugins like contact form 7 and ninja forms are compatible with this theme by which your viewers would be able to book appointments.
  7. Call to action has been given in the footer as well as on the header of this free fundraising WordPress theme.
  8. SEO plugins compatibility has been also provided with this free fundraising WordPress theme.
  9. Compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  10. Documentation will also be provided with this theme when you will download this theme from our server but in the paid version of this theme, we also provide free installation of this theme.
  11. Google maps plugins is also compatible with this free fundraising WordPress theme.
  12. The support of multi-language has been provided with this theme all the translation plugins are compatible with this theme.
  13. In the slider, you can add up to 5 slides where you can add your ongoing fundraising projects.
  14. This theme is completely ready to use after installation you won’t need any customization to do because it has all the features you would need.
  15. Standard pages like archives, 404 error page are provided with this theme so you won’t need to add them.
  16. More than 600 fonts can be applied to the paid version of this theme.

When you are designing a website which deals with Social change or NGO work then it needs precision. It should be designed to keep the content just about right which will allow the visitors to have a balanced outlook and not be overwhelmed by what they read or see.

The need is for a theme designed by professional which has most of the features that are required by the client.

The Perfect charity lite themes are just about right for promoting a cause. It comes with two different options free and pro. The free fundraising WordPress theme is loaded with features and they are useful for newbie and pros alike.

Features That are a part of the Theme

The theme is loaded with features; they are designed with simple front and back-end navigation. They are easy to use and come with suitable guidance.

They are highly responsive and they are compatible with all devices which is the need for the day as the users use a different device when they browse the net.

The novice finds it comfortable as they do not require a lot of technical know-how while working with them. Since these devices have been tested on different devices the new users have more faith in their use.

The free fundraising WordPress theme is even tested in different browsers to ensure that they work just fine.

This is important as a different plugin may lead to error in upload which ruins the reputation of the website. The free fundraising WordPress theme should thus be compatible with all browsers that these themes are designed to be.

The charity website requires special codes that would allow donations or selling tickets easy. The WooCommerce compatibility is thus taken care of which includes online selling options.

The whole online transactions can be made easily and securely. This does not require additional coding with these free fundraising WordPress theme.

The themes are simple with sidebars even in the internal pages. There are friendly widgets sidebars that can keep the widgets which will show unique appearance on different pages.

The whole page is flooded with header and footer which call for action. Even the sliders run a call to action which is required by the charity websites as they may be looking for donations, volunteers, ideas, etc.

The free fundraising WordPress theme is designed with the focus on quality. The audios and videos that go on the page can be high quality and they are run without any compromise.

The use of the slides bars here is easy where the upcoming events or news can be added easily and management of the same also does not require any technical knowledge.

The most important part of any popular website is that it should be SEO friendly. Even though there are many aspects that affect the SEO of the website the free fundraising WordPress theme still remains an important one.

These themes are designed with codes that are SEO friendly and the plugins are compatible with them as well. Thus working with them will not be an issue. This makes it a good choice as the SEO defines the quality and quantity of crowd that visits the webpage.

There isn’t any feature that the clients demand which is not a part of the theme. The best part of using these themes is the support system.

Since these are created a team of experts who are determined to support the users end to end. They allow customization and even provide instant action to the feedback. The codes are kept easy and simple to run and the users can rest assured about quality.

Important Aspect of a Charity Webpage

Most of us feel that any attractive theme would work fine but there are a few intricate things that just the charity websites would require. These may not be a part of other themes and not having such features may be problematic in long run.

The main part is the goal they have set for themselves and how far they have come in reaching the same. The theme includes a special space to show what the target of the charity website is and shows different aspects of how the same is to be achieved.

The aim of the charity website revolves around raising money. There is space for felicitation of the highest donor, along with RSVP details can go up easily.

The most important part is that the security and safety are taken care of. It is important that the website owners and users trust the platform.

To ensure that all the aspects of safety are carefully covered so that the theme allows a safe and easy run and creates no problem.

When the organizations that will run the website do not have the required IT support they can easily rely on the theme for creating a website they have been thinking about.

The suggestion here is to look through the free and pro theme as the later might offer added benefits.

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