Free Schema WordPress Themes for Having a SEO Friendly Website

Every business website needs to show their plan of action to the potential clients to convince them.

Therefore, these days, websites are having schema plugins to let search engine result pages show exactly what is required.

Furthermore, a schema is an important aspect of data representation and storage so that search engines and social media can fetch the required data and make complete sense from them.

There are some awesome free schema WordPress themes for constructing websites of different nature and help search engines crawl the websites and retrieve useful information for better ranking.

free schema WordPress themes

The following free schema WordPress themes should be used to build your website as per your requirement.


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This is a business theme with schema support. All the schema plugins are compatible to show reviews, ratings, and different combination of services and the data flow processes.

One can design sections according to services and products on the homepage, and it is best for all the different kinds of businesses. The schema diagrams will help the visitor to understand the work process and the product or service they should opt for to achieve their goals.

SKT Pathway
skt pathway

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It is a multipurpose theme and one of the best free schema WordPress themes. It is clean and professional in design and likely to promote your business and brand value.

You can select what exactly to show on the search engine for each web page and what will be displayed when you share the ink of social media.

Apart from that, you can have widgets to show recent posts from specific categories. It has several plugins for advanced contact option and payment gateway.

Perfect Event Lite
perfect event

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Any event needs to show a schema diagram or widgets containing recent updates for its participants and attendees to follow the event closely and prepare themselves accordingly.

Perfect Event lite is one of the awesome free schema WordPress themes that has options to satisfy all your needs. It looks stunning to make your event look premium and everything is HD ready for handheld devices as well as higher resolution screens.

SKT Design Agency
design agency

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This is a theme for different agencies to display their products and services. Such websites need a schema to show how their services are different from others. There are unlimited icons available with its pro version to let you design the website exactly the way you want it.

It comes with several slider options and gallery area layouts. The images have free license, and it is translation ready. Standard pages are available and compatible with WooCommerce and other standard plugins.

Spirited Lite
Spirited lite

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This is a corporate theme and one of the best you can get among free schema WordPress themes. It is easy to customize and design the inner pages with page builder. All the necessary pages are present, and you can add rich snippets in its sidebars and widgets.

Header and footer section can be made significant for better navigation, and you can change the color combination with a few clicks.

Wedding Lite

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Wedding websites need to have timeline and schema to show the targeted audiences the exact flow of the wedding and the events associated with it. Furthermore, there could be widgets to show the recent happenings and updates.

Wedding Lite stands out as free schema WordPress themes, and it has support for all schema plugins to show the important posts, updates and better links on social media when you share them.

SKT Blendit

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This is one of the best free scheme WordPress themes for designing a website and get more lead generation and conversion. You can set what to show on the social media platforms and what to display on search engines for specific pages.

It has WooCommerce support and call-to-action options for immediate action. The sliders and galleries are overwhelmingly impressive. The boxes and blocks on the homepage are adorable.

IT Consultant Lite
It Consultant

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This is a perfect website for consultant and consultancy companies to build their website. Any consultancy company provides useful services to their client but to convince them, they need to put forward the flow of your plans and actions to achieve the target.

This theme is tailor-made for that, and there are various schema plugins to show exactly that. It is clean and professional in design, and you can customize the website live.

Gravida Lite

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This is an awesome theme to design all required business irrespective of its purpose. Therefore, it is a multipurpose theme with all the features and supports for plugins.

It has some of the best schema plugin pre-installed for your business to show effectively on search engines and social media pages. The standard pages are present, and there are some awesome sliders and gallery options available for beautification.

Perfect Business Lite
perfect business

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The schema is a big part of all business website like rating, reviews, showing survey data and figures. Perfect Business Lite is one of the most versatile free schema WordPress themes with a beautiful layout, design, and features.

It is a widget friendly theme where you can show the rich snippets like latest posts and products, valuable reviews and rating of the products and services. It is SEO friendly and has all the social media integration and listing options.

Perfect Charity Lite
perfect charity

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It is one of the best free schema WordPress themes, and you can show rich snippets with animation on the homepage. It supports all the schema plugins for dictating search engine and social media what exactly to show for its links.

It is compatible with all browsers and comes with WooCommerce support for those who want to donate. There are several widgets, sliders, and galleries to show animated images, videos, and call-to-action options.

SKT Toothy
SKT toothy new

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It is a health theme specially designed for dental clinics, and it qualifies as one of the best free schema WordPress themes. It is great for showing different dental and medical related services so that targeted audiences quickly find the option and item they are looking for.

The schema plugins will help to gain more trust and showing quality information. It also has SEO and SMO plugins for better visibility and greater lead generation.

These are the best free schema WordPress themes you can use on your website to show rich snippets and dictate the search engines as well as social media what to show to get more customers easily.

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