Top 10 Free WooCommerce WordPress Themes For Business in 2022

Online shops are one of the most popular business models of today. Most people are looking for easier, manageable and faster solutions to develop their eCommerce stores. Free WooCommerce WordPress themes provide one the easiest way to develop a fully functional eCommerce store, even if you do not have technical knowledge.

With WooCommerce setting up and managing an eCommerce business is simple. However, selecting a theme for your WooCommerce website plays a vital role. The theme you select, it should be compatible with the free WooCommerce WordPress themes standards.

Business themes even the free WordPress themes, look incredibly professional and there are several options. But not all the themes are created equal, which is why we have listed the best 10 free WooCommerce WordPress themes here for you so that you can make a smart selection about which one is right for your business.

free WooCommerce WordPress themes

Here we introduce you to the best 10 Free WooCommerce WordPress Themes for business in 2022.

IT Solution

free IT solution WordPress theme

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This free IT solution theme is ideal to design websites for maintenance services, IT companies, software companies, online shops, institutes, and many others. This template is free, simple, flexible and multipurpose.

This is designed with the minimal design approach so that the visitors can focus on the content as well on the images on your website.

It is available with the latest plugins and the latest version of WordPress as well. One can also increase their site’s loading speed with the help of cache plugins, as the speed plays an important role in getting traffic.

SKT Full Page

free fullscreen WordPress theme

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This free full-page WordPress theme is extremely beautiful and you will not have to with the troublesome coding task. This theme is well suited for websites like hotel, café, resort and restaurant related sites.

Also, one can use this theme’s design to showcase their infrastructure like cottage, clubs, swimming pools, and can also show the areas of their importance.

As they all say that pictures speak and tell louder than the words and this is the reason numerous individuals lean toward the free full-page WordPress theme which contains a full-page slider.

On high-resolution screens, this theme will look incredible as it displays your business in terms of images very nicely.

Maintenance Service

free remodeling WordPress theme

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This free maintenance service WordPress theme can be used for creating websites like construction, maintenance, interior design, and renovation. This theme is free of cost and the installation done is likewise free.

It has features that provide you to make changes as per your needs. Designed with the latest languages like HTML and CSS3.

One can also change the color of the theme as well as textual style, size change, language change, and etc. Once installed then the usability of the theme turns out to be considerably easier and simpler.

MyDog Lite

free dog wordpress theme

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This theme is for those who love pets and are a businessman engaged with pet business. This template is perfect for pet shops for creating their own new blog or website that depicts you and your business to the pet service seekers and online visitors.

This is developed and designed for the pet care business and also the basic information about keeping your pet healthy.

Customize your website according to your need, as it is very easy and anyone can be able to modify it. It has a flexible home page with the modern look and is fully responsive.

Photography Lite

free photo gallery WordPress Theme

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This free perfect photography lite WordPress theme is a great platform for the ones who want to create a visually appealing site and not just a functional site. Different colors can be added to these different segments to create a beautiful difference for the identification.

There is a call to action option available which is provided in the form of the slider. This allows linking to the website possible. Designed by the professional all the modern techniques and tools are a part of the free photo gallery WordPress theme.

Adventure Lite

free sports WordPress theme

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This adventure lite is one of the most attractive themes for adventure and sports-related websites. It supports almost all kinds of free and paid plug-ins there is no way the functionalities are decreased for the users.

One can create a slideshow or a gallery within the page which is very useful, especially when it comes to adventure. The menu bar is also set at the top this is for undivided attention on the images. There is a drop-down list of five items on the main menu.

Girlie Lite

free feminine women WordPress theme

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This free Girlie WordPress theme has been designed for the modern women who want to create their website for blogging, salon business, for entrepreneur and others.

This theme has been coded and styled greatly and is ideal for all the new starters with no coding knowledge and no budget to start an online website. One can make use of the customizer for making any changes and can also view all the changes live.

Hotel Lite

free hotel WordPress Theme

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This is one of the best free WordPress themes for the hostel, hotels, resorts, restaurants and many others. Style your website to highlight your own business objectives and show the content in a neat fashion to save the visitors time.

This Hotel lite theme is SEO friendly, with this your website will attract more traffic. It is also compatible with the SMO plugins, thus; your visitors can share your content. This theme is fully responsive and fits very nicely into any screen size.

Event planners

free event planner wordpress theme

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This event planner theme is developed for creating a site like weddings, birthday parties, event agencies and likewise others. This theme has been launched with the minimalist design approach and modern look.

Coded and stylized with HTML and CSS3, hence you can see a website loaded with the eye-grabbing animated effects. Free event planner WordPress theme is graphically stable, SEO optimized, translation ready, highly nimble and still simple and user-friendly.

Pizza Lite

free fast food WordPress theme

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Pizza lite is suitable for pizza delivery, online ordering, restaurants, bistro, coffee shops, food, chef, caterers, night clubs and other types of sites which are a local and small business.

This theme nicely displays phone numbers and location of the place so that the customers can immediately contact them if need be. This theme allows flexibility so one can change the color of this theme.

It is a page builder friendly with Elementor, Divi, live composer, visual composer and other, perfect for an online food business.

With WooCommerce you are a long way ahead of your competitors. Given above is the list of the 10 free WooCommerce WordPress themes that will help you to achieve your business goals. Choose your free WooCommerce WordPress themes wisely for your business as per your needs.

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