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Free Theme
  • Less homepage sections
  • No inner pages
  • No Support
  • No Typography Options
  • No Icon Options
  • No Header Layouts
  • No footer Layouts
  • Less plugins compatible
  • Less updates
  • Less flexibility
  • More Time for Website Build

Features of Free Doctor WordPress Theme

  • Responsive 100% and has been tested for various resolutions and mobile devices
  • Google mobile friendly test passed and gives fair results in speed tests as well
  • Simple to handle and use and does not require previous prior coding experience
  • Simple to handle and is common framework of WordPress core i.e. Customizer
  • While doing changes one can keep an eye on the changes being done using Customizer from backend itself
  • Retina readiness and HD readiness also done
  • Proved to be worthy due to long list of compatible plugins
  • Contact form, shortcodes builder, page builder and other plugins compatible
  • Shop friendly due to WooCommerce plugin compatibility
  • Homepage has the services and required slider given
  • More slider options and more slides in pro version
  • Google fonts etc and font based social icons in Pro version
  • Page template only single is given with right sidebar and blog template
  • More page templates in Pro version although standard pages like 404, search, archives given
  • Sidebar is widget friendly and can hold any number of widgets
  • Call to action driven free doctor WordPress template with contact details mentioned everywhere
  • Single color scheme to change the link and hover colors for color preference
  • Drop down menus coded till 5 levels
  • Cross device friendly and has been tested on a number of devices
  • Sample data available and documentation available
  • Limited support also available

Free Doctor WordPress Theme

We always want to live healthy and happy and for the same we follow many of the things with persistence to maintain our best possible daily routine even in today’s fast pacing and digital world. As it is said that everything comes with some or the other disadvantage and the same thing can be well observed in the current situation of the world. With the increasing pollution and many other related hazards, people are finding it difficult to maintain a healthy life and are becoming ill due to the not so good environment. Many of the diseases have also evolved as a result of unhygienic and unhealthy atmosphere which has led to the increase in number of patients seeking help of a doctor. Many times it becomes very complicated for a doctor to provide the necessary treatments to all the patients. It also creates a hustle to attend the patients with no prior appointments and some times it becomes a trouble for the patients to find the location of doctor or the ways to get the appointment fixed.

Being a responsibility and duty of a doctor to treat all of the patients it is necessary to have a proper balance and mediums through which people can reach out to the clinics or hospitals. As we are talking about a modern world, we also know that many of the new inventions and advancements have taken place even in medical science making the treatments fast and cost affordable. The medical sector has also been moving well with the growing and transforming world and has adopted all the presents that the technology has provided to it. It is the era of making the presence online through various ways and the most accepted and adopted path that has been chosen by the maximum part of the world that is into corporate or business or any public serving profession is by developing a website. Websites have always been a very useful medium to find out the solutions of many requirements. It is in fact a source that is used daily for some or the other purposes by each and every individual at any point of time. Being very easy to access and providing various information website have become an inseparable part of this technical world that is of great help and varies in type depending upon the need and desire. Doctors are also finding this solution of website as beneficial from the perspective of their growth and business and also to serve all of their patients who has come to their doorstep for help and treatment.

Most of the doctors across the world have already started using the websites as their resource and have made themselves known to many of the people due to this approach. A Free Doctor WordPress theme that has been designed keeping doctors in mind with all the features that are essential can help in fulfilling all the needs from the perspective of patients and the doctor as well. This article depicts SKT Handy which is a high-end and sophisticated Free Doctor WordPress theme that caters for producing a doctor and a medical website. A theme that is so mesmerizing and feature stuffed to delight you every time with its use while developing a doctor website. It is now possible for you to schedule the list of patients with the support of this theme as it has various of sections that can be placed within the website to maintain the patient numbers. SKT Handy is a wonderful Free Doctor WordPress theme with significant panel options and compatibility to various shortcodes and plugins where you can develop the portion for the users or the patients to make appointments. The color of this theme has been adjusted from the viewpoint of a medical clinic of a doctor or a hospital but can be changed as per the desired choice and type of the website that is to be built. This Free Doctor WordPress theme is SEO friendly with the optimized page speed to load faster. The background can also be modified as per one’s wish and there is also the provision of making the alterations in texts and fonts. These changes in the fonts and the text styling can be made with a huge range of Google fonts that are more than 600 types to provide you for the best looking and elegant content yet informative and easy to understand at the same time.

The appointments with the doctor can be made easily with this Free Doctor WordPress theme as it has the related plugins such as contact form 7 and ninja forms to which the theme is compatible. Every one is into the world of social networking and therefore SKT Handy which is a Free Doctor WordPress theme has the integrated social icons to help people reach out to you through the social networking websites.SKT Handy also allows for a faster interaction with the doctor through the feature of adding email and phone number on the top section for call to action. When you are making certain modifications during the website development, you can see it happening live due to the default customizer that comes as a feature with this Free Doctor WordPress theme. It also can perform satisfactorily on various other browsers being compatible to them and comes with default slider and section boxes for homepage. It can guide you to many of the details and information within the website through the drop downs that have been inserted with this theme that are tested to 5 levels. The codex standard of WordPress are latest in this theme and it is based on HTML5 and CSS3. In terms of the design this Free Doctor WordPress theme has been kept very professional with simple and nice looking visibility to all of the users. There are several of the native pages that are coded into the theme such as archives, categories, search etc. It is also made compatible to page builder and several portfolio and gallery plugins and it is easy to add slider in inner pages. The customizer that has been installed in this theme is very simple to use and the sidebar that is integrated is fully widget friendly. This Free Doctor WordPress theme is also comes with many of the extra and excellent features in its Pro or premium version.

Inclusion of items with every free doctor WordPress theme

  • Theme zip file is being given which can be uploaded to get the theme installed
  • Sample data is included which is XML available in theme unit test data

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