Free Newspaper WordPress themes for news magazine and blog websites

There are awesome free newspaper WordPress themes that will take your website to glory.

Today’s generation reads news on the internet more often than on newspaper. They are always available online because of work or social media, and whenever they get time, they read news and articles about latest happenings.

Therefore, more and more mainstream newspaper companies are opening online platform because it is the future and it is where the real money lies.

free newspaper WordPress themes

There are so many popular news and newspaper-type websites that are performing better than traditional newspaper companies.

If you are thinking of opening a website to reach out to millions and millions of readers, WordPress is the best choice.

These free newspaper WordPress themes have the look and the required functionalities to represent news and latest articles and blogs beautifully.

SKT Magazine

free magazine WordPress theme

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This is one of the best free newspaper WordPress themes on the list. It has the required professional look, the features, and functionalities. The sliders and galleries are tremendously attractive. You can have two sidebars and list beautiful widgets in them.

The header and footer also have variations. It is easy to set up and modify later with customizer and page builder.

On top of that, it is extremely SEO-friendly and with quality content, you can land yourself on the first page of search engines result pages. It is compatible with all handheld devices as well.

Kraft Lite
kraft free premium WordPress theme

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This is a perfect theme to create a stunning newspaper website. The style can be made according to professional magazines and newspaper websites.

It comes with shortcodes to write and represent better content with graphical aids. The widgets are extremely eye-catching, and you can put up sponsored and featured posts there.

The comment section is impressive and will engage the readers more often. It has social media integration options for better reach and share. It can be accessed from any device and browser without any problem.

SKT White
skt white free

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This is a unique theme that is best suited as on the best free newspaper WordPress themes. The slider is superb for highlighting latest posts and news.

The blog section is creatively done, and the newspaper company can also provide different services like advertisement and sponsor post writing. It has WooCommerce support for visitors to buy the services and pay for it instantly.

The images in the posts can be shown in a creative way, and it is retina ready for all devices and visually very attractive and addictive.

Complete Lite
skt complete

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This is undoubted one of the best free newspaper WordPress themes to design a great website. It has high SEO value to get you more exposure and drive more organic traffic.

Along with that, it has support for social media which is going to be the main source of traffic and revenue generation.

The sections of the homepage will attract more and more visitors, and you can easily convert them into subscribers. It has support and compatibility for all standard plugins, and everything component is easily editable.

CutsNStyle Lite
cutnstyle lite

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This is a great theme for designing a newspaper-type website on celebrities, fashion, and trending stuff. It has animated sections on the homepage, and it looks awesome on mobile devices which could be the biggest source of traffic at present.

All the necessary plugins are present for better user experience and engaging the readers for a long time with related posts and fun activities.

Perfect Lite
free landing page WordPress theme

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This is a multipurpose theme with all the ingredients for designing and including necessary functionalities. You can include Facebook comment, Disqus comment, and bbPress forum as well to engage the readers and obtain suggestions and ideas from them.

Alongside, you can sell digital products with WooCommerce payment category and portfolio plugins. It has SEO-friendliness, and there are several pre-installed plugins for social media integration.

SKT Black
skt black

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If you want to make the best first impression, SKT black is the theme for you. It is black in color which is not the color that is often used for newspaper and blogs, and this is why you can stand out easily. It has animations, superb boxes, and blocks and parallax background.

The galleries and blog layout are extremely eye-catching, and you can captivate your readers with innovative functions and activities on your website as there are many pre-installed plugins for the same. It is best for representing industrial and celebrity related news.

Girlie Lite
free girly WordPress theme

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This is one of the best free Newspaper WordPress themes for writing news and articles related to females. You can also provide services and sell products and merchandise. It has attractive sliders and sections on the homepage to showcase latest posts from different categories.

The menu option is awesome to show latest posts with thumbnails for all categories. You can change color, fonts and it has support for translation and social media activities. It has also passed Google mobile-friendly test as well as the speed test.

SKT Simple
SKT simple

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This is one of the coolest free newspaper WordPress themes on the list. It has superb loading speed and appears equally great on all devices and browsers. It has an option for push notification so that online users can get notifications on latest posts.

You can add labels on the thumbnails of latest posts like hot, featured, trending and likewise to attract the eyes and get more page views and revenue from ads. There are over 27 creative widgets for sidebars, and it has support for videos and creative animated files.

I Am One
free one page WordPress theme

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This is one of the best newspaper WordPress themes for websites where there is only one writer. It is a great way to write blogs related to news and get recognition. Later, you can start several other online ventures and get them viral easily.

This is one of the best-selling WordPress themes for personal blogging and article directory website. There are multiple creative sections that can be used to show handpicked articles, latest articles as well as different types of advertisement related to content.

These are the best free newspaper WordPress themes to have a successful newspaper and article directory website that will become viral in short time due to its look, SEO-friendliness and a wide variety of features.

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