Free Kids WordPress Themes for Kids Related Websites


There are various types of free kids WordPress themes for different purposes like kids school, kids toy store, kids games, kids food center, magazine and what not.

With the advancement of technology and availability of smartphones, kids have become well versed with the presence of the online world.

They like to watch different websites by themselves and when their parents show them.

Whatever your plan is, you can use the following free kids WordPress themes and achieve your objective easily.

These free kids WordPress themes are designed to captivate the kids effortlessly.

SKT Magazine

free magazine WordPress theme

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This is one of the best free kids WordPress themes for creating a magazine for kids. There are various types of magazines you can make for kids like comics, cartoon, animated e-magazine and much more.

This theme has all the features and functionalities that will help you create such a website easily. You can also opt for its premium version in case you need more customizations and features to make the website grand so that it becomes addictive for the children.

Play School Lite

school WordPress theme

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This is one of the tailor-made free kids WordPress themes for showcasing kids school. The theme is very bright and colorful which the kids like the most.

There are various animations available on the homepage that will captivate the kids, and they will urge their parents to get admission in such a school. One can utilize the gallery and slider beautifully to make the site more attractive, and there is a live customizer to edit everything effortlessly.

CutsNStyle Lite


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This theme can be used to sell kids clothes or kids products like toys and other innovative products that kids would like to have.

Furthermore, it can be used to represent beauty centers where kids are given makeup to look like a chosen character on special days.

The theme is responsive and works perfectly on all devices.

It is retina ready and has good SEO value and social media integration.

There are plugins like pricing table and WooCommerce for the payment gateway.

Restaurant Lite

ele restaurant

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This is one of the ideal free kids WordPress themes for showcasing restaurants meant for kids. You can have a special menu for all the kids so that they always get attracted to them and bring their family very often.

Their parents can also order them online and get the order delivered at home. The theme has a clean design, and it is SEO and SMO-friendly. There are various unique plugins to make the theme more attractive for the kids.



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This is a good theme that can be used to make something really creative and innovative for the kids. It could be an addictive game, or it could also be some interesting activities from which they can learn and have fun.

The theme has all the necessary ingredients for designing and features. Since the theme is mobile-friendly, kids can access it easily for smartphones and tablets and have a blast. There can also be group activities so that kids can play against one another.

SKT Auto Car

free car dealer and repair WordPress theme

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Kids have a special attraction for cars and vehicles, and this can be one of the best free kids WordPress themes depending on what you make of it. It can be used to create a racing game or showcase with vehicle-related toys and products that kids are going to like very much and buy.

Hence, the theme comes with payment gateway and color buttons and icons for kids. Everything about the theme is fully changeable, and it has cache plugins pre-installed for faster loading speed without any lag.

SKT Simple

SKT simple

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This is one of the free kids WordPress themes and popular as a multipurpose theme. It is a favorite of the kids because of its amazing design and color combination.

It is clean, modern, systematic and eye-catching. The theme has various possibilities, and there is social media integration to get a greater reach. Various creative plugins are available with which various types of captivating kids website can be built easily.

BeFit Lite


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Even though it is one of the fitness themes, but it looks amazing and the overall design can be used to create a creative website for the kids. It is best for designing activity related games where points can be games easily.

The black theme is one of the favorites of the kids around the world, and one should take the full advantage of that to make a website that gets popular. It will make the kids happy, and you can earn huge revenue for ads.

Photo World

free gallery WordPress theme

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Kids like colors and photos and you can use the concept to showcase amazing photos of various categories like funny, weird, comic and likewise that kids will like to watch.

You can put up new content every day so that kids bookmark your site and visit it every day. All the necessary designing elements are available, and everything is customizable without any requirement of coding.

The App

free app WordPress theme

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This is one of the best free kids WordPress themes where you can launch apps related to kids. It can be a game, or it can be something educational with fun activities.

Whatever it is, the theme will help you to put a website related to your app and demonstrated, and you can reach to more and more people. You can also have a premium version of the app to generate good revenue.

Pizza Lite

pizza wordpress theme

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Pizza is a favorite fast food among kids and the theme can be used to create an online shop to get orders for pizza and delivery them accordingly. One can also use the theme to make something creative pizza related games that kids will like to play and the winner will get free pass or pizza delivered to his home for free.

It depends on the perspective of the website developers and the theme can be customized for anything swiftly. All the essential ingredients are already there.

Choose any of these free kids WordPress themes and design the website you desire keeping in mind the kids as your targeted audiences. These themes have attractive and colorful designs that will get the children hooked instantly, and they are sure to come back to your site again.

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