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Free Education WordPress Theme
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Free Theme
  • Less homepage sections
  • No inner pages
  • No Support
  • No Typography Options
  • No Icon Options
  • No Header Layouts
  • No footer Layouts
  • Less plugins compatible
  • Less updates
  • Less flexibility
  • More Time for Website Build

Free Education WordPress Theme Features

  1. Simple and because school authorities need to manage the website and hence it has been created very simple in terms of backend and the simplest of the lot of current free education WordPress themes
  2. Slider is given by default and 3 slides by default are given in them and one can add more slides in the Pro version and also set up the slider as they wish for
  3. Design wise it is modern and colorful because kids and students like colours and hence describes the ethos of a kids or school or play school website nicely
  4. Colours can be changed nicely only a few ones using an easy to use color picker from backend and more elements and colors and fonts can be changed nicely in the Pro version of this theme
  5. Call to actions are given and they are ample as the sidebar is widget friendly and can hold a contact form, location and other important info like phone number and email are given on the top
  6. Features are too many like color changes, sidebar widget friendly and more over it has several plugins compatible so it is scalable as well as flexible
  7. Sidebar is fully widget friendly and only 1 sidebar layout is given and more sidebar and
    no sidebar or full width is given in the Pro version
  8. Customizer based and hence customizer helps you check the live preview of changes that are happening as well as it is very easy to handle so that beginner and intermediary users can also use it
  9. SEO wise it has been done SEO friendly with compatibility with SEO plugins like Yoast and All in One SEO
  10. Responsive nature and has been tested with Google mobile friendly test for mobile friendliness, device friendly and cross platform friendly
  11. Translation ready due to PO file given and is also loco translate friendly
  12. Multilingual compatible and any type of multilingual plugin can be used with this free education WordPress theme
  13. Contact page can be created and any type of contact form plugins can be added to have a form. Also educational prospectus, student applications and teacher job forms also can be posted and catered to in this free education WP theme since it is compatible with forms
  14. Gallery plugins can also be added and nicely set up to showcase pictures of events, past functions etc
  15. Shortcodes and page builder compatible and hence fancy content can also be added in this template for free education
  16. Multiple pages can be added and 5 levels of drop down is provided in this template
  17. Blog can also be added and is given by default with this free educational template
  18. WooCommerce compatible which allows one to sell courses, materials of study and student applications and fees online
  19. Modern design with gradient less structure and flat design
  20. Themes test has been done using theme check plugin and exploit scanner plugin and it is a safe theme and secured coding has been done as per codex theme review standards

Free Education WordPress Theme explained

Free Education WordPress theme has been created to cater to educational institutions who can easily create website.

An education institute can be of any type right from elearning to e-education to e-schools and university, varsity, schools, pre-schools, nursery, kindergartens, and any other type of coaching and schooling websites.

Our free education WordPress theme has a nice slider on top which can be used to showcase the educational institution’s important aspects like how many years old and educating kids from so and so time and important courses etc.

The first 3 boxes can be used to direct teachers, parents or students to their right pages like having parents information or teacher information or student information etc.

The homepage then behaves like a canvas where you can easily have whatever you want to say about this institute or have general information about new admissions etc.

Sidebar is widget friendly and can hold pages and links to various important pages and also have other widgets of importance like social media links, contact forms etc.

Inner pages can be set up in a similar fashion and because the navigation allows for 5 drop down menus one can use any number of pages and showcase a large website around.

Contact forms are compatible with this free education WP theme and hence has a way to have teacher job requirements posted and gather their resumes and also have student application forms as well and provide prospectus online.

This is a futuristic and modern website and hence flat and gradient less design structure has been used and to change color is also simple and easy although more color options and font options are available in the pro version of this theme.

WooCommerce compatible one can easily have an online shop and sell online courses, online books and online study materials amongst other items like paying their fees online with the help of WooCommerce store.

Blog items are given and those are really easy to manage and install and blog compatibility means that any kind of press releases and school events can be listed and pointed out easily on the homepage and inner page for parents and students to watch them later on.

Gallery plugins compatibility is essential for any school website since they need to post various pictures of previous past events as well as the events that are going to happen and hence these wonderful pictures can be showcased nicely.

About us, mission, directors statement, dean’s desk and other pages can be easily created and filled up.

The free education WordPress theme is also compatible with events plugin and thus an events calendar or multiple events calendar can be added based on the courses and classes and various events can be listed on the site.

Inclusion of items with every free Education WordPress theme

  1. Theme Zip has been included and that can be added nicely via the appearance>themes>add new section and you get the theme installed easily
  2. Sample data of can be used which is theme unit test data and you will have all the inner pages ready for use

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